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Catherine Waterston: biography, career, personal life.

One of the most famous actresses of the United States is Catherine Waterston. Best known for roles in the films "Steve Jobs", "Alien: Covenant", "Fantastic creatures and where they dwell".


Waterston Catherine was born on March 3, 1980 in one of the districts of London - Westminster. Parents of ancestry are Americans. But when Kat was born, the family lived in England, the parents worked under contract. Father, Sam Waterston, American actor and nominee for Oscar. Mother, Louise Lynn (nee Woodruff), former model.

The whole family of the girl was connected with television and cinema. Her sister Elizabeth became also an actress, and brother Graham - the director. The girl also has a stepbrother James (born in the first marriage of his father), who also took up acting.

Acting skills Catherine studied at the prestigious Tish School of Art at New York University. Like many other famous American actors, her young actress started her career with the Broadway Theater, gradually making her way to the big cinema. In the 2000s, she moved to Los Angeles, where she received the first proposals for small roles in film.


The debut for Catherine Waterston was the films "Michael Clayton", "Sturmuya Woodstock" and the romantic story "Handsome", although the actress and played a minor role.

As Kat has a lot of growth, the directors have had difficulty finding partners for the actress. Because of this, Waterston came to the forefront almost ten years from the beginning of acting.

The first significant work in the life of the girl was the film "Shadowing". It was he who brought her fame and wide fame. At the site, Kat worked with actors such as Josh Hamilton and James Franco.

Movies with Catherine Waterston belong to different genres. This suggests that Kat is trying herself in a new role. And this is very good for her. Her roles she performs brilliantly.

In 2014, a film appeared in the genre of the criminal drama "Congenital vice", which brought the girl a nomination for "Sputnik". Behind him, the already recognizable Katherine was followed by suggestions, among which she chose the ones she liked best. In 2015, there were three films with Catherine's participation: the drama "The Queen of the Earth", "Love without obligations" and the biographical drama "Steve Jobs" about a well-known businessman.

The following year, a fantasy film with Catherine Waterston's "Fantastic Beasts" was released, in 2017 - the science fiction film "Alien: The Covenant", where the actress performs one of the main roles, as well as the film "Lucky Logan", starring Daniel Craig And Channing Tatum.

Personal life

About his personal life, Catherine does not apply. She believes that the press and fans, as well as colleagues, have enough information that the actress is not married and she does not have children.

Photo of Katherine Waterston and her boyfriend are rare, and they can be seen on the official celebrity page in social networks. It also says that the girl has long maintained a relationship with the director and scriptwriter Adam Rapp. He is twelve years older than her. At the moment they are working on a new dramatic film, where Kathryn will play the main role, and her young man is a film director.

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