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Dexter Morgan: The Actor (photo)

Original, intense, bloody and fascinating - so in a few words you can describe the series "Dexter", the first season of which was presented to the public in 2006. Actor Michael Carlyle Hall, who played such an unusual character as Dexter Morgan, instantly became a star. What is known about this person and his role?

A few words about the plot

At first glance, Dexter Morgan may seem like an ordinary person. He lives in Miami, works in the police, meets with a single mother. However, the psychological trauma received in early childhood, turned him into an insensitive maniac. The charming forensic expert is a serial killer, enjoying the sight of blood and torment, successfully hiding his dark side from others.

Dexter Morgan - not one who can be called a classic maniac. His victims are only people who have committed serious crimes, to which official justice has not reached. About that he did not shed the blood of the innocent, in due time took care of the foster father of Harry. A policeman who adopted a child after the brutal murder of his mother managed to find his pathology in time and direct it to the "right track". Harry taught the boy not only to kill the criminals, but also successfully hide the traces of the deed.

Dexter Morgan: who is he?

The central character of the series, the image of which was skillfully embodied by Michael Carlyle Hall, is a real predator. Dexter Morgan is not able to experience the emotions typical of ordinary people. Love, hatred, fear, compassion are feelings that he does not know. The only meaning of the life of a maniac-forensic expert is murder. He carefully prepares for every one of his "hunts", attacks the victim, clearly following a one-time ritual. Also methodically, he gets rid of the bodies of dead people.

Thanks to the lessons of the adoptive father, Dexter learned to hide his insensitivity from others. It is for this that he maintains friendly relations with colleagues, meets with a girl, communicates with his sister, portraying a caring brother. However, some of his acquaintances still note strangeness in his behavior.

Michael Hall on his character

How did it happen that Michael Hall agreed to embody the image of such an unusual character as Dexter Morgan? The script of the future series, based on the novel "The Dormant Demon Demon", the actor received immediately after he completed his work on the TV project "The client is always dead." Interestingly, Hall planned to arrange a long vacation, but the plot of the new project captured him, forcing him to forget about the rest.

Michael claims that he was attracted to the originality of history, its gloomy humor. The proposal to embody the image of forensic expert maniac who lives with murders, however, tries to seem like an ordinary person, seemed to him a challenge. The actor wanted to check whether he could play such an unusual personality, try on himself the role of an individual devoid of emotion.

Biography of the actor

Michael Carlyle Hall - a man who gave the star status is the series "Dexter". Morgan and now remains the most famous character, played by the actor. Artist role was born in a small American town of Riley, it happened in February 1971. Even in the first years of his life the boy lost his father, whose life took away the cancer. The closest friend for Michael as a child was a mother forced to raise her son alone.

Interest in creativity Hall found in itself early enough. At five years old the child became a member of the church choir, then in his life included school plays, in which he often played leading roles. The actor admits that he chose his profession under the influence of the desire to always be in the center of attention.

First successes

What kind of education did Dexter Morgan get? The actor graduated from college in Richmond, then moved to New York, where he acquired a Bachelor of Arts degree. He successfully combined his studies at the university with playing in Broadway theatrical productions. The greatest success with the audience enjoyed the following performances with his participation: "Henry the Fifth", "The Light of the Sky", "Timon of Athens", "Macbeth."

The first professional achievement of Michael was a small role in the musical "Cabaret", for the implementation of which he received positive reviews from critics.

"The client is always dead"

The next achievement of Hall was the hit on the set of the famous TV project "The client is always dead." In this Gothic series, he successfully embodied the image of David Fisher - a colorful representative of sexual minorities and a funeral officer. The first season of the series brought Michael the nomination for the Emmy award, but the prize went to another challenger.

When the creator of the series Alan Ball was asked about why he chose this actor for the role of Fisher, he explained that he needed a young man with the appearance of a "vicious saintly person". Michael met this requirement perfectly, which allowed him to bypass other applicants for casting.

A busy schedule did not force the actor to abandon his personal life. In 2002, he married a girl named Amy, whom he met during the Shakespeare Theater Festival in New York. The feelings of the young people quickly flared up and died out just as quickly, five years after the wedding they announced their separation.

Interesting roles

Of course, Michael Carlisle Hall can boast not only the roles of a homosexual who works in a funeral home, and a maniac forensic expert who was "guided" by Harry Morgan. Dexter and Fisher - his most interesting characters, but worthy of attention and other roles of the actor. For example, once a star happened to try on the image of an FBI employee, it happened in the picture "The Hour of Reckoning", presented to the audience in 2003.

In the movie "Gamer" Michael played in 2009, he got the role of the technological genius of Castle, the creator of the multiplayer game "The Killer", which began to live its life. This film tells of a fantastic future in which the entire population of the planet Earth was obsessed with games, replacing them with reality.

Personal life

After leaving his first wife in 2006, the actor did not remain alone for long. His next choice was again an actress. Jennifer Carpenter is a girl who is known to the general public primarily as the sister of a mad forensic expert Deborah Morgan. "Dexter" - a series on the set of which met lovers.

The wedding of Hall and Carpenter, held in 2008, for some time was kept secret. It is possible that this was due to the fact that in the series "Dexter" actors played a brother and sister. However, this marriage of Michael was short-lived, a beautiful couple broke up at the end of 2010.

After parting with Jennifer Hall for some time he met with actress Vanessa Abrew, not worrying about the fact that her friend is younger than him for 15 years. Then the actor, who played the protagonist in the television project Dexter, unexpectedly married to a girl named Morgan, who was in no way connected with the world of cinematography. No children for Michael.


The end of 2009 was a difficult period in the life of the Hall, the actor discovered cancer. In this regard, the shooting of the series "Dexter" had to be temporarily suspended. The treatment took several months, fortunately, the cancer was in remission. The star managed to completely defeat the disease, after which he returned to the set and again began to work.

Fans were happy that they returned to the favorite character Dexter Morgan. Photo of the actor in the image of forensic expert-maniac can be seen in this article. The final season of the series was released in 2013, it was decided not to continue the story, the eighth season was the last despite good ratings.

Deborah Morgan

It is impossible not to tell about another interesting character, which is the sister of the protagonist Deborah Morgan ("Dexter"). The name of the actress, who brilliantly embodied this image, is Jennifer Carpenter. Her heroine is Harry's own daughter, who adopted a small Dexter after the murder of his mother. Deb, as her friends call, stubbornly goes to her dream - to become an employee of the slaughter police department. Having achieved what she wants, she does everything possible to convince her colleagues and superiors of her professionalism.

With his stepbrother, Deborah has a complex relationship. On the one hand, she can not forgive him that his father always paid him more attention. On the other hand, he is the closest person to her. Learning that they are not related to Dexter, the girl decides to admit to herself that she is in love with him. The situation becomes more complicated when Deborah learns about the secret life of the "brother".

Jennifer Carpenter organically looks in the role of a straightforward, quick-tempered and hard-working employee of the slaughter department, in love with her work. Of course, she is known to the public not only as Deborah Morgan ("Dexter"). The actress, for example, played one of the key roles in the sensational film "The Six Demons of Emily Rose." Also it can be seen in such popular TV series as "Areas of Darkness", "Good Wife", "Robotsyp". It is interesting that in the TV project "The Region of Darkness" she again tried on herself the image of a police officer.

Harry Morgan

One can not help but mention another mysterious hero, who is Harry Morgan (Dexter). The actor, whose photo can be seen below, appears in the series only as a hero of the memories of Dexter and Deborah.

Harry is a policeman who adopted an orphan boy many years ago, and then taught the adoptive son to direct his madness into the "right direction". Digging into his past, Dexter learns that taking him into the care of Harry caused primarily a sense of guilt. The dead mother of the child was an agent whom a police officer introduced into a criminal group related to the drug trade. The reason for her death was a tragic mistake made by him. Harry Morgan dies a few years before the main events of the series. A heart attack happens to the character when he suddenly becomes a witness to the murder that the adoptive son is committing.

The image of Harry in the TV series "Dexter" was embodied by James Remar. A talented American actor, who recently celebrated his 62nd birthday, is known to viewers mainly in roles in popular TV shows, as he prefers to accept work in long-running projects. He can be seen in "Anatomy of Passion", "Secret Materials", "Wilfred". Also James starred in such films as "48 hours", "In search of adventure", "White Fang".

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