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Sergey Kornilenko: biography of the football player

Sergei Kornilenko - forward of the national team of Belarus in football. He is the champion of Ukraine of the 2003/2004 season, the bronze medalist of the Belarusian championship of 2003, the owner of the Belarusian Cup 2002/2003. The best scorer of the Belarusian championship in 2003, the bronze medalist of the Russian championship in 2009.

Carier start

Sergei Kornilenko was born on June 14, 1983 in the Belarusian city of Vitebsk. He was fond of football since early childhood and attended the Youth Sports School. His talents quickly noticed, and already at the age of fifteen he trained with the main staff of the Vitebsk team "Lokomotiv-96". A year later, when he was sixteen, Sergei made his debut in the Higher League of the Republic of Belarus.

Dynamo (Minsk)

Sergei showed himself well, and he was invited by the Minsk (Minsk) Dynamo. The first season in this club, he spent, playing for the youth squad. And already in 2002 I managed to gain a foothold in the main. For a year he managed to play fifteen matches, scoring five goals. In 2003 he became the best scorer of the Belarusian championship and helped his team win bronze medals. In the same year, "Dynamo" won the Cup of Belarus.

Kyiv Dynamo

The foreign team paid attention to the prospective striker. He was viewed by the German "Stuttgart", but he did not offer a contract. Did this Kiev "Dynamo". Sergei Kornilenko signed the contract, which gave him the right to play in the team until 2008.

In his first season for this club, Sergei scored two goals in nine games. In the next season, coach A. Mikhaylichenko left his post, and the new leadership transferred Kornilenko to a backup team. After a while he was leased to the team "Dnepr".

The game in the Dnieper

In the second part of the season 04/05 Sergei played fourteen games for the Dnipro and scored seven goals. This pleased the club's management, and his contract was bought from the "Dynamo". Kornilenko Sergey Alexandrovich signed a three-year agreement with the Dnepropetrovsk club.

In the season 06/07 he became the third scorer of the championship, scoring ten goals in twenty-six matches. But this season was not so smooth, because Sergei in the final round of the championship earned the removal. For this he was disqualified for five games. The following year became unsuccessful for him. Due to disqualification Kornilenko was forced to skip the start of the season. And his place was taken by other forwards. This season he was released on the field only nine times. Sergei failed to score a single goal.

Playing in Russia

In August 2008, Sergey Kornilenko signed a contract with Tomyu. In the Russian championship in 2009, he scored six goals in the first part of the season and became the best scorer of his team. In July 2009, he resigned from the team, as the club was experiencing financial difficulties and did not pay salaries.

Then Kornilenko signed a contract with Zenit for 4.5 years. For the St. Petersburg club, he played fourteen games, scoring just one goal. The leadership of his game did not suit, and the Belarusian forward was put on a transfer.

It was not possible to sell it, and the attacker was leased again to Tom. Under the terms of the agreement, the player had to play for the Tomsk team until the end of the 2010 season, and not play in the match against Zenit.

In the first match for "Tom" Kornilenko noted two goals against the goal of "Rostov". Thanks to his "double" the team managed to win on the road. At the end of the season, Sergei was loaned to Kazan "Rubin", in which he played only one year.

"Zenith" footballer still did not suit, and the St. Petersburg club was able to negotiate with the English "Blackpool", giving Sergey his lease. Kornilenko made his debut in the new club, coming out on the field against the London "Tottenham". He managed to make an assist, and as a result his team won with a score of 3: 1.

In the second match Kornilenko Sergey Alexandrovich, whose photo is in this article, played on the field only twenty-nine minutes, after which it was replaced. In his last match for the English team, he earned a yellow card. The season has come to an end, and Sergey has returned to St.-Petersburg.

On August 25, 2001, the football player signed a contract with the Samara club "Wings of the Soviets". There he played a good season, and the management extended the agreement with him until the end of 2016. At the moment, Sergei Kornilenko continues to play for the Samara team.

Achievements of the football player

With the national team of his country, the striker managed to attend the European Youth Championship, which happened in 2004 in Germany. He also participated in the Olympic Games in the capital of Great Britain in 2012.

Sergei Kornilenko is a football player who played in several countries. Here are the statistics of his main achievements:

  • 2003 - bronze medalist of the Belarusian championship and holder of the national cup.
  • 2004 - the gold medal of the championship of Ukraine.
  • 2009 - bronze medalist of the Russian championship.
  • 2010 - bronze medalist of the Russian championship.

The best scorer Kornilenko became only once. This happened in the 2003 season, when the forward played for the Minsk "Dynamo".

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