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The TV series "Wolf": characters, actors

Today, a variety of serials have gained immense popularity. They talk about the most diverse spheres of life and unexpected situations. A vivid example of a mystical series is the "Wolf". Characters and the plot are able to attract the viewer to the screen for long hours.


"Wolf" - a television series shot in the United States of America. The basis of the series was the eponymous film, released in 1985. Genre: mysticism, drama. It was first shown in the summer of 2011.

"Wolf", the characters which attract the viewer, came to taste to many and in a short time managed to collect a lot of positive feedback. By the premiere of the television series it was possible to attract more than two million admirers. Soon it was decided to extend the series for another season and in the summer of 2012 there was a continuation. The rating only grew, and in many lists got exactly "Wolf". Characters, of course, provided such a huge popularity of the series.

In the same summer, it was decided to shoot the third season. The creation of the television series took place in Los Angeles. The new high ratings did not take long to wait for information about the extension of the series for another season.

Recently, the creators announced that the movie "Wolf", the characters that many viewers are accustomed to, will not disappear from the TV screens and the sixth season will definitely be released.


The plot of the picture revolves around the teenager. His name is Scott McCall, age is sixteen. One day he finds himself in a forest, where he is attacked by a huge animal and bites. Scott McCall notices that after this, his abilities undergo changes: reflexes, hearing, strength, and so on are improved. A friend of the protagonist and an unknown werewolf help him learn to control his new abilities, and use force. Scott faces the task of protecting his family, as well as the girl (Allison Arjent) from a dangerous werewolf who bit him.

"Wolf": actors

Of course, like many films, this television series is filled with various characters. All of them are endowed with their own characters and features, which allows them to harmoniously fit into the actions of "Wolf". In many ways, such a huge popularity of the series is explained by the excellent performance of the cast.

Tyler Posy

"Wolf", the actors of which are perfectly matched, would be unrecognizable without Tyler Pose.

According to the script, he is a schoolboy who happened to become a werewolf. A guy works in a veterinary clinic. He is engaged in lacrosse and is co-captain of the team. Initially, the acquired ability considers a curse and tries to find a cure. However, he does not succeed, thanks to the efforts of Derek. The second season of Scott begins with the fact that quite confidently uses these forces. There is Scott's best friend - Stiles Stilinsky. A friend helps him in many matters. Also, the hero has a girl whose parents are hunters on werewolves. They persistently oppose the relationship of her daughter.

Crystal Reed

Known in certain circles, the actress played in the series the role of the girl Scott McCool. According to the script, her name is Allison Arjent and she is a schoolgirl of seventeen years of age. The girl's family has long exterminated werewolves, and she herself knows how to use the bow well. At the moment when she found out that Scott was a werewolf - she wanted to kill him. The reason for this decision is her aunt's belief that all werewolves are dangerous. However, the girl soon decided to abandon this idea. In the interval between the first two seasons she received a prohibition from her parents to communicate with Scott, but more than once violated him.

Dylan O'Brien

This actor played the role of Stiles Stilinsky. He is Scott's best friend. He is sixteen years old, is in high school and is unpopular there. He plays in lacrosse, going mostly to replace. The father of the character holds the position of sheriff, and the mother died when Styles was a child. He was one of the first to notice that there had been changes with Scott. The guy though and does not differ huge knowledge, but is kind, sympathetic and in all tries to help the friend. In one episode it was mentioned that the name of this hero is not real.

Tyler Hackling

A fairly well-known actor, played the role of Derek Hale. He was a werewolf since birth. His entire family was the victim of a fire that occurred six years before the action in the television series. Derek became Scott's teacher and helped him at first learn how to control the werewolf's abilities. The relationship between the characters is rather confusing. Hale takes care of Scott and his comrades, but their views are often different. The werewolf teacher was able to assemble a pack, to which McCall would later join.

Holland Rodin

The actress plays the role of Lydia Martin. In the television series, her character is a schoolgirl of sixteen years of age. She is very popular and is one of the best students. Has extensive knowledge of chemistry, can easily make an explosive mixture. Sometimes she is capricious, but in fact very vulnerable. She became a Banshee. Often, using his skills, helps other characters.

Colton Haines

He played the role of Jackson Whittmore. A popular sixteen-year-old schoolboy. Is an adopted child. A long period was in relations with Lydia Martin, however, broke up with her and made attempts to get closer to Ellison. A similar decision was made to get to Scott. He learns about McCall's abilities and demands that he find a means to make him the same. In one of the episodes of the second season becomes a werewolf-lizard. He committed murder of people, but did not remember anything about it. It turned out that they were guided from the outside. Later Jackson was healed and became an ordinary werewolf. After the second season he moved to the UK.

Arden Cho

Kira Yukimura played the role. She's a new student. Father is a teacher of history. At first it is inconspicuous and does not stand out anything, but later it turns out that it is endowed with rare abilities. Yukimura is a werewolf fox, and can control electricity. She really likes Scott.

Shelley Hennig

The actress played the part of Malia Tate. She's a werewolf. Eight years was in the guise of a coyote. As a child, Malia turned and killed her sister and mother. In one of the series of the third season, Scott helped her to take on a human form. She has a clear mental imbalance.


The article introduces only the main characters of the television series. In addition, in the film, the viewer will get acquainted with many characters who play a secondary role.

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