Characteristics of Chevrolet Lanos, convenient and economical

The South Korean branch of GM, GM Daewoo, in 2003 showed goodwill and signed an agreement with Ukravto on the creation of a full-scale production of the Chevrolet Lanos model at the Zaporozhye Automobile Plant. The project was not limited to a simple assembly of the supplied units and assemblies, as is usually the case. Directorate ZAZ agreed to stamping the body components with the subsequent welding, painting and assembly. In fact, the factory facilities were oriented to the full cycle of production of the separately taken Chevrolet Lanos model, the characteristics of which are at the average technological level.

Security Settings

The car is produced in the amount of 90 thousand per year, which is an impressive indicator. Characteristics of "Chevrolet Lanos" corresponds to the data of the average level. Most cars are exported to neighboring Russia, where the model is in high demand. "Chevrolet Lanos" has a whole set of passive safety systems, the lower part of the body is enclosed in a kind of cuvette, encircling the passenger sector. Thresholds with lateral impact do not bend, the car can be discarded, but not crumpled, the geometry of the body will remain the same. Racks both front and rear are reinforced, in the doors are laid steel shock-proof beams. The same beams are located in the front panel of the body at the level of the lower edge of the windshield, the salon is thus protected from all sides.

Exterior and interior

The exterior of "Chevrolet Lanos" worked specialists ItalDesign, as a result of which the car received an exclusive appearance in the best traditions of modern times. Characteristics of "Chevrolet Lanos" climbed one step higher. Thanks to the maximum tilt of the windshield, the car became ideal for aerodynamic performance. Interior qualities (here the characteristic of "Chevrolet Lanos" was again on top), are at a decent level, the interior is spacious, comfortable and functional. Wide seats with a high degree of ergonomics smoothly move and unfold. The upholstery of the salon is velor, the restrained pastel tones, together with the muffled diffused light of the ceiling plafonds, has a relaxing effect.


Behind is a roomy luggage compartment with a capacity of 320 liters. With the rear seats folded, the luggage compartment volume is increased to 940 liters. On the horizontal panel, conditionally separating the luggage compartment and the car interior, stationary compact speakers of the audio system are installed. The technical specification "Chevrolet Lanos" provides for a two-variant configuration. Standard equipment includes a full-size spare wheel, 14-inch steel wheels . The luxury package includes power steering, rear window defroster, air conditioning system and efficient fog lights.

Engine and Dimensions

The engine "Chevrolet Lanos" is quite economical, the consumption is only about 7 liters per 100 km. Environmentally friendly engine complies with the "Euro 2" standard. The volume of the engine is 1.5 liters at a power of 86 liters. from. The parameters of the powerplant of the car are not impressive, which means that the driver will have a minimum penalty for speeding. Length 4240 mm, width 1680 mm, height 1430 mm, wheelbase 2520 mm - this is the dimensions of Chevrolet Lanos. Technical characteristics, clearance of only 170 mm in particular, do not fully meet the needs of most customers, but the price of the Ukrainian assembly car is more than modest, only about 300 thousand rubles, even in the most expensive equipment. Therefore, the car is in high demand in Russia.

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