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The series "Haven": actors, roles, history of creation

The series "Haven" has gathered many fans among fans of the mystical genre. In the center of events Audrey Parker is an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Once it is sent to investigate the mysterious murder of the released prisoner. As a result, Audrey is in the mystical town of Haven, where many people with supernatural abilities live.

History of creation

The creators of Canada and the US Sam Ernst and Jim Dunn did their best to make the Haven series as realistic and exciting as possible. Actors also worked well, which made the picture a great success. The script for the series is based on the novel by the legendary author Stephen King "The Guy from Colorado." A film was shot in Nova Scotia in Canada, on the South Coast.

The series appeared on the screens for the first time in July 2010. A year later started the second season of the film. On September 22, 2012 the premiere of the third season was held. The fifth season was released in late 2015.

Sam Ernst and Jim Dunn jointly wrote a pilot episode to the TV series "Haven." Emily Rose for the main role was approved in 2010, in February. At the end of March, she was joined by E. Balfour and L. Bryant. After Adam Kane was appointed director of the first episode, the film began shooting in Halifax and Nova Scotia. The premiere of the first episode "Welcome to Haven" was held July 9 in the US.

The series "Haven": the plot

A small city in Maine is a mystical and mysterious place. Most residents have a mysterious power and suffer from this. In the center of events is an agent of the FBI, who came to investigate the mysterious city of Haven. Audrey comes to find a runaway criminal and learns that this settlement has long been a haven for personalities with superpowers. In addition, most residents use their talents not for peaceful purposes.

Help in the investigation partner Audrey Parker Nathan Warnos - local servant of the law, whose role is played by Lucas Bryant, and smuggler Duke Crocker, the role went to Eric Balfour. Catching the killer, Audrey does not hurry to leave the mysterious terrain. Curiosity pushes her to carry out investigations of strange crimes, which are not uncommon for this city. Together with Nathan Warnos, the FBI agent is trying to sort out a lot.

Particularly unexpected is the turn of the story to the past of Audrey herself and her family. Head of the local police Nathan also notes that his inability to feel touches and pain does not apply only to the main character of the series. Several storylines harmoniously intertwined in the series "Haven." Actors brilliantly cope with the work and keep the film's audience in suspense.

To cope with many problems the main characters are helped by a charming smuggler and the owner of a local bar. He is well acquainted with the locals, and sympathy for the main heroine pushes Duke to feats, because Audrey has to constantly pull out of all sorts of troubles.

The story about the mystical town captures spectators and keeps it to the end in suspense, because the novel is taken from the famous master of horrors Stephen King. It is worth noting also well-chosen music, cast, moderate humor. Deep images did not leave indifferent fans of the series "Haven". Actors perfectly conveyed the characters, feelings and emotions, due to which the story was a success and stretched for 5 seasons.

Actors and roles

A huge number of characters for 5 seasons were engaged in a mystical story about the town of Haven. Eric Balfour played the role of local owner of the bar Duke Crocker, who actively helps the main character to cope with various problems. Agent FBI Audrey Parker played Emily Rose. Her partner, the head of the local police, was Lucas Bryant. More on these artists will talk later. In addition to them, actors such as Nicholas Campbell, Michelle Monteith, Richard Donat, Ann Kaylon, Kathleen Munro, Dorian Missik, Bree Williamson and others took part in the Haven series.

Emily Rose

This charming actress, who played the main role in the mystical series "Haven", was born in 1981, on February 2. In the family of Emily - the eldest daughter, besides her, there are two more daughters. She dreamed of acting career from a young age. After graduating from the University of California, Emily began her acting career. Her first role - episodes in the popular TV series "First Aid". After that, there were several more works in the serial films:

  1. "Two and a half people."
  2. "Without a trace."
  3. "Brothers and sisters".
  4. "Jericho".
  5. "Private practice".

There were works in several short films, but it was after the show "Haven" that Emily Rose got a real glory.

Eric Balfour

This actor was born in Los Angeles in 1977. Eric's parents are the owners of the motel. From a young age, he showed interest in music and art, so soon the boy was invited to a children's series. After graduation, Balfour took part in the musical group Fredalba. He did not quit music even after working in film and the producer's career.

Viewers could see this actor in the following scenes: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Naughty Animation, Step by Step, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Bryant Lucas

This actor was born on December 23 in 1978, in Canada. He studied Lucas Bryant in Ontario High School, and then went to college in Oakville to study acting. The first work was a role in the serial film "Close Friends" and "Odyssey 5". After that, the actor was engaged in a long-term project "Haven", where Bryant played the role of Nathan, the main character's partner, the local police chief.

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