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What should be the tombstone?

When did the world's first gravestone appear? Presumably, at the same time with the very tradition of burial and the creation of graves. The monument or the cross is the designation of the place where the person is buried. Of course, the inscription containing the full name and years of life is needed, otherwise we will not be able to find the graves of our ancestors and our dear people. But in addition to the necessary information about the person buried in this place, it is customary to place on the monument an epitaph - more often a short text that characterizes the deceased or the thoughts of his loved ones.

Why do I need a tombstone?

Capital gravestones are often placed after some time after the funeral. This is understandable from a practical point of view, since the grave must settle. Do not forget the feelings of those who are engaged in the arrangement of burial, the first time after the death of a loved one for them is very difficult, and often they are not at all until the design of the cemetery site. But here a few months have passed, and the time has come to pay tribute to the deceased and establish a monument. Tombstone can be applied in a variety of techniques, often the way the print is determined by the type and nature of the material selected for the monument. The method of laser engraving, relief or bas-relief is widespread, quite often letters are made of metal.

What to write on the tombstone?

One of the most difficult questions is which epitaph to choose? Some people still leave instructions in their wills as to when and how they want to be buried. There are cases when well-known writers, even in advance, independently composed for themselves inscriptions in verse or prose. The agencies of ritual services offer clients universal epitaphs, suitable for everyone. One of the most famous - "Remember, love, mourn." It is noteworthy that the most common are the inscriptions that speak about the feelings of loved ones. You can also talk about a person, for example, mention his hobbies or profession. Tombstones for a husband can be composed with a reference to the fact that he was a good spouse and father. Do not forget that the epitaph does not have to be in verse. You can try to compose it yourself using several phrases without rhyme.

How to make a tombstone?

The inscription on the monument may not be personal, but general. A philosophical quote about life and death is appropriate. The tombstone can be placed on both the front and the back of the gravestone. You can supplement it with a simple drawing, for example, with two cut flowers or a candle. If you want to put on a monument a long text, for example, a quatrain, and on the front side of the place is not enough, you can engrave it from behind. Often, as a back "non-main" epitaph, whole poems are used that have a hidden meaning for a specific family, or which the deceased liked most. Tombstone inscriptions to parents can include words of gratitude from children and grandchildren. It is not necessary that the epitaph must be sad and strict, for besides the grief of the departed people we feel boundless warm feelings for them and remember with ecstasy the moments when they were still with us.

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