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Misha Kazakov - Polezhaykin from "Papa's Daughters"

Kazakov Mikhail Sergeevich is a domestic theater and cinema actor who plays on the stage of the Moscow Stanislavsky Theater. The youth of Russia remembered Misha as the performer of the role of Ilya Polezhaykin in the sitcom "Daddy's Daughter", and also thanks to the humorous newsreel "Yeralash".


Who plays Polezhaykin in "Papa's daughters", you already know. Let's now talk about how Misha became an actor.

Mikhail Kazakov was born on January 28, 1988 in the town of Tver. On the sign of the zodiac Misha - Aquarius. His father is known to Tverians as an entrepreneur who produces mineral water called "Kazakov".

From an early age, Mikhail Sergeevich Kazakov was shot in the children's newsreel "Yeralash". He is the record holder. Only Misha managed to appear in the 21 series of the program, given that the project does not invite children older than 14 years. But Polezhaykin from "Papa's daughters" was shot in "Yeralash" even at the age of 16. Directors believed that a good-natured and pompous boy looks younger than his real age. During the filming in the sitcom, the actor lost more than 20 kg! Now the height of the guy is 180 cm.

Free time Misha

A friendly family of Kazakovs travels a lot today, so Misha visited with his mother and father in different countries of the world. In summer, the boy stayed in the village of Myalitsyno. Hobby of the future actor is the cultivation of exotic and tropical plants, as well as mountain bike racing.

Despite the fact that Misha was actively filming in "Yeralash" and other television projects, he did not want to become a professional actor.

Evil joke of fate

In early 2005, a terrible tragedy occurred in Misha's life. He killed a man. On that terrible evening on the street, he met a friend. The girl with Kazakov studied in the same school. According to her, she quarreled with her boyfriend - Zhenya Gurkin. Mikhail offered his help, and the girl asked to talk with Gurkin. During the conversation, Eugene attacked a friend, and Polezhaykin from "Papa's daughters" was forced to defend the girl. He inflicted three knife wounds on Yevgeny Gurkin in the heart and carotid artery. The guy died on the spot, and Kazakov honestly confessed to the police officers he had committed.

When the investigation was completed, close relatives in the person of the mother and grandmother of the deceased with a petition about the absence of claims against Kazakov appealed to the court. In the paper, they indicated that material and moral compensation was paid to the attackers. After such a turn in the trial, the judge makes a decision to re-qualify the murder case for self-defense. After this fateful event, Polezhaykin from "Papa's daughters" approaches his elder brother Stanislav, brothers become best friends.

Classmates always spoke only good things about Misha, noted in him exceptional kindness, gentleness and responsiveness. And they did not believe in a day that he could deprive someone of life. The guy himself called himself "gouging", said that in his childhood he loved pranks and hooliganism.

Teachers have always loved Misha Kazakov and treated him well. After the tragedy, he returned to school, safely graduated from it and went to conquer Moscow, enrolling in the financial and legal academy.

The series "Daddy's Daughters": actors

Polejaykin is a bright and irreplaceable character in the sitcom script. As you already understood, his role was played by Mikhail Kazakov. With him on the set were many actresses, including Miroslava Karpovich, Anastasia Sivaeva, Elizaveta Arzamasova, Ekaterina Starshova, Nonna Grishaeva, Olga Volkova and others.

Polezhaykin from "Papa's daughters" today

At present, the actor is never removed. He has a beautiful wife and son, Miroslav, born on July 9, 2012.

As a graduate of the Finance and Law Academy, the Kazakov in Tver opened a clothing store and engaged in business.


In the play "Master and Margarita" Sergei Aldonina, Mikhail played the role of the cat Behemoth.

He starred in the films:

  • "Stroibatya";
  • "Banks".

Participated in projects:

  • "Yeralash";
  • "Father's daughters";
  • "6 frames";
  • "Wick";
  • "My beautiful nanny - 2";
  • "The cleverest".

We wish good luck and creative success to the actor and businessman Mikhail Sergeyevich Kazakov. The actors will never forget the bright performance of the roles. And we should always remember that each of us at any moment can become a participant in the most terrible performances of fate, like Mikhail Kazakov.

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