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Roles and actors: "Cops in deep stock"

Comedy is not only a way to cheer up and have a good evening, but also an opportunity to see how favorite actors play with atypical roles. "Cops in deep stock" is a film that can give such a chance.

The plot of the movie

Allen Gamble and Terry Hoytts grew up with a dream to become real heroes, that's why they went to work in the police. But only the salvation of the world from danger and the restoration of justice are not trusted by them. Instead, bosom friends are forced to spend their working days in the office for parsing and filling out papers. For colleagues, they have long been the main topic for jokes, and the authorities, it seems, completely forgot about the guys. But fate brings a surprise.

The two best agents Highsmith and Denson tragically die in the performance of the next assignment. Now the whole operation is under threat. And then Gamble and Hoytz come forward to show that they are suitable not only for paper work. True, the first serious matter of two friends will not do without a lot of comical situations.

Will Ferrell

Performer Allen was born in America in the family of a musician and a housewife. His parents divorced when the future actor was only eight years old, and his younger brother is three years younger. With money in the family there were difficulties. To feed the children, Will's mother first got a job as a gardener, and then she became a teacher of English and literature.

Few actors ("Cops in deep stock", surprisingly, have collected many original talents) have been looking for a long way to the scene and shootings. Will was among them. After school, he decided to link his life with sports journalism and graduated from the university in this specialty. But the young man realized that the work of the commentator on the local television channel does not suit him. Then he enrolled in acting courses.

Parents supported Ferrel, although they invested a lot of money in his first education. Mother paid for courses, and very soon her expenses paid off. During the training, Will met with members of the popular American show Saturday Night Live. A sense of humor and charm allowed the future actor to become an indispensable participant in the releases. Ferrel worked in the show for seven years and during this time managed to become famous.

Since then, Will has starred in a large number of films, among which dominate comedy. He was even awarded the Emmy for his participation in the film about former US President George W. Bush.

Mark Wahlberg

Some actors of the movie "Cops in the deep store" can tell stories worthy of a biographical drama. In their ranks and Mark Wahlberg.

The actor was born in a suburb of Boston. His parents divorced when Mark was still a boy. The role of the father in his life was replaced by older friends. Only their example turned out to be bad. Wahlberg regularly participated in fights, together with friends committed minor offenses and even traded drugs. After another fight, as a result of which the opponent of the future actor was seriously injured, Wahlberg was sent to prison for a month and a half. This greatly changed his life.

Having obtained freedom, Mark decided to choose other ways of earning money. His beautiful body and relaxed manners allowed the young man to become a model and quickly climb the career ladder. He became interested in hip-hop and even released an album with the support of his brother. As soon as the money appeared, Mark moved to Beverly Hills with his mother.

However, real fame to Wahlberg came not from a modeling career, but from cinematography. Over the years of filming, he appeared in various images, among which was a loser policeman in the movie "Cops in deep storage." Actors admitted that working with Mark is easy and interesting.

Not only the career went to the mountain, but also the personal life of the actor. He became an exemplary father and a loving husband.

Eva Mendes

A long time for the shooting of the film the actors were chosen. "Cops in deep stock" did not immediately get Eva Mendes into her squad.

The actress of Cuban descent did not even think about becoming an actress. Where more it attracted design. But fate decreed otherwise. A neighbor-photographer asked the beautiful woman to pose for his portfolio. And Eva's photos fell into the hands of agents. It was they who suggested that the girl try herself first in shooting clips and advertising, and then appear on the big screen. The proposal seemed to Mendes curious, although this work she more perceived as a hobby.

The first role of Eve has confirmed her role as a brave and beautiful girl, a fatal heroine. The real glory of the beginning actress brought a role in the film "Fast and the Furious." She consolidated her popularity in the action movie "Desperate", playing with Antonio Banderos and Johnny Depp.

Michael Keaton

As the actors recognized, "Cops in deep stock" was the movie where it was a great honor for them to play along with Michael Keaton. The actor lit up in many famous films and became famous as a comedian. But in his filmography there are other tapes.

Keaton began his career in the series. It was there that he was noticed and began to invite in full-length pictures. A real breakthrough for him was acquaintance with the cult director Tim Burton. He offered Keaton major roles in the comedy "The Beatles" and several parts of the movie "Batman".

In the movie "Cops in deep stock" actors and roles are not similar to each other, but, nevertheless, many critics noted that it was played very well.

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