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"Rules of removal: Hitch's method": actors, heroes, short story

In the film "The Rules of Detachment: The Method of Hitch," the actors tell the story of the novel of the infamous Lovelace Alex and his girlfriend Sarah. Guess the meaning of the picture is not difficult: director Andy Tennant advocates for real feelings in the relationship, and not staged performances. Who of the celebrities starred in this picture and in what twists and turns her main characters?

The creators of the picture

What is the film "Rules of removal: Hitch's method"? Actors within an hour and a half introduce us to the life of Alex Hitchens, who has an unusual business. More precisely, his profession is as old as the world: Alex is a pimp. But the pair he connects according to a special method he developed himself.

Under the strict guidance of "Hitch" even the most backward botanists turn out to be heroes in the eyes of attractive beauties. Only when the time comes for Alex to seduce the girl of his dreams, it turns out that his tricks do not work at all. How to be in this case?

The film was shot by Andy Tennant, who previously produced the Stylish Things ribbon with Reese Witherspoon, as well as the painting "Anna and the King" with Jodie Foster. Scenario for the "Rules of removal" was written by Kevin Bish, and the project was produced by Will Smith himself.

At the box office, the film enjoyed an incredible success: with a budget of 70 million dollars, it was possible to raise 368 million dollars.

"Rules of removal: Hitch's method": actors and roles. Will Smitt as Hitch

The main character of the film - Alex Hitchens nicknamed Hitch. He is a real ladies' man, who turned his hobby into a profitable business: Alex is engaged all day in teaching boys to seduce girls.

One day, a character calls to Hitch, who seems to have no chance at all to please the girl: a modest, slightly overweight accountant who mumbles when he speaks and also wears glasses. But this guy was not a blunder: he asks Hitch to arrange his personal life, but not with anyone, but with one of the wealthiest women in the city. Hitch agrees. Only this time everything goes not according to plan, especially when the beauty of Sarah appears on the horizon.

In the film "The Rules of Detachment: The Method of Hitch," actors with a fair amount of humor try to show the viewer on the example of heroes that cursive trivial truths do not work when it comes to true love. And the private life of Hitch in the performance of Will Smith ("Enemy of the State") - a direct proof of that.

"Rules of removal: Hitch's method": actors, photo. Eva Mendes as Sarah

Eva Mendes is considered one of the most beautiful actresses of Hollywood. She has Cuban roots and a very exotic appearance, which makes a woman the adornment of any film.

Her career began in 1998 with advertising and filming in video clips. Then there was a lot of episodic roles and the movie "Training Day" with Denezel Washington. However, the whole world famous Mendes made the action movie "Double Fast and the Furious", where she appeared in the company of Paul Walker and Tayrez Gibson.

As for the "Method of Hitch", Eve in this comedy has the role of a very smart and smart journalist who works in the editorial office of the "yellow" newspaper. Sarah Millas acquainted with Hitch quite by accident and begins to meet with him, not even suspecting what Alex is actually doing. Everything becomes obvious when the girl begins to follow one of the clients of Hitches, who revolves around the local celebrity. Sarah resolutely breaks all relations with her boyfriend and it becomes unclear whether he will be able to return it.

Ember Valletta in the role of Allegra Cole

Allegra Cole is the richest woman, who is hunted by the loser accountant Albert and his mentor Hitch. Her role was played by Ember Valletta - one of the most highly paid models of the late 90's. How did the top model get into the "Rules of removal: Hitch's Method"?

Actors recently often in films "diluted" by celebrities from other areas of show business. Sometimes even politicians, billionaires and directors themselves get into the frame.

The top model Amber began to appear in the movie in the 2000s, when her career in the modeling business went into decline. The most notable Valletta's roles in the movie were Allegra in "The Rules of Detachment," Audrey in "Carrier 2," Ella in the horror "Dead Silence" and Angie in the thriller "Gamer." Currently, Ember is removed in the series "Blood and Oil", which is broadcast on the channel "ABC".

Other performers of roles

Actors of the film "Rules of removal: The Method of Hitch" Smitt, Mendes and Valletta, perhaps, the most famous person in the tape. The rest of ordinary viewers hardly know by name.

For example, the role of the accountant Albert was played by Kevin James, an actor who also can be seen in "Classmates" with Adam Sendler, "Dilemma" with Vince Vaughn and "Fat Man in the ring" with Salma Hayek.

Actress Julie Ann Emery also took part in the shootings. Her most often the audience learns on the series "Dexter", "Army Wives" and "Bones."

Robinn Lee, who played in Chesside's "Method of Hitch," Denise was once in the film "National Security". And Michael Rapaport is a comedian who appeared in the pictures "Deep Blue Sea", "Escape" and "The Big Bang Theory" series.

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