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Kevin Gameiro: career of a young and promising striker

Kevin Gameiro was born on May 9, 1987 in the city of Sanlis. He is a French football player, taking the position of the striker. To date, he defends the colors of the Spanish "Seville" and his national team.

early years

Kevin Gameiro, like almost any other football player, began to engage in this sport since childhood. His first team was called Marley-la-Ville. It was there that he learned the basics of football. At the age of 13, he moved to the Chantilly team. Once he was noticed scout "Strasbourg." In 2004 the Frenchman moved to this club. And he did a good job, training with the new team. Not surprisingly, the debut for the main lineup took place soon. To be more precise, it happened in 2005, on September 10. Then the young striker decided to issue a replacement. The opponent of "Strasbourg" in that match was "Paris Saint-Germain". True, the team from the city of the same name lost. And his first goal Kevin Gameiro scored in 2006, February 4. Then he deftly sent the ball into the grid of "Lance". Although at that time, "Strasbourg" lost. The score of that match was 1: 2.

And in that season Kevin Gameiro was noted in the UEFA Cup. He spent three games in the tournament and scored two goals. And it was a "double" in the gate "Crvena Zvezda". It was thanks to his two goals, "Strasbourg" did not lose, and finished the match with a draw (2: 2).

Further career

"Strasbourg" did not show the best results. And at the end of the 2005/06 season he just flew to League 2. Kevin Gameiro, in turn, did not leave the team. He played a lot of matches in League 2 (16) and scored three goals. The team returned to the top division. However, the season 2007/08 at the club again did not ask. And he again fell into the lower division. But the young striker moved to "Lorient".

It was a team of a different level. Season 2009/10 the club held as well as possible, taking the seventh line of the rating as a result. And Kevin became the second best scorer of the championship. After all, he managed to score 17 goals for the season! He was only one ball behind Mamadou Niang.

In "Lorient" attacking played three seasons. And then he moved to the capital Paris Saint-Germain. The leadership of the Paris Club gave away 10 million euros for the scorer. The contract was concluded for four years. But Kevin spent at the club only two seasons and quite successful, because all the time he played 59 games and scored 23 goals. In addition, it was during the time when he defended the colors of "PSG", he managed to issue his second hat trick for his career.

In 2013, on July 25, Gameyrovo Kevin joined Sevilla. The striker signed a contract for five years. Now he has 92 matches and 39 goals. And this is still far from the limit.

Team and achievements

As it was possible to understand, a footballer like Gameyrov Kevin, the biography is quite interesting. Like his career. And what can you tell us about his performances in the national team? In this regard, the striker did not particularly excel. He played in different age groups - up to 18, 20 and 21, and also played 8 matches in the first team. Even went on the field during the game, which was held in the qualifying round for Euro 2012. Then France, by the way, played with Belarus.

And he has not got enough team achievements yet. With "PSG" he became the champion of France in 2013, and with "Seville" - three times in a row won the Europa League. It remains to observe further for the career of the football player and expect new successes that will definitely be.

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