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Comedy "A snack on wheels". Actors and roles

Comedy thriller "Snack on Wheels", the actors and roles of which are presented in this article, was released in 1984. The director of the film is Sammo Hong. The film's creators were awarded a prestigious award for the best martial arts production. What is the film "Snack on Wheels"?

Actors played in this movie are quite famous. At least the name of the performer of the main role is known even to those who do not classify themselves as fans of the genre of the militant. But before you name the actors "Snack on Wheels", we will outline the brief content of the film.


The action takes place in Spain, in the eighties of the last century. Thomas's cousins are the main characters of the comedy "Snack on Wheels". The actors played small businessmen. Enterprising Chinese live in Spain. They have a minibus, which was the basis of business - the brothers opened a snack on the wheels.

The actor, who played one of the Chinese businessmen, managed to cast more than forty roles at the beginning of the filming of this film. This predetermined the success of the film. But in addition, it is worth paying homage to the simple humor and all sorts of tricks that are present in the comedy.

So, the adventures of the heroes begin after acquaintance with a girl named Sylvia. She trades in petty theft and one day almost becomes a victim of lynching. The brothers save her from the pursuers, and then leave for the night. After this event, a new character appears - Detective Moby, whose affairs are not very smooth. He appeals to the owners of the diner to help find Sylvia. But they refuse.

Brothers do not accidentally feel a warm feeling for the girl. The father of one of them is being treated in a psychiatric hospital, where he feels so comfortable that he is going to marry one of the patients. This woman is the mother of Sylvia. The girl is forced to earn dishonestly, because otherwise it is beyond her power to pay expensive treatment. Entrepreneurs, after learning about this, take it into their business.

However, the characters do not have time to organize the film. Sylvia is kidnapped by bandits, and later it turns out that she is the heiress of a huge fortune. The characters of the film, of course, get their wards out. And after liberation, Sylvia becomes a very wealthy lady. And, of course, she no longer needs to work in a diner on wheels.


The main role in this film was played by Jackie Chan. The second entrepreneur's brother is Yuen Biao. Sylvia was played by Laura Forner. In the film, roles were also played by Sammo Hong, Benny Urquides, Herb Edelman, Keith Vitali, Amparo Moreno, Sau Lung Blackie Co., Sau Lung Blackie Co. It is worthwhile to tell more about the actors "Snack on Wheels", photos of which are presented in the article.

Jackie Chan

The actor became famous for his unique acrobatic combat style and various "improvised means" used by his heroes in combat. Jackie Chan played over a hundred roles in the movies. At the same time, negative characters in his filmography make up a small percentage.

He began film career as a stuntman. In the mid-70's, the directors began to offer him more serious roles. Famous for Chan came after the release of the film "Snake in the shadow of the eagle." When creating this film, the actor himself came up with tricks. The next picture - "Drunken Master" - enshrined success and increased popularity among the audience. But the most famous of his work was the role in the film "The dismantling in the Bronx." The premiere of this film took place in 1995.

Yuen Biao

The real name of the actor is Xia Lingzheng. Yuen Biao is a pseudonym that he acquired during his studies at the theater school. The actor made his debut in the movie in 1965. He played in such films as "Fist of Fury", "Tournament". In the film "The Exit of the Dragon," Yuen Biao played one of the participants in the fighting.

Laura Forner

The Spanish actress became famous thanks to the films with Jackie Chan. In addition to "Snack on Wheels", she played in the painting "Armor of God," in which the famous actor and martial artist also starred.

Benny Urquides

This actor played the role of one of the thugs who kidnapped the heroine of Laura Forner. Urquides is a champion in kickboxing, a stuntman and a stunt man. In the eighties he began to appear less and less in the ring. It was then that his film career began. He played in twenty films, mostly played "bad guys." Benny Urquides played a small role in the movie "Dragons Forever" with Jackie Chan. Other films with his participation - "Street Fighter", "Murder at Gross-Point", "Duel in Diggstauna."

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