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Turetsky Choir: participants

10 male voices, different and unique ... They sing everything that can be sung, and these works become masterpieces. Once they broke into the ether and the chapel, without any musical accompaniment, and became famous.

How it all began?

Today, everyone knows the art group "Chorus of Turkish", composition, style and repertoire. Back in 1990, this group sang in the Moscow Choral Synagogue, and only a narrow circle of fans knew about it. The permanent head of the ensemble, Mikhail Turetsky, headed him already then. It was Michael who came up with the idea to go out into the world and try the style of a cappella on the general public. So the future group "Chorus of Turkish" was born.

A little about Turkish

Mikhail Turetsky was born in 1962 in the family of Belarusian Jews. His musical talent manifested itself in early childhood, and his parents decided to give him a suitable education.

Michael graduated from the choir school and "Gnesinka" - the Musical Institute. The Gnessins. After receiving a diploma, in 1989 he announced a competition among musicians-vocalists, wishing to sing in the men's choir of the Moscow synagogue. Turkish dreamed thus to give a second wind to Jewish spiritual music. The Jewish tradition used the technique of singing a cappella, that is, without musical accompaniment. So the unique manner of execution of the future art group "Chorus of Turkish" was born. The composition of the team was supposed to be purely professional.

A rich tour experience has become a source of new ideas and a new role for the team. Less than 10 years have passed since the birth of the choir, as Mikhail Turetsky brought the ensemble to a broad stage, uttering a completely new word in music - an "art group".

"Choir of Turkish": composition of the group

Open Turkish music style consists in the boundless vocal and artistic abilities of performers. The group unites in its repertoire not only different times and ethnic groups, but also the manner of performance - from a cappella to a variety show with choreographic elements.

The collective consists of 10 soloists representing all varieties of male voices: from the lowest key, called bass profundo, to a tall male voice called the tenor-altino. To date, the group "Chorus of Turkish" composition is as follows:

  • Alex Alexandrov - born 1972, dramatic baritone, assistant choreographer, old-timer of the collective.
  • Boris Goryachev - born in 1971, a lyrical baritone.
  • Vyacheslav Fresh - born in 1982, the youngest soloist, counter-tenor.
  • Eugene Kulmis - born in 1966, poet and translator, bass profundo.
  • Evgeny Tulinov - born in 1964, dramatic tenor, deputy art director, honored artist of Russia.
  • Igor Zverev - born in 1968, bass-cantanto.
  • Konstantin Kabo - born in 1974, baritonal tenor, composer.
  • Mikhail Kuznetsov - born in 1962, tenor-altino, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation.
  • Mikhail Turetsky - born in 1962, permanent leader and leader of the group, lyric tenor, Honored and People's Artist of Russia.
  • Oleg Blyahorchuk - born in 1966, is a multi-instrumentalist, lyric tenor.

All participants are professional musicians, not limited only to vocals.

Female group - original move

Mikhail Turetsky never stops looking for new opportunities. At some point, it seemed to him that the work of the collective does not suffice the specificity of female vocals. So in 2009 the variation of the choir "Turetskogo" was born - the female group "SOPRANO Turkish".

From the very beginning it became clear that Mikhail's new creation would be as unique as the male art group. Casting passed only the most brilliant professionals, equally attractive to the public, not only externally, but also creatively.

The same author's brand, the same form, filled with new female content. The group includes all the key notes of the soprano and all variations of the singing styles. The collective has the quality characteristic of the Turkish Taurus Choir: girls practically have no restrictions in the repertoire, so "SOPRANO Turkish" has no analogues in the world of music and variety.

Male or female Turkish team performs on stage - it's always a bright show, action, musical event with a powerful energy glow, leaving a deep mark in the hearts of the audience!

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