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United States of America: population, history and interesting facts

July 4 - one of the most important holidays in the life of every American. It was on this day in 1776 that a new state formation appeared on the world map - the United States of America. The population of the country today is 325 million people. By the number of inhabitants of the United States occupy the third place in the world.

Population and countries: United States of America

The USA is one of the largest states on the planet. The world's largest nominal GDP and the largest public debt. The greatest expenditure on the army and health. The largest number of police officers and the maximum number of murders per year. All this is the United States of America.

The population of the country is about 325 million inhabitants. And on this indicator, the US confidently holds the third position in the world (after India and China). According to the latest statistics, in the "United States" is home to 4.44% of the total population of our planet.

The USA is located within North America and occupies more than one third of the area of this continent. The state has a colossal influence on the entire modern world (political, economic, military). Hundreds of US military bases are scattered over eighty countries on Earth.

History of the formation and formation of the United States

Undoubtedly, the first step to the emergence of this state was accomplished by the sailor Christopher Columbus, having discovered America in 1492. It was at the end of the 15th century that Europeans first appeared in this part of the world. Until then, North America (like the South) was inhabited exclusively by Indian tribes.

In the XVIII century, virtually the entire territory of North America was colonized by Europeans. And on the Atlantic coast, mostly immigrants from Britain, in Texas and Florida - the Spaniards, and in the Great Lakes - the French. In 1774 more than a dozen English colonies in America begin an open armed confrontation with their direct metropolis.

Two years later, the Declaration declaring the independence and sovereignty of the new state was adopted. In 1787, the Americans wrote their own constitution, according to which, their new country was to develop on the principles of freedom and democracy. So the United States of America appeared ...

The population of the USA at the end of the 18th century was not very large - only about 4 million people. In the next hundred years the territory of the young state only increased: due to the conquests and acquisitions of new lands. So, the USA took the Florida from the Spaniards, the Russians to Alaska, the French to Louisiana, and so on.

In the 1860s, serious disagreements arose between the northern and southern states, which subsequently resulted in a full-fledged civil war. With the help of weapons, the "northerners" managed to preserve the United States of America in unity and integrity. By that time, the population of the country had already reached 40 million people.

War. A crisis. Again the war ...

Until the beginning of the twentieth century, the US did not intervene in the affairs of Europeans, confining itself to establishing its spheres of influence in the Caribbean region. In April 1917, the US authorities decided to join the First World War on the side of the Entente. In this war, the United States lost 117,000 of its citizens.

Rapid economic growth in the postwar years was replaced by a similar deep crisis. In the period of the so-called "Great Depression" (1929-1933), production in the USA decreased substantially. At the peak of the crisis in the country there were about 15 million unemployed. For comparison: the total population of the United States of America at that time was 125 million people.

Not having had time to really recover after a major crisis, the United States entered the Second World War. This happened on December 7, 1941. Again, America took the side of the anti-German coalition. The main battlefield for American troops was the Pacific region, and the main military opponent was the Japanese army. The ambitious point in the Second World War was set by the Americans, dropping atomic bombs on two Japanese cities - Hiroshima and Nagasaki. After this, the emperor of Japan Hirohito was forced to sign an act of surrender.

USA in the period of "bipolar world"

The victory in the Second World War allowed the American economy not only to get strong on its feet, but also to occupy one of the first positions in the world. American TNCs (transnational corporations) in the postwar years began to develop rapidly, expanding the network of their branches around the world.

By and large, already in the late 40-ies the United States enters the next war, but already "cold." This time, Soviet communism becomes the opponent of American democracy. In the following decades practically the whole world was conditionally divided between these two forces.

The so-called "cold war" has engendered a whole bouquet of serious civil and interstate conflicts. The hottest points on the planet in the second half of the twentieth century were: Cuba, Vietnam, Korea and Afghanistan. Only in the mid-1980s did a kind of "warming" begin in the relationship between the US and the Soviet Union.

US population: number, composition and languages. Features of the mentality of Americans

The United States of America is a multinational country. Almost 63% of its population is "white" (mostly historical people from England, Scotland and Ireland), 16% - Hispanics, 12% - black. There are also quite a lot of Chinese, French, Russian, Italians and Koreans in the country. Among the most common languages of the United States are English (American), Spanish, Chinese, French and German.

What is the population of the United States of America today? As of 2016, there are 325.3 million people living here. In cities, 81% of Americans live. Indicators of life expectancy in the US - one of the highest in the world. Women here live on average 84 years, and men - 75 years.

The classical inhabitants of this country are practical, pragmatic, patriotic and cheerful. Americans like to joke and often smile. Going to the US, you need to know about some important aspects of their mentality. For example, caution should be exercised here in dealing with women and representatives of national minorities. So, if a man in the United States helps a stranger remove a coat or touches her shoulder in a friendly way, then this can be regarded as sexual harassment. Another interesting point: Americans are very fond of judging on a variety of occasions.

Modern administrative system of the USA

The US territory is divided into 50 states. They also include a number of dependent territories and protectorates. Each state has its own constitution, its own laws and executive bodies.

Each state staff, in turn, is divided into districts. And their number varies widely. For example, in Texas such districts - 254, and within the state of Delaware - only three.

The largest (by number of inhabitants) US states are Texas, California and Florida. In the smallest state of the country - Wyoming - there are only 580 thousand people.

15 interesting facts about the US population and about Americans

  • During the Great Depression, US residents actively migrated to the USSR.
  • Every eighth American works or has ever worked in a chain of McDonald's restaurants.
  • 40% of children in the US are born out of wedlock.
  • Laws in the US do not prohibit underage citizens from buying cigarettes.
  • Until 1836, the country was forbidden to celebrate Christmas.
  • The average American eagerly and in very large quantities consumes bananas and chocolate.
  • A fifth of the taxes of American citizens go to the armed forces of the United States.
  • The practice of anonymous denunciations on their fellow citizens is very developed in the country.
  • In the US, it is not customary to give way to public transport.
  • Americans are deeply disgusted with the chill, but the chips are eaten as a garnish.
  • Americans in general are indifferent to what is happening outside their state.
  • In the United States, it is not considered shameful to work as a service staff (waiter, janitor, cleaner, etc.).
  • Hip-hop, jazz, rock'n'roll and many other musical directions were invented by the Americans.
  • Americans do not like casual or street acquaintances.
  • The US population is the world leader in the use of medicines.


July 4, 1776 on the political map of the world emerged a new state - the United States of America. The population of this country today is about 325 million people. Here are represented the most diverse ethnic groups and peoples, who introduced their customs, traditions and customs into the culture of the United States.

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