Exercises from the second chin

Every woman wants to stay beautiful and attractive as long as possible. But for this it is necessary, without restraint, to watch for yourself and your nutrition and enough time to give physical exertion. But what about the problem of the second chin? Really for its or his elimination all the same it is necessary to lay down under a knife of one of plastic surgeons? Not at all. Today, there is a whole discipline of fitness for the face, which is called "face shaping". Exercises from the second chin can be effectively used not only by women with fading skin, but also young to prevent the appearance of a second chin. True, faceforming will require you to make significant time - in order to achieve a tangible result, you will need to conduct classes at least five times a week for three months.

How to get rid of the second chin quickly

Below are the exercises from the second chin, which have maximum efficiency. Lie on your back, but keep your head on weight. Raise your head as much as you can and look at the feet of your feet. Every day, repeat this exercise at least twenty times. However, this occupation has contraindications: if you suffer from diseases of the vascular system or you have a sick spine, then this exercise is not recommended.

Exercises from the second chin, giving a lasting effect

Sit down opposite the mirror, elbows rest on the table. With your chin, you need to touch your fingers. In doing this exercise, you must maximally bite your teeth, and push your chin forward. The essence of this activity is that you finger your hands on the chin, and at least thirty times. In a day, do two or three approaches, performing a predetermined number of pats.

How to remove double chin: exercises with load

Modern cosmetologists say that if you give the muscles every day a load, then about any second chin of speech can not go at all. But those who have already encountered this problem, you can recommend the following exercise. Sit down and relax your body. The mouth should be closed. First lift your chin up and as if to put forward. Place the elbow of your right hand on the table and place your chin on the fist. Lower the lower leg so that it can not see the upper. In this position, count to five, then relax the muscles of the face, only very slowly. Repeat the exercise three to five times.

Exercises from the second chin with a book

Exercises with the book are very simple, but also effective. Choose a volume in your home library and put it on your head every day. Walk with the book for 10-15 minutes. In this case, the back should remain perfectly even. Thanks to this exercise, you will not only get rid of the second chin, but also create a habit of walking with a straight back.

Exercise for the second chin "Giraffe"

Stand up, straighten your chest. Place both hands on your shoulders and begin to extend your neck as much as possible. And with your hands during this, press on your shoulders. Stretching the neck perform on inspiration, counting to ten. And on an exhalation relax. The shoulders themselves should not be raised or lowered when you perform this exercise. Since it is universal, it can be performed on a day as many times as you wish.

Exercises to prevent the appearance of a second chin

Everyone knows that the problem is easier to prevent than to fix it later. So with the second chin. Every morning, after you wake up, wash with warm water, and gently pat your chin with the back of your hand.

Another preventative exercise is performed as follows. Sit down and straighten your back. Tilt your head back and in this position, start slightly to open and close your mouth. The implementation of this exercise will prevent not only the appearance of the second chin, but wrinkles on the neck.

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