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Gary Cahill: sports achievements and personal life.

Gary Cahill was born in 1985, on December 19, in England. This is a fairly young, but already well-known, English football player who is, to date, the defender of the English "Chelsea", as well as playing in the national team. In general, he occupies the position of the central defender, but thanks to his excellent gaming technique and speed, he can easily be an extreme, or, for example, a supporting midfielder.

On the beginning of a career

Gary's first team was the Dronfield Academy, where he studied football and played with other players in the local Derbyshire League at the age of 15. He started studying at the Aston Villa Academy at age 15. And four years later, he did not really get any gaming practice, Moved to FC "Burnley." There, by the way, he was recognized at the end of the season as the best player.

Gary Cahill really showed himself worthy, so "Aston Villa" returned the young player and gave him the opportunity to make his debut for the main line-up. However, in 2007 he was again leased to the club "Sheffield United". After that, he signed an agreement with FC Bolton Wanderers in 2008 and did not return to Aston Villa. The next team was already London "Chelsea".

Life in London

Gary Cahill became a Chelsea player in 2012, and so far he has not left the ranks of this team. The debut of the football player took place on February 5, 2012, and on March 18 he completed the first goal for his new club. However, soon was injured. Fortunately, Gary Cahill managed to restore his health to the final of the Champions League. By the way, "Chelsea" then won this prestigious club tournament.

Season 2012/13 Gary Cahill began with a goal at the gate, "Reading". He also designed the so-called goal of prestige in the game, which was held for the UEFA Super Cup. In general, good statistics are different Gary Cahill. "Chelsea" - a club eminent, titled, and they will not keep in their ranks are not promising players. So, for all time, the Englishman played 119 matches for Londoners and designed 6 goals.

In the national team, successes were also, and not bad. For the first time in the adult Gary entered the field in 2010. For all the time he played 40 matches in the English team and even scored 3 goals.

Interesting Facts

There is still something to tell about such a football player as Gary Cahill. Personal life - it's about her in question. Chosen player - Gemma Acton, as you know, is not a model, but a simple, but attractive girl. Still unmarried, they decided to have children. The son of Leo and daughter Freyja were born before their marriage. And only after six months the couple decided to formalize the relationship. Although, in principle, the date does not play a role here. The wedding, by the way, was prepared by Gemma - Gary constantly trained, and he did not have time for it.

It's also interesting that besides football, Gary is interested in another sport. And, to be more precise, athletics. He enjoys watching the competition, and in particular he is attracted by sprints (both at 400 and 100 meters). During the Olympics in 2012, he did not miss a single race.

Harry really is an example of imitation for many players. He has a good style of play and endurance, which allowed him to achieve various champion titles. But since he does not plan to complete his career, we will still be glad of his further successes, which, unequivocally, will be accomplished.

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