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Benni Urquides: biography and photos

One of the best professional kickboxers, nicknamed Jet (Jet) - Benny Urquides. Films with his participation still look with pleasure. Benny's skill was shown not only in films. Of the two hundred battles, he did not lose a single duel and remained undefeated. The article presents his biography.

Benny Urkides: childhood

The future sportsman was born on June 10, 1952. It was then that Benny was born in the USA, California, Los Angeles. His parents were professional athletes. Mother was engaged in wrestling, and her father was boxing. Parents, according to Benny, played an important role in his fighting career. And the struggle he began to learn from childhood. About the origin of Benny half Spaniard, in part it flows the blood of American Indians.

The beginning of sports career

Benny Urquides started boxing at the age of three. At five already began to perform in the ring. At the age of 8 he began vocational training. His first coach was Bill Rüisaki. As a result, he received a black belt as early as 14 years. And it was very unusual for the 60s. By 1964, Benny began to be considered a colorful fighter.


In 1973, Urquides acted in the international championship in contactless battles. And he defeated John Natividad. In 1974 he competed in competitions in Belgium and England. At that time he was already a part of the American team of E. Parker. In the same year he refused to fight in a contactless style. Participated in the World Cup in martial arts and won.

For twenty years of sports career Benny Urquides has performed in many versions of kickboxing. And he became a record-breaker for victories. Over 20 years, Urquides managed to hold the champion title. In 1977 he left for Japan, which he visited for the first time. At the competitions in the first fight in the sixth round Katsuyuki Suzuki was knocked out.

Then against him was exposed undefeated fighter Kunimatsu Okau. In the fourth round, Urquides knocked him out. Since 1980, Benny has appeared less and less in the ring. Between 1981 and 1984, There were very few battles. This period ended with another victory for Benny over I. Sprang.

Since 1985, the sports career of Urquides has somewhat "slowed down". In 1989, he fought with Nobui Adzuki, and in 1993 - with Yoshihisi Tagami. After that, Benny was re-qualified for the most part in a coach.

End of sports career

Sports career of Urquides lasted a long time. He won at 6 World Cups and 24 years played in different weight classes. The last fight Benny Uricides spent with the 25-year-old Japanese champion Tagami. Competitions were held in 1993. At that time he was already 42 years old.

After the end of sports career Benny Urquides (kickboxing) became a coach. Since he has nine black belts in various martial arts (karate, aikido, etc.), he wrote many teaching books and became the author of training films. His coaching club is in California, in Hollywood.

B. Urquides is the most highly paid and famous martial arts teacher in the world. He is the personal instructor of many top models and Hollywood stars. For example, Van Damme, Chuck Norris, Nicole Kidman and many others.

Professional kickboxer Benny Urquides: movies with his participation

After 1993, he not only became a professional kickboxing coach. He put a lot of tricks for the militants. And personally starred in many films. His brother Urk, in addition to his sports career, was also an actor. Together with him, Benny starred in a documentary film.

After the end of sports career, he became not only a coach. Periodically it is removed in motion pictures. For example, Benny Urquides and Jackie Chan played together in "Dragon Forever" and "Snack on Wheels". The famous sportsman became the hero of the Japanese comic book "Jet Benny".

Personal life

Benny's wife Called Sarah. They had a daughter, whom the couple called Monique. Not only Benny continues to practice kickboxing in the club, but also his beautiful women. Sarah and Monique are also struggling. Urquides declared that there were only three women in his life: a wife, a daughter and a mother.

Interesting facts from the life of Urquideas

Crown "chip" Urquides - kick the foot in a jump with a turn (otherwise - a turntable). Of the 200 fights that the athlete has spent, he has not lost a non-one time. And on 63 matches in the World Cup 57 times knocked out rivals. Moreover, Urquides often fought even with those who exceeded his weight category and growth. In the 80's. Benny challenged R. Leonard, but the boxer did not accept this challenge.

It was Benny Uricides who became the founder of Ukidokan Karate. And this style in Japan is recognized as an official art. He himself calls "Ukidokan Karate" a synthesis of nine disciplines. He took from all only what he needed, and combined into one. It was a completely new style. This style is not only fighting in the ring, it has elements of street fighting. Benny teaches his students to confront the enemy in any fights. Including in street battles.

B. Urquides has three dark spots in the sporting field. Three times the results of the battles were recorded "without result and announcement". In 1977, Urquides opposed Narongnoy Kiatbandita (in the style of Muay Thai). In the 9th round he was on the floor. The second battle in 1978 is clearly visible on the video. And it is clear that the victory was won by rival Urquides. The third time Benny lost to American Billy Jackson.

But all three times there were reasons why the results of the battle were not announced, and the victory of the opponents of Urquides was not counted. That violation of the rules of the fight, the fight was just indicative, the gloves turned out to be more than the right size. Thus, all three defeats of the Urquides were left undetected and gone in the past under the record "without disclosing the result."

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