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Jessica Pare: biography and movies

In acting, Jessica Paré embodies her parents' dreams about the stage. Her mom and dad, in addition to the main prestigious work, were still actors at the amateur level.

Theatrical heritage

On endless castings, tests and rehearsals, spouses often had to drive and daughter. As a child, Jessica Pare made up an idea about this profession. From the parents she inherited not only a love of art, but also a skill in acting.

In 1982, the heroine of many films and TV series was born in Canadian Montreal. Among other peers she also grew up in a bilingual environment with the knowledge of two languages. Freely speaks English and French since childhood. Jessica Pare, films with the participation of which collect a lot of enthusiastic reviews, received good makings as a child.

In the future actress, the pope held a prestigious leadership position at McGill University, and my mother was an excellent interpreter. But at the same time the spouses struggled to the stage with all their might. They were good actors in amateur and not only amateur productions.

Moreover, the head of the Pare family for many years remained the teacher of acting for theatrical actors. He also led an active touring activity with one of the most popular Canadian troupes. Mom with constant dedication and pleasure went on stage in amateur productions. It is likely that the theater brought together the spouses and future parents of such a movie star as Jessica Pare, the biography of the future actress will lead her to the red carpet. In this sense, the girl really got a calling with mother's milk.

Only on stage

Passionate in the work on his characters, the girl's daddy became her example and a role model. Jessica Pare watched the constant rehearsals of her parent with more and more enthusiasm, and soon she herself did not want a different fate.

It is unlikely that the girl in children's dreams saw herself as someone other than the actress on stage or in the frame. She fully felt the magic of this profession with excitement in getting the role, in preparation for it, directly in the role and after it.

Jessica Pare (whose height is 175 cm) will perform her first role in the school performance at a very young age. She was put on the main roles in all successive performances. In many respects, thanks to that experience, millions of people around the world already know it. For a growing star to confirm their skills, it would be logical to enroll in some of the acting studios. So it happened. Amateur performances will become for the teenage girl an arena of glory and a voyage to a successful life. Later, it will be noticed and will be actively used already in episodes of teenage serials. From now on, it will appear on TV screens more and more often.

Jessica at the cinema

In the cinema, her debut will take place at the age of 19 in the picture about the misadventures of the mafia "New Don 2". There, she played the role of Rosalie. Later there were "Possible worlds". By the age of 20, the Couple is already receiving the first recognition for the main role in the film "Star Status" directed by Deni Arkan. Her heroine fled the province to the world of model business with its temptations and challenges. Here the young Jessica Pare got the opportunity to show her abilities in the frame.

Against the background of the other actors, she favorably had good training and skills in the work. The directors got a ready-made star of television and cinematographic films at their disposal.

Next, the role of a very seductive and colorful lesbian in the film "You will not be caught". Scandalous and frank scenes of intimacy with partner in the filming of Piper Perabo also tangibly upped her popularity. On the sly for a good acting school, Jessica is already appreciated by filmmakers and producers all over the world. This can be seen from the invitations to the surveys and from the reviews of critics.

The secret of her success

In the frame, Jessica uses her French roots and charm. The most stingy in compliments of criticism is only with this and link its success in movies and on television. More efficient specialists celebrate an excellent school with an experience of acting as a child. So what qualities made her a popular and popular actress?

- Love for the game. Acting bread makes it possible to survive instead of one many different lives and destinies. This merit of the profession, Jessica realized even in her childhood, from the example of her mom and dad.

- Excellent preparation. As a little girl, she already understood her vocation and prepared early for her future career. Hence the excellent school and acting skills.

- Genetic talent. Apparently, the parents had not just a dream to play on stage. Both - both mother and father clearly showed the ability to this art. The daughter just inherited talent from them along with the mother's milk.

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