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Moscow city polyclinic №108: address, phone numbers, opening hours, reviews

The first hospitals, where the poor and the poor were treated, were founded almost millennia ago, namely in 1090. And it was in Russia, or rather, in Kiev. This was the first time that the Pereyaslav bishop began to do this, which later became the Metropolitan of Kiev - Ephraim. It all began with the adoption of Christianity. Prince Vladimir of Kiev gave monasteries, churches and temples not only spiritual but also charitable function. From his hands the temples became the center of social assistance to the sick, old and poor. In 996, Vladimir issued a decree, which ordered the church to look after socially disadvantaged people.

In the Russian Federation, as before in Russia, there are state institutions that provide medical care to the entire population. And although now the function of treating patients of different social levels is performed by a medical institution, and not by the church, traditions have remained. The embodiment of this was the polyclinic.

How to get there?

The city polyclinic 108 is always happy to provide medical assistance to any patient who visited this hospital. In the territory served by the polyclinic 108, about 60,000 people live. According to the latest information, about 72,000 people are attached to the institution. For almost 20 years, the polyclinic has been serviced by Molchaninovsky district, which has 8 settlements in its structure 18 km to Moscow. All specialized care can be obtained at the polyclinic, and therapeutic services are provided at a branch located in the same microdistrict. Getting to the clinic is very simple. The institution is located at the Moscow address along Smolnaya street, house 53. There is public transport: bus number 173, trolleybus number 58 and route taxi No. 762-m. You need to get out at the "Institute for the Improvement of Doctors" bus stop. You can take the metro to the stop "Rechnoy Vokzal". The polyclinic also has a pharmacy where privileged categories of the population can get medicines.

How to reach and when to visit?

All the information of interest can be found by different numbers. With Tatyana Vladimirovna Gorbunova, deputy chief doctor and head of the branch, you can call 8 (499) 457-33-01. If you call the number (499) 457-31-51, then you will get to the help desk and the registry. On the hot line, dial by dialing 8 (495) 966-16-03. There is also help at home (8 (495) 966-16-03) and a pharmacy (8 (499) 457 33 41). 108 polyclinic on the Smolny has a site on which you can find e-mail addresses in the "Background" segment, and also use the very convenient function "To the doctor without queue - sign up now." A great alternative to endless and tedious waiting in crowded lines. Save a lot of time, and time is money.

Policlinic 108 is open daily. On weekdays and weekends, reception hours differ. From Monday to Friday, all doctors are at your disposal. Polyclinic 108 is glad to accept all from 14.00 to 20.00. On Saturday, the hospital works from 9 am to 8 pm, and on Sunday from 9 am to 4 pm.

Important information for the public

For citizens, it is possible to attach to the clinic and enjoy preferential treatment. In order to be on the list in a polyclinic, you need to go to the registry and have a passport, a medical insurance policy, and a completed application form. In order to successfully register as a citizen of a preferential category, you must also contact the registry. Submit a passport, a document on benefits, a medical insurance policy of the MLA and a certificate of the EDB.

Also, polyclinic 108 launched "Nursing Positions", where it is possible to successfully resolve those issues that do not require the intervention of medical personnel. You can check in to see a doctor for procedures, take a referral for the delivery of tests, apply for preferential medicines. And all this can be done without an appointment.

On the site of the polyclinic, everyone can download a document, with the help of which the schedule of doctors' work becomes known. There is also an opportunity to get acquainted with the federal list of preferential medicines.

What is the MHI policy?

In the period from 2011 to 2014, all citizens had to change the paper policies of compulsory medical insurance for a single sample of the MHI policy. OMS is a social protection provided by the state. The purpose of such a state step is to provide medical treatment in various situations. Such insurance provides an opportunity for a citizen of the Russian Federation to receive medical treatment at the expense of OMS financial resources on an equal basis, regardless of gender and social status. The compulsory health insurance is formed at the expense of insurance contributions (a uniform social tax from the employer in the amount of 3.6%), as well as budget revenues for the non-working segment of the population. Treatment and prophylactic procedures that are carried out anonymously (except for those related to AIDS), home-based counseling, patient care at home, cosmetic procedures, sanatorium treatment, additional services, etc., remain to be paid.

How to make an appointment with a specialist?

This procedure is multi-level, but if you understand it in detail, you can easily register with a doctor. Before you place yourself in the queue for an appointment, make sure that you have:

• Valid MHI policy.

• Attaching to the clinic.

• You are familiar with the rules of the primary recording.

If all the items are active, then proceed to the process itself. Recording is possible in many ways. For example, through the Internet through the portal of public services in Moscow or through mobile applications for Android, iOs, Windows phone. You can also register at the reception by phone or in private.

Still there is a unique opportunity of record to the doctor through infomat. For all the issues that arise, you should apply for a nursing post. Do not forget that there are 2 categories of doctors: specialists 1 and 2 level. The first includes a therapist, ophthalmologist, gynecologist, otolaryngologist, dentist, surgeon, urologist and general practitioner. Specialists of the second level are sent by the specialists of the first one. To the doctor-cardiologist, neurologist, mammologist and not only can be accessed only after referral, for example, the therapist.

What is being treated in this institution?

Polyclinic 108 provides a huge list of hospital services. Here, without any problems, they will provide first aid, conduct laboratory, ultrasound and functional diagnostics. If you need a physical therapy or medical massage, then you should also contact us here. Children's 108 polyclinic which successfully treats infectious diseases and other diseases and is ready to accept any child. Women can always apply for qualified help to the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, which has a polyclinic 108. Smolnaya Street is a place where people with diseases in the fields of cardiology, neurology, urology, endocrinology and ophthalmology will necessarily take. The door of a teenage room, as well as surgery and therapy, is always open. You can use the services of dentistry - surgical and therapeutic. The Geriatrics Department will carefully conduct the prevention and treatment of senile diseases, and the radiology and fluorography departments promise to conduct a highly qualified study of the human body.

Who treats in this out-patient department?

The clinic is full of good medical specialists and masters. Moscow, though it can provide a long list of worthy specialists, but it is necessary to apply for hospital help in 108 polyclinics. Children here properly examine and cure the pediatrician Orlov II Glazki will be treated by the ophulist Frolova OI, and infectious diseases with infectious diseases Abramovich RA A cold will not remain a trace if such a therapists such as Aronichikova L. I ., Bychkova OV, Beketova SA, Gubzhokova OM, Datsirkhoeva OM, Isitsina NA, Zaitseva NS, Kataganova AM, Kislova G. Ya., Kahrimanova AD, Klimanova GA, Ktsoeva MM, Latypova LZ, Malashkov DV, Melekhova NN, Ostroushchenko EV, Petukhova GN, Polyanskaya T. I., Radnaeva B. S., Romanenkova E. M., Sobirov R. D., Omenko A. Ya., Chuksina R.A., Shabutdinov V.Z. and Shirova I.I. Qualitatively, neurologists will qualitatively diagnose and treat the nervous system. Khaibulina E.F. and Kharebava B. D. Carefully examined and treated by surgeons Vershinin A. V., Kobozev A. V., Shubin S. I. All women are happy to receive obstetrician-gynecologist T.R. Magamadov

When and how do I apply for emergency care?

Polyclinic 108 always takes care of its patients, so it provides an opportunity to take advantage of emergency care. At any time of the day, if you feel worse, you should dial a single dispatch service: 8 (499) 977-01-00. "Emergency" is used by patients who have exacerbated chronic diseases, but such situations do not pose a threat to life. For example, if you have weakness and dizziness, because of the flu, a fever, your head hurts badly - then boldly call for emergency help. An emergency specialist can hospitalize a patient or bring a doctor for further examination. Brigades "neoblozhki" are equipped with specialized equipment to quickly carry out diagnostics. Also here you can turn on electrocardiographic devices and measure sugar levels. Remember that such doctors are not an alternative to the treating doctor from the polyclinic. Also, specialists in emergency medical care do not write out forms of temporary disability and prescriptions for obtaining preferential medicines.

How do patients respond to the polyclinic?

Unfortunately, whatever innovations the health care system introduces, the problem of queues to the doctor remains relevant. With this problem, we are familiar not only with the adult, but also with the children's polyclinic. Moscow and Muscovites differently speak about this medical institution, as well as about the adult polyclinic. After analyzing the patients' feedback, one can come to the conclusion that, without negative, of course, there were some, but good responses and words of gratitude prevail.

Patients thank the district doctors for the qualified help and attentive attitude. They note the high qualification of narrow specialists.

What should everyone know?

For many years now, according to statistics, people most often die from strokes, oncological diseases. More often began to die from a diabetes. To protect yourself from premature death, you should lead a healthy lifestyle and be tested regularly. The first point doctors will not be able to help you implement, it falls on your shoulders. But the second point of polyclinic 108 is always ready to perform.

Instead of concluding

This medical institution is equipped with various diagnostic equipment: ultrasound, X-ray, diagnostic rooms. Here you can always keep your health in order and prevent disease. Polyclinic 108 (Smolnaya street) is the most faithful companion of your health, prosperity and longevity. Be healthy.

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