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"Four Rooms": film actors

The film "Four Rooms" was created in a comedy genre. Its unusual is that throughout the film there are four episodes that occur in different rooms of the hotel. But all of them are united by one common character - a porter named Ted.

In the tape "Four rooms" the actors are mostly familiar enough to the audience for other films. Therefore, the increased interest in this comedy project was back in 1995, when he first appeared on the screens.

Plot of the film

The action takes place in individual rooms of the hotel on the eve of the New Year. The corridor Ted, who was temporarily taken to work as a replacement for another employee, did not even know about the coming adventures. First he gets into the luxury room, where the witches decided to arrange a coven. To perform their ritual they lacked a single component. To get it, Eve - one of the participants of such an unusual "hen party" - it was necessary to seduce Ted and spend the night of love with him. In this episode of the movie "Four Rooms" the actors showed their talents to the maximum in order to create a mythical picture of the witch's assembly.

No less intriguing events could boast room number 409. Although the porter was not going there, he was summoned to 404 and ordered the ice, but by the will of fate he was in 409th room and was in the spotlight. The guests, who were a married couple, took the corridor for a male escort and, accordingly, wanted from him to get very unambiguous services.

As soon as Ted managed to escape from this room, he finds himself in a new unusual situation. Gangster from Mexico wanted to meet the holiday together with his wife, and the children to be left in the care of the porter, of course, not free. Having stopped at a sum of five hundred dollars, Ted did not yet know what to expect from two lovely children. The latter decided to use corridor in the full program, as a result of which a lot of unexpected situations are played out.

The last episode takes place in a penthouse, where a popular film director and friends stopped. They also offer Ted for a large sum of money to become a participant in a cruel bet, as a result of which one of the heroes loses his finger. And the porter after all that happened calmly takes his reward.


In the project "Four Rooms" actors are involved in four different episodes, over which worked different directors. So the episode "Missing ingredient" was filmed by Ellison Anders. Here one of the witches was played by Madonna, due to what the rating of the film has increased even more. The second situation, titled "Not That Man," was shot by Alexander Rockwell, who drew Jennifer Beals and David Fail in the film.

In the episode "Violators of Tranquility" of the tape "Four Rooms" actors, among them Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, Lana McKissak and others, perfectly illustrated the atmosphere in the family of gangsters and their characters. And in the events taking place in the penthouse, Quentin Tarantino himself, who played the director Chester Rush, took part in the shooting. Here also actor's skill was shown and well-known Bruce Willis, who played the role of Leo.

Interesting facts

  • It is interesting that in 1995 this film was shown to Russians under a completely different name - "Strange brew".
  • The car, which was played out in the episode "The Man from Hollywood", is "Chevrolet Malibu". Such a car at one time was in the garage of Quentin Tarantino, and during the filming of one of the masterpieces of the director he was stolen.
  • The actors of the film "Four Rooms" were selected for absolutely different reasons. For example, the role of the corpse for the episode with the children of a Mexican gangster was taken by Robert Rodriguez's sister - Patricia Vonnay.

Criticism reviews

The film was discussed by a huge number of critics, and among the reviews there are both positive and negative. Most of all negative opinions refer to the episode in which the witches met in the bridal suite. Many believe that in this part of the tape "Four Rooms" actors and roles do not match. In addition, podkachala director's work. As a result, the situation with witches did not cause laughter, but only surprise.

The other three novels are much more interesting: they fully reveal the bright characters of the characters, and the ideas of the creators. The best impression was left by the episode with a gleam of light insanity set by Quentin Tarantino. Here he is not only the author, but also the performer of the main role, which only adds pathos.

Viewers' comments

Judging by the numerous reviews of viewers, the film is still popular. So, many like sparkling humor and satire, which is full of a film. Also, according to the public, the film "Four Rooms", actors and roles in which are successfully distributed, can be reviewed many times and laugh to tears over ridiculous situations.

Fans of this movie describe it as a film with its own charm and style. An important role in this was played by the fact that all four episodes were shot by four different directors who have completely different views on cinema in general.

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