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If the symptoms of otitis in a child

How can I tell if the child has a sore ear? Even children over two years old can not always characterize the nature of pain. What can we say about babies! Knowing the symptoms of otitis in a child, the disease can be "caught" in the phase of occurrence.

If the ear hurts

With pain in the ears, the child becomes capricious, restless. Refuses to go to bed, sometimes pokes his ear. The shell or area around the auditory canal is different from the color of the cheek skin, it looks sore. If on a tragus - a bundle, located opposite the entrance to the eye, - gently press, the baby frowns or whimper. All this shows the symptoms of otitis in a child.

What is otitis media

Otitis is an inflammatory disease of the hearing organ. Can take the form:

  • External - inflammation develops in the ear canal;
  • In the middle ear, behind the tympanic membrane;
  • Internal - the disease affects the organs directly responsible for hearing: the snail and the labyrinth in which it is located.

The disease develops very quickly, moving from subacute stage to acute. Otitis development of complications, from paresis of the facial nerve to hearing loss and meningitis and encephalitis, is dangerous. It occurs not only with colds or seasonal diseases - with any penetration of the infection into the ear canal or the Eustachian tube, during caries, stomatitis, furunculosis.

With a cold and viral diseases, if the nose is stuffed, otitis in the infant immediately flashes. Symptoms of the disease are the same as in any other case. This is explained by the fact that in infants the Eustachian tube is horizontal and wider, and with a runny nose slime easily flows into it.

Otitis - the actions of parents

If symptoms of otitis in a child are found, then you need to consult a doctor. But it's impossible to do it instantly! You can alleviate the condition of the baby by clearing his nose and digesting it with vasoconstrictive drops. It is advisable to raise the breastfish to reduce the stress in the eardrum. The pain syndrome is reduced if you attach a folded bikini diaper to your ear or put a fleece into your ear canal to warm your ear. No vodka compresses or attempts to get into the ear canal with a cotton swab can not be allowed! Infection can be carried deeper, and the catarrhal form of the disease will pass into purulent otitis.

The child symptoms of this disease can be seen by the outflow of pus from the ear. This happens when the tympanic membrane is torn.

If this happens, the pain is weakened. But this does not mean that the doctor's consultation is no longer needed. Only an otolaryngologist should prescribe drugs depending on the pathogen or the cause that caused the disease.

Possible complications and precautions

Otitis of the middle ear is usually treated within 2 weeks and requires the use of antibiotics. If you engage in self-medication and use funds from the arsenal of traditional medicine without consulting a doctor, the infection can penetrate the orbit or brain.

With purulent otitis, pus constantly needs to be removed from the ear canal with cotton buds, while catarrhal treatment is possible.

Together with the treatment of otitis should be addressed by eliminating the cause that caused it. If it is a catarrhal infection - rinse your baby's throat, if inflammatory diseases of the mouth - treat the mucosa with prescribed medications.

When treating otitis, you need to make sure that the baby does not have a stuffy nose, and no extra pressure is created on the tympanic membrane .

Similar symptoms of otitis in a child of any age and purpose are approximately the same. Differently only doses of medicinal substances.

If in the treatment of otitis in infants and young children, parents face such a difficulty as to prevent the mucus from flowing into the child's ear - the babies lie more, then the problem with teenagers is different. Explain to the "almost adult" creature that no head cleaning until the disease is over, is sometimes more difficult than putting the patient to sleep with the otitis of the baby.

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