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"Hepatology" for dogs - effective treatment of liver diseases

By bringing a dog to your house, you take full responsibility for her health and life. Feeding, playing games and walking is not all.

The animal needs attention no less than man. If we have something to worry about, we can talk about it, ask for help. If the disease befalls a quadruped pet, he will suffer in silence and may even die if the master is not attentive enough to him.

General information about liver disease of dogs

Most often, domestic dogs suffer from liver damage. They flow in a chronic or acute form. The most common cause of their occurrence is improper feeding and the extreme spread of autoimmune diseases.

To treat liver diseases there are many means, one of the most effective is the hepatoprotector "Hepatovet" for dogs. Reviews Owners, whose pets have returned to life with his help, remain the most positive.

Veterinarians distinguish several syndromes of various liver lesions:

  • Syndrome of liver shunting.
  • Dyspepsia syndrome.
  • Syndrome of portal hypertension.
  • Hemorrhagic syndrome.
  • Cholestatic syndrome.
  • Cytolytic syndrome.

Thanks to the content of essential phospholipids, "Hepatovet" for dogs stabilizes the regeneration and preservation of liver cells, contributing to the cure of the above diseases.

A separate word should be said about essential phospholipids. These are substances belonging to the class of hepatoprotectors. They increase the resistance of the liver to various negative influences, contribute to its self-healing after hepatotoxic drug damage.

"Hepatovet" for dogs: instruction for use

The drug is injected through the mouth with a small portion of food, or forced by means of a dosage syringe. Admission is made 2-3 times a day, the course of treatment is 4-5 weeks.

The dosage of the drug is calculated based on the weight of the animal. The daily dose of medication for small dogs weighing up to 10 kg, should be equal to 1 ml, 2-3 times a day. Animals from 10-20 kg receive 2 ml of suspension, 4-6 times a day. At a weight of up to 30 kg, a single dose is 3 ml, 7 times a day. "Hepatovet" for dogs of large breeds from 40 kg is applied to 5 ml, up to 15 times in 24 hours.

If a dose is missed, the use of the drug continues according to the instructions without additional manipulation. Shake well for 3 minutes before use. With severe symptoms, the course of therapy can be repeated at intervals of 21 days.

Hepatoprotectant is suitable for any pet diet, regardless of the presence of food or other additives. Without any reactions, it interacts with other medicines.

Indications for use

"Hepatitis" for dogs is prescribed by a veterinarian based on the results of the examination and tests. It is recommended to use the drug in combination with other therapeutic and drugs. Possible reception and as an independent treatment for liver diseases of various origins, as well as restoring its proper operation after poisoning and other lesions.

In addition, "Hepatovet" is used as a support for taking medications that have toxic effects on the liver.

Composition and dosage form

The preparation is made in the form of a suspension in plastic polymer bottles with a hermetically sealed lid, packed with cardboard packs, complete with a measuring beaker and a syringe-dispenser.

The most popular among veterinarians are medicines created on a plant basis. They can be referred to as "Hepatovet" for dogs. The composition of the preparation includes an extract of immortelle, thistle thistle, essential phospholipids, methionine, L-ornithine.

As additional substances are sodium carboxymethylcellulose, sodium benzoate, purified water.

Contraindications and side effects

There is a small range of drugs that do not cause any negative reactions from the animal's body. Such drugs include "Hepatovet" for dogs. Side effects, provided that the requirements of the instruction are strictly followed, are not detected.

In some exceptional cases, the animal may exhibit increased salivation, which spontaneously passes in a short time.

There may be an allergic reaction. With this circumstance, the drug is withdrawn with the subsequent administration of antiallergic medicines. The drug is contraindicated in dogs with epilepsy, liver failure and hypersensitivity to the components of the drug.

Storage Requirements

"Hepatovet" for dogs stored in a sheltered from ultraviolet rays dry place, separately from food, household chemicals, feed, at a positive temperature (from 3 to 25 degrees). The storage location should not be accessible to children.

The expiration date of "Hepatovet" is 24 months from the date of manufacture, provided that the packaging will be closed hermetically. After opening the vial, the suspension can be stored for no longer than 21 days. It is strictly forbidden to use an expired product or an empty bottle for domestic purposes.

The product with expired shelf life, as well as the emptied container, are to be disposed of together with household waste. Observe special precautions for disposal is not necessary.

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