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Kristin Bauer: biography, filmography and interesting facts about the actress

Many know Christine Bauer as the vampire Pam from the series "True Blood", but for someone she is a good villain of Maleficent from "Once in a Tale." But who is Christine really?


Born actress November 26, 1966 in Wisconsin. Her parents are Germans with an average income. Father was a collector of weapons and the best rider of Racine. My mother did charity. It was her kindness that the future actress, who is currently actively involved in supporting animal protection funds, took over.

As a child, Christine Bauer adored riding, sports and pistol shooting, like her father. As the actress admitted, she had many adventures, animals and freedom. She still loves her farm. Therefore, when in 2009 Christine married South African musician Aubrey van Straten, they left to celebrate this event to the homeland of the actress.

In her youth, Kristin was fond of painting and even graduated from college in this specialty. And now Bauer draws jolly jerseys. Money from the sale of T-shirts, she gives to the funds that save animals.

Real blood

One of the most famous projects in the career of an actress is "True Blood". Christine Bauer in the series played a beautiful, warlike leader Pam.

The series shows the future, where vampires became not a scary, but ordinary members of society. They have their rights, duties and status. This would not have been possible had it not been for a synthetic blood substitute. He not only supports the strength of vampires, but also helps them control their appetite. However, not all vampires are ready to give up the usual delicacy.

Pam is not just a vampire woman. This smart smart woman, whose quotes are remembered for a long time and quoted by all the fans. The storyline with Pam develops between her and her creator Eric.

Turned more than a hundred years ago, Pam submissively serves his creator and lover. She always accompanies him in important matters, responds to his call and helps him in everything. Her devotion borders on insanity, because she is fueled by burning love. Although Pam denies his feelings, trying to make his love more family, her zealous protection of Eric gives it out.

Once upon a time, in a Fairytail

A lot of unusual, interesting and intriguing roles are in the filmography of Christine Bauer. Films, serials, short films - the actress tried everything herself. However, the genre of fiction for her was the most suitable.

That is why the actress happily visited the casting in the series "Once in a Fairy Tale." Initially, the role of Maleficent took another actress - Paul Marchell. But at the last moment the writers decided to develop the character in a different direction, and under it Christine Bauer ideally approached. Maleficent in this series really moved away from the stereotypical witch. She was made kind in soul and disappointed in life.

In the first and second season of the series, the actress played a secondary role. But even in this role, she managed to fall in love and remember. Most likely, that's why in the 4th season Maleficent was returned as the main character.

The struggle of three villains: the Cruel De Ville, Ursula and Maleficenti - against the forces of good lasted half the season. The next season the rod was abandoned, that it will be devoted to the history of the heroine Christine, but the creators decided otherwise. And so far, many fans are waiting for the continuation of the story of Maleficenta and her daughter.

Interesting facts about the actress

Many fans of Christine Bauer will be interested to learn interesting facts about their favorite actress:

  • The actress studied at three colleges: in Boston, St. Louis and New York. In the latter she received a diploma.
  • After graduating from college, Christine moved to Los Angeles, where she still lives.
  • The first time the actress had to work selling protein shakes. She also worked as a nanny.
  • All her money from workings she spent on the acting class, although she did not understand what would happen next.
  • Most of all he likes to draw portraits.
  • Bauer saves animals, and some settle in her house for life. She has several cats and dogs.
  • He also participates in the rescue of wild animals and attracts all his colleagues to this cause.

Kristin is not just a talented actress, artist, but also a very kind and open person. It helps many people in difficult situations, gives advice, communicates with fans. Bauer has a website on which she opens her eyes to obvious things that many people are accustomed to ignore. Such things as pollution of the environment, testing of cosmetics on animals, use of fur for decorative purposes and much more.

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