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Fallout of Nevada: passing quests, instructions, secrets

Almost every gamer at least once heard about Fallout, although, most likely, he played in this wonderful legendary project. The first part was born a very long time and set the tone for all post-regaliptic role-playing games, it became incredibly popular, which led to the release of the sequel. On this series closed, but after a fairly long period of time was opened again. There was a third part, as well as several additions to it. But this gamer seemed not enough, so the fans began to develop and eventually released their continuation of the story called Fallout of Nevada. Passage of quests and other aspects here very much resemble the previous games of the series, so fans of the genre and himself "Fallout" should like. In this article, the details will describe the quests that you will be playing in this game.

Story Quests

In Fallout of Nevada, the quests are divided into two large groups. The first of them is a story line where there are not so many assignments, but they are much more important than all the others. So, the first task that you will get is "Standing on your feet", it will be one of the simplest. From you only need to talk with several characters, and then go to the warehouse and pick up things from there. And immediately after this, the story chain will begin, which will combine several quests into one called "Chasing a biker". First you will need to look for Jay in one city, then in another, then get in touch with the bikers. Then you should get a message about Jay's location, go to that city and find him. From now on, your big trip will start - in the same city you will need to get a signal absorber, and then get rid of the bug that will be in your device. After that, go for the doctor's exposure, which will take you to Zone 51, where you will need to obtain secret information about Vault 8, and then find out his true purpose. Well, the ending will be the most dynamic - first you will need to return the stolen device, then go in pursuit of the kidnappers, and then finish the passage in the government shelter. As you can see, the storyline is quite fascinating, but not too complicated and intricate - do not forget that the usual fans made Fallout of Nevada. Passing quests here will be interesting, but do not expect something supernatural.

Vault City and Jerlaka Community

When you've already spent a little time on the game, you'll notice that in Fallout Nevada, quests that do not belong to the story line can be divided into locations. In total, there are eleven locations where you can get tasks, and in each of them you will have about 5-7 quests, so in total you get almost a hundred tasks. This is quite a lot, so you will have something to do in the game, except the story. To begin with, you will need to deal with the quests in the City of Asylum, as well as in the Community of Gerlach. Tasks will give you a wide variety. For example, the first quest you received in the City of Asylum will be a special mission - you will need to find different parts in different cities, which you then bring to one point in order to receive a reward. And the latest will be collecting blood samples of various creatures for the doctor, which you then have to expose. In the community of Gerlach everything happens according to a similar principle, only the tasks there will be completely different. For example, you will need to repair a water pump - this is quite a small task compared to the one in which you have to destroy this community, before trying to persuade the inhabitants to move to the City of Asylum. As you can see, in Fallout of Nevada the passage can be much more impressive than it might seem at first glance.

Black Rock and Lovelock

Black Rock is another community in the game Fallout of Nevada. The passage of quests in this location will be the fastest, as there are only four of them, and half of them are devoted to the investigation of the missing people. It will be much more interesting to save this community from infection, as here you will have to seriously try to succeed. As for Lovelock, this is an Indian tribe settlement in which you will have to seriously delay. The fact is that this branch is the most extensive one. Here you will need to complete a total of more than twenty quests, each of which can require long travel from one point to another. Naturally, there will be local tasks, for example, to neutralize raiders who raid a settlement, or to battle with the strongest Indian in a fistfight. But sometimes you have to perform tasks to find people in different cities and so on. If you get confused in all the locations that are in the game - you always have a site called Fallout of Nevada Wiki, also created by the fans.

Wind of War and New Reno

The Wind of War is a rather interesting location in which descendants of deserters who fled from the Great War dwell. Naturally, there will also be tasks here - for example, you will need to find survivors after one of the operations or simply get hold of the documents that lead to the times of the Great War. As for New Reno, it is one of the largest cities in the post-apocalyptic world of the game. It should be noted that here there is anarchy - power passes from the hands of one gangster grouping into the hands of another, and here you will find a large number of quests, which you will be given as participants of various groups, and ordinary people. If you are interested in secrets in Fallout of Nevada, then it is best to look for them in this city.

Uranus City and Bridgeport

Uranus City is a city populated with mutants. Even in such corners of the world you will have a Fallout of Nevada pass. Instructions regarding this settlement: first, complete the quest to free the city from the dominance of monsters, after which you can take other tasks. As for Bridgeport, there is also a problem here, only dominance here will not be mutants, but bikers. Therefore, the tasks will be connected with, for example, dissuading the local guy from joining the ranks of bikers. This time the release from domination will be the last quest in the list.

Las Vegas and Salt Lake City

The last two cities are among the available in the game - they will also have quite a few quests, but they will all be pretty typical - fixing some equipment, investigating a misdemeanor and so on.

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