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Indian tribes. What do we know about them?

Indian tribes are the native population of the United States. When Columbus and his team set foot on the shores of America, it became clear that the peoples living there were at an extremely low level of development. However, even between the separate tribes there were some differences.

Some did not even own a potter's business, and their whole diet consisted of different roots, fish and game. Others already hunted for larger animals and raised crops. Some Native American tribes lived in small settlements, leading a nomadic way of life, while others built good houses (often two-story houses) made of burnt stone.

Curious studies of archaeologists and anthropologists. Excavations have provided scientists with strange finds: the skulls of human skeletons were strangely stretched out. There was no doubt that they were deformed during life, that is, this feature was not congenital. However, what is the reason for such a strange custom - to purposefully change the shape of the skull? Perhaps, no one will give an unambiguous answer to this question. There is a suggestion that in this way the Indians intimidated the enemy. Another version says that this is a sign of respect to the leader, whose skull was stretched out (though not so badly). However, a simpler explanation is possible here. Like stretching the lobes, lengthening the neck with rings and many other strange things, the skull of an unusual form of Indians could be considered simply beautiful. In what version to believe - it's up to you!

Indian tribes of North America are very numerous and diverse. And among them there are also people with high, medium and low levels of civilization. It is customary to single out the five most highly developed tribes. These are Cherokee, Choctaw, Seminole, Chickaso Natchez, and also screams. All of them live in the territories of the south-eastern forests. Their development was influenced by the arrival of white people on the mainland. These Indian tribes not only learned a lot, but also made friends with the colonialists in the XIX century. This process was largely contributed by George Washington. It is interesting that he considered the Red people to be full members of society and with all his might tried to make them master the European culture, to learn to enjoy the benefits of civilization and so on.

Cherokee - this is perhaps the most interesting Indian tribe. For a long time they inhabited the Appalachian Mountains. Europeans became aware of them in the XVI century during the landing of members of the Spanish expedition to the shores of North America. Cherokee several centuries ago were distinguished by a high level of development of culture and social structure of society. For example, in the XIX century, they became the main religion of Christianity. George Hess - the leader of the tribe - created a special alphabet and even the newspaper "Cherokee Phoenix". In addition, the people made up their own constitution and appointed members of the government. They even elected a president, who, in truth, continued to be called the "Great Leader."

Indigenous peoples have certain laws and regulations. For example, they are very hospitable. Food is prepared only once a day - for lunch (men with women at the same trapeznichayut separately). Cultivate the land and farm together. It is important that these and other curious traditions have been observed for many centuries, and therefore the culture of Indian tribes is an extremely interesting subject for study.

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