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Chain saws: reliability rating, characteristics, advice on choosing

An alternative to gasoline units for cutting and processing of wood are chain saws, the reliability rating of which is determined by the presence of certain elements, the manufacturer and the correct operation. This unit is quieter, more simple to equip than a gasoline analog. Nevertheless, it is tied to the power supply and has less power. Considering all the features of adaptations that are suitable for industrial and domestic purposes, it is possible to single out a few popular brands, which we will mention below.

How to choose the right electric tool?

Chain saw selection requires consideration of certain parameters. These include:

  1. The power indicator. For individual use, 1600-1800 watts is enough. It is important to take into account the possibilities of the power grid, where the instrument will be connected, its weight and frequency of use. For industrial operation, tools with a capacity of over 2,000 volts are used. On the market there are copies that optimally combine mass, performance and power.
  2. Ability to use a battery. Chain saws, the price of which depends on various parameters, can operate in some variations from the battery. The advantage of such a tool is the independence of the length of the wire that fetters the movement. However, such modifications are subject to negative effects of low temperature.
  3. Chain brake. This unit must be equipped with a fuse (throw) of the chain when touching the material being sawed.

Leading brands

In the domestic market, chain saws, reliability rating and quality characteristics of which are valued above all, are represented by several modifications. The most popular among both professionals and fans of saw Makita. They are famous for their reliability, but they have a high cost. In the middle and price categories, cheap chain saws "Energomash", as well as "average" Bosch and "Calm" stand out.

Having studied the tool's review by specialists, customer feedback and quality characteristics, it is possible to single out in the following table the rating of the demand for electric saws with a chain taking into account the price.

Estimated rating table

It should be noted that "Energomash PC 99160" - domestic chain saw, whose price is an order of magnitude lower than the famous analogs, received 8.5 points of the rating at a cost of 4 thousand rubles.

Powerful professional electric saws

The best electric saws for periodic needs and personal use

Leaders among chain saws with battery

Makita UC 4030A (rating - 10 points, approximate price - from 11 300 rubles)

Makita UC 4020A (price - from eight thousand rubles, 9.5 points)

Makita BUC 122 RFE will cost at least twenty thousand rubles, but has an optimal rating of ten points

"Calm" MS-361 (9.5 rating points, the cost is from 40 thousand rubles)

ECHO CS (with 8.5 points, its price is quite decent - from 20 thousand rubles)

Bosch AKE 30 LI: 9 points, costs from 28 000 rubles.

Bosch GKE 40 will cost at least 10 thousand, its rating is 9.0

Bosch AKE 30S (points rating - 8.5, the cost - about 8 200 and above)

Makita UC 4030A

Among the popular cutting tools is a chain electric saw Makita with the index UC 4030 F. The device has a capacity of 2000 watts, it is intended for industrial works. The length of the tire for the chain is 400 mm with the possibility of installing an analog at 450 millimeters. There is a braking function during plunging into the material, a large step of the chain ensures high productivity.

Advantages of the tool:

  • A worthy indicator of power.
  • High productivity and low weight.
  • High-quality assembly.
  • Economical.
  • Equipped with rubberized handles.

The drawbacks of the unit under consideration are that after a certain period of operation, oil often begins to leak.

Makita UC 4020A

This modification has a power of 1.8 kW, weighing 4.5 kg, a chain bus length of 400 mm. The big step of links of a working chain allows to use it on manufacture? And also in everyday life with frequent and intensive loads.


  • Excellent build.
  • Optimum length of the tire with the possibility of adjusting the chain tension without using additional tools.
  • Good power, light weight, comfortable handles.

Some design flaw in this unit can be considered a fairly solid oil consumption.


Bosch chain saw in the review is represented by two modifications:

  1. GKE 40 BCE. This model is designed for industrial construction and wood processing, it will perfectly help in individual farming, where frequent and long-term wood processing is required. The unit is equipped with a 2.1 kW engine, protection from overloads, has a smooth starter, which significantly extends the capability of the device. The saw has a comfortable grip, it is ergonomic, has a low vibration index. To configure the circuit, no special tools are required, there is an auto brake and a switch lock.
  2. AKE 30 S. This Bosch chain saw is designed for 1,8 kW, has a 300 mm bus length and a special system that allows you to adjust the chain tension without using special tools. The device is very manoeuvrable and perfectly suited for domestic needs.

Stihl MS 361

Chain electric chain "Calm" is the best option for logging and sawing firewood. This unit perfectly combines high power and adjustable length of the tire, which is adjusted within 400-450 mm. The tool has a reduced level of vibration, heating the working motor to accelerate a smooth start in the conditions of frost.

The special Quick Stop brake system guarantees that the chain will be stopped instantly in case of overload or jamming. This saw lies comfortably in the hands, has a perfectly acceptable mass.

Other popular models

In addition to the considered brands of electropliers, which have a lot of modifications, the following brands are popular on the domestic market:

  • Chain saw "Interskol". Quite acceptable and economical option. Has good characteristics. There are models for both domestic use and for industrial works. The advantage of this unit is affordable price, long service life with proper handling, as well as equipping with all the necessary protective equipment.
  • Saw "Energomash". With a minimum price, the unit has a high popularity among the population and enterprises engaged in woodworking. The main advantages: low cost, easy operation and repair, a wide range of models.
  • In addition, electric chain saws of the brands Champion, Husquvarna, Gardena are often purchased.

Operating conditions of electric saw with chain

It is necessary to adhere to certain safety and operation measures, using chain saws in work. The reliability rating largely depends on the correct operating mode of the device. First of all, it is necessary to remember that any power tool is subject to heat during operation, therefore, it needs a regular break for cooling.

In addition, when using the devices in question, remember the following rules:

  • When buying an instrument, you must specifically understand its subsequent use. The power of the device and the longevity of the work are directly dependent. On average, cheap chain saws are designed for operation from 4 to 6 years, depending on the intensity of use, the characteristics of the device and compliance with the instructions for use.
  • Regularly replenish the oil level to lubricate the chain, monitor its correct stretch, avoiding excessive loosening, because of which it can simply fly off.

Features of the instrument in question

Electric chain saw, the price of which is lower than the gasoline analog, has certain nuances in the maintenance and operation. First, it is worth remembering that professional models have a cost 2-3 times higher than household variations. In this case they are more powerful, harder and more effective. However, for the care of a garden or a private plot, the purchase of a professional tool will be an unnecessary waste of funds and electricity.

Secondly, cheap chain saws fail faster and have a less equipped safety design. Any product in this class should be equipped with a mechanism for adjusting the chain tension, an additional random start blocker and a protective cover. In addition, it must be borne in mind that for moving over long distances you will need an appropriate cord or battery. Also, do not forget about the possibility of engine overheating, regular lubrication and the hazardous effect of damp.

Constructive nuances

The best chain saw is an aggregate that maximally satisfies the required power, safety and reliability indicators in combination with the price. High power has its pros and cons. Not every wiring can withstand the long use of a powerful saw, which must be taken into account.

The length of the tire and the take-up of the teeth also play an important role. For example, small and often located denticles will not cut as fast as chains with a large takeoff run, but will save energy and internal equipment of the unit. Be sure to pay attention to the safety of the tool. At a minimum, a chain saw, the price of which is maximally available, should be equipped with an additional stopper and a chain guard.

In more expensive models, a quick braking system is provided on the machine, a special tension-setting device without tools and a softstarter controller. Any saws require appropriate care, timely cleaning and replenishing the oil level.

Customer Reviews

Judging by user feedback, chain saws, whose reliability rating was considered earlier, is a very common tool in any household production connected with wood. The general disadvantages of the owners include insufficient power and the need to connect additional wires to the power grid.

Meanwhile, consumers note that electric saws are cheaper than gasoline analogs, they are easy to repair, maintain and operate, and a variety of brands and types of power and additional functionality allows you to choose a tool for specific purposes. The most popular brands are: Makita, Bosch, Husqvarna, Champion. Among the budget models, the chain saw "Interskol", and also "Energomash" is in demand.

The result

Studying the market of chain electric saws, it is necessary to pay attention to their qualitative indicators. First of all, this is the power, protective devices, the length of the tire, the take-up of the chain teeth. For industrial purposes, a high-power apparatus with a wide gap between the teeth will be required. This allows you to make work faster and better, regardless of the size of the cut wood. At home, such models will be economically unprofitable, can spoil the wiring.

It is quite possible to find a good unit at an affordable price, if its use is not every day from morning to evening. Another key point is the area for using the tool. If this is a decent area, then it is worthwhile to worry about purchasing an electric saw with battery, otherwise it will be necessary to puzzle over how and where to place tens of meters of additional wiring.

Popular brands, as a rule, produce electropil models for various needs. Having studied the feedback of consumers, the recommendations of experts, comparing them with their experience and financial capabilities, it is quite possible to choose the best option for an electric chain saw.

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