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An additional chord in the heart is the problem?

Often, parents face a problem when a child with a normal pediatric examination can hear noises in the heart. In the presence of such a phenomenon, a pediatrician will propose to do an ECG and ultrasound. As a rule, the cardiogram shows that everything is in order with the heart, and it becomes clear on ultrasound that the noise gives a special structure of the heart, or rather an additional chord.

Parents begin to panic from ignorance and misunderstanding the situation. The baby begins to be regularly tormented and shown to cardiologists. Dear parents, calm down! An additional chord is not even a prolapse, but only a feature of the heart structure, as a rule, arising if the close relatives of the baby have any features or diseases of this organ. Nowadays, most scientists equate to the phenomenon such an additional chord in the cavity of the left ventricle.

Let's see what it is.

An additional chord is an education that more often has a tendon structure, but is also found in muscle tissue. As a rule, it occurs in the cavity of the left ventricle of the heart and does not carry any functional load. Refers to the MAS (small heart anomalies). Small anomalies are violations of the right bookmark in embryonic development, but do not interfere with the proper functioning of the heart muscle. Small anomalies include minor prolapses, trabeculae and chords, open oval windows. Based on the results of ultrasound, the cardiologist makes a decision in each case - whether to take the situation separately to anomalies or whether it can be considered a norm.

When listening to the heart with a false chord, there are noises that differ from the general sounds of the heart. Nevertheless, it is impossible to make an accurate diagnosis based on listening or ECG, ultrasound will be required. If the false chord is located in the cavity of the left ventricle, then the feature does not require any treatment or restrictions, since education in this place is considered an acceptable norm. Nevertheless, parents should not forget that such a diagnosis requires an annual examination and ultrasound.

In the presence of additional false formations in the heart (not in the left cavity), one should be more careful, since scientists tend to believe that such phenomena in the future can provoke diseases of the cardiovascular system, especially if the formation has a muscular structure and carries an additional load.

Do not over-limit the child, it's enough just to take into account the features and observe some rules that the cardiologist will individually pick up for you. Young people with such an anomaly, especially adolescents, complain of frequent heart pain and rhythm disturbances. The simplest treatment, which is usually effective, is:

- determination of normal physical activity, depending on the state of the myocardium;

- normal age organization and balance of work and leisure;

- The daily routine ;

- the correct vitaminized nutrition;

- suitable sports activities, depending on the condition (dancing, gymnastics).

The last question is decided individually and depends on the condition, degree and characteristics of a particular organism and condition.

From sports, doctors advise: gymnastic exercises, dances, stretching, classes with objects (ribbons, hoops, balls), push-ups and all kinds of applied activities. Such exercises do not carry too much stress and positively affect the body.

So, dear parents, if your child has such a feature, do not panic, maybe it's not so bad and scary. The main thing is not to limit the child in everything, otherwise it may not be socially adaptable, which in addition to physical problems will add psychological ones.

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