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"Tarpan" Motoblock: description, characteristics

If you belong to the number of summer residents who are seriously approaching the issue of caring for a garden and a garden, then for sure you can not imagine your life without a motoblock. If, up to this point, you have coped with the tasks assigned with the help of other equipment, then it is worthwhile to think about purchasing the above-mentioned device.

With its help it is possible to process the earth, and the health will not suffer at the same time. Undoubtedly, this technique is quite expensive, but there are so many functions in it that just a year will justify the acquisition. As the main task of motoblocks are land works, this equipment will allow plowing, hilling and cutting rows. In addition, a motoblock can help a person take care of a lawn. For this purpose, a rotary mower is supplied , which cuts grass according to the type of trimmer, capturing about a meter of lawn.

If you additionally purchase a nozzle in the form of an aerator, the lawn will receive an additional supply of oxygen, which means that the grass will be thicker. Now that you are familiar with all the advantages of the described equipment, you should pay attention to the manufacturers. Among other models, you will be able to find the Tarpan motorbike on the market of the corresponding products, which will be discussed below.

Description of the "Tarpan Zongshen" motoblock

This equipment is not so expensive, the price is 27,300 rubles. But, having paid, you will receive a device that is used for cultivating the soil in the conditions of orchards. It works due to a four-stroke engine, whose power is 5.5 liters. from. The engine is supplemented with an oil level sensor. The manufacturer has taken care of the convenience of operation, having provided the "Tarpan" motoblock with wheels with a special tread pattern, which guarantees high throughput.

Using the unit, you can use one of two speeds, which contributes to better maneuverability. The height of the truck can be adjusted using the handle, the height position ensures convenient operation of the unit. If necessary, you can additionally purchase attachments that will become effective equipment. But the presence of a power take-off shaft indicates that you will be able to use an active sample.

Main technical characteristics

The "Tarpan" motoblock described in the article, the price of which may seem quite impressive, has unique technical characteristics. The equipment is built-in engine Zongshen 168 FA, and the width of plowing is 70 cm. The active attachments are carried out by the power take-off shaft. The volume of the engine is 163 cm 3 , and the diameter of the mills is 32 cm. The clutch is belt, there is no electric start in the equipment. The power of the unit is 4.1 kW, and in horsepower this value is 5.5. Using this "Tarpan" motoblock, you can go deeper into the earth for 20 cm, weighs the device 75 kg, it has a petrol engine, the volume of the fuel tank is 3.6 liters. The manufacturer supplied the device with a gear type of reducer.

Key Features

Considering the features of the motoblock, we can distinguish:

  • Excellent cross-country ability;
  • Comfortable control;
  • Simplicity of refueling.

As for the first characteristic, it is provided by large wheels, because the protector with an aggressive pattern will pass on any surface, even if the terrain is not even. Handle motoblock allows you to achieve comfortable control, it can be adjusted, which makes operation convenient. Fuel tank motoblock is located in an easily accessible place, so in a few seconds you can refuel the tank. Its neck is wide enough to facilitate the process.

Main advantages

The "Tarpan" motoblock described in the article has many advantages, among them there is a reliable engine, a power take-off shaft, and a wide range of attachments. For better maneuverability the manufacturer provided the device with a reverse, in addition, you can adjust even the depth of plowing. Do not be afraid that the truck can not cope with clay soil, because it is equipped with a powerful engine, which will be able to and such work.

Cost of attachments

If you are interested in products of the brand "Tarpan", then you may have to purchase attachments for motor cultivators. For example, a hiller used with the models "Tarpan 03" and "Tarpan 04" can be purchased for 940 rubles. While the frame with the transport wheels will cost the consumer at 1033 rubles.

Sometimes buyers are also interested in lugs. If their size is equal to 260 x 80 mm, then for the kit you will have to pay 1480 rubles. With dimensions of 400 x 170 and 500 x 170 mm, the grousers will cost 1790 rubles. Attachments for motor-cultivators are also potato diggers, which cost 624 rubles. The plow for the motoblock will cost 1100 rubles, and the polishers, or rather their kit - at 1160 rubles. Motorized universal coupler, used to attach to the motor block, costs 2100 rubles., Cutter "crow's feet" - 2880 rubles.

Feedback on replacing the oil

According to the buyers, the oil change in the "Tarpan" motoblock should be carried out in the first 5 hours of operation. All the garbage left in the engine, after assembly, will fall into the oil, and the motor can jam. Perform these works, according to buyers, is best for a hot engine. This will require a container and a new oil.

The container should be drained off, but it should be done only after the engine has been warmed up. The Tarpan motoblock, which is the most positive feedback, should be warmed up, only then unscrew the drain plug on the engine and tilt the tool. Home masters are advised to leave the equipment in this position until the oil completely merges. After the cork is screwed, and a new oil is poured in, if there are no plugs, then the fill can be done through the jellied.

Recommendations of a specialist

Buying a motor-block, you should immediately buy the oil, which is intended for a four-stroke engine. This will provide a small margin and make a timely replacement. Friction between the workpieces will be reduced if using a high-quality lubricant. This will protect the elements from corrosion and prolong the life of the engine. Depending on the season, synthetic, mineral or semi-synthetic oil should be preferred. However on sale it is possible to meet also all-weather oil. 10W40, то за 0,946-литровую упаковку нужно будет заплатить 419 руб. If we are talking about the Expert High-Tech brand SAE 10W40, then for 0,946-liter package it will be necessary to pay 419 rubles. вы сможете приобрести за 409 руб. But the semi-synthetic oil Specific High-Tech you can buy for 409 rubles.


Motoblock, the photo of which is presented in the article, must be inspected by the oil level before each launch. Experts advise to change the oil once a season. When choosing it, it is necessary to be guided by the fact that it is summer or winter. When it comes to gasoline models, you can use a semi-synthetic 5w30 oil, which is sometimes replaced by a 10w30.

When there is a need to use a motor-block in the winter, it is best to prefer a 0w40 synthetic oil. We must be prepared for the fact that it is quite expensive, but the purchase of a new engine will cost more. Motoblock, the photo of which is presented in the article, will work properly if you pour in it the quality oil purchased in the company store. It is necessary to try to be afraid of fakes, as this can lead to breakage.

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