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Causes of cystitis

One of the most unpleasant and painful diseases is cystitis. It's easy enough to pick it up. The causes of cystitis can be very different. Usually these are different infections. The disease can indicate chronic ailments of the bladder and urogenital area. Many consider cystitis a purely female disease. However, this is not true, often this diagnosis is also made for men.

Causes for women

Among the most common can be called colds, hypothermia, thrush, infection of the reproductive system, pregnancy, urolithiasis, non-compliance with personal hygiene, a tumor of the uterus, an active sex life.

Very often, cystitis is a consequence of a violation of diet, the use of spicy foods in large quantities. For this reason, irritation of the urinary tract occurs, which leads to infection and the appearance of signs of this ailment.

The causes of cystitis often lie in the fact that urination occurs in unsuitable conditions, due to improper hygiene. Too active sex life leads to the appearance of abrasions, wounds and microcracks, which penetrates the infection. During pregnancy there is a constant pressure on the bladder. All this leads to cystitis and some other problems in the body.

Any infections of the genitals and various venereal diseases in most cases are accompanied by cystitis. Such severe illnesses as candidiasis, gonorrhea and so on must be treated under the supervision of a doctor. At the same time, numerous analyzes and examinations are required. Only a specialist can prescribe the right treatment and save you from adverse effects.

Against the background of venereal diseases, cystitis is treated quite difficult. The usual scheme in this case can lead to serious deterioration of health and to the transition of an ailment into a chronic form. If a venereal disease was found, then first of all it is treated, and then cystitis.

Rarely the disease occurs because of a tumor of the bladder. If you suffer from it regularly, then be sure to take a survey. The local doctor will prescribe the necessary tests, ultrasound and so on. It is better to prevent the disease than to treat it later.

Listen to your body. It may be that cystitis occurs in connection with some more serious diseases that have not yet manifested itself.

Causes of cystitis for men

In this case, the reasons are much smaller. As a rule, these are the problems of the genital organs: venereal diseases, prostatitis, prostate adenoma. It is because of them that men suffer from cystitis most often. Supercooling and bladder sickness rarely cause the disease in the stronger sex.

This is due to the fact that the length of the urethra in men is much greater than that of women, so infection is much more difficult to penetrate into the bladder. In this regard, the appearance of cystitis should alarm a man, since most likely - it is a harbinger of serious health problems. It is urgent to visit a doctor and have a check-up.

The causes of cystitis in men are a relatively small list. As a rule, they are rarely found in pure form.

Diagnosis of cystitis

Thanks to the achievements of modern medicine, it is quite easy to recognize the ailment. You need to visit a doctor, take urine and blood tests, undergo ultrasound, pass a smear and sow on the microflora. The most common signs of cystitis: heaviness in the lower abdomen, frequent urination, burning in the urinary tract, pain during urination, spotting.

Having found out at itself signs of the given illness, urgently address to the doctor. Only timely, correct treatment can guarantee the rapid disposal of unpleasant symptoms and the absence of consequences.

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