Step-by-step instructions in case of a message: "An error occurred in the launcher application"

From the majority of operating systems of various gadgets the most widespread became the platform "Android". Together with the huge number of advantages that this operating system has in itself, it has received a number of shortcomings. For example, in devices of different prescription of release after some time on the screen appears the inscription: "In the application launcher an error occurred". What is this error? Where does it come from? How to fix it?

What was the error?

The phone on the "Android" is, in fact, a small computer. When you turn on after the logo of the phone immediately opens a desktop with various icons. All that opens up to the eye is the result of the launcher's work. It is also often called a shell.

With the help of launcher you can organize your device. It helps to organize not only the number of desktops, but also the location of shortcuts, folders and widgets on them. The same shell creates a visual image of various games and applications. In the "Market" you can find quite a lot of different shells, but in each device there is also a built-in launcher that can not be removed without special rights, called root. When the message "The launcher application has encountered an error" is displayed, the use of the gadget is significantly more complicated, as if the inclusion of the computer on it continued to burn the screensaver and nothing more.


Perhaps this is the most banal, but quite effective way. At times, the operating system crashes, and when you turn on not all files are downloaded in the correct order. Because of such troubles, the launcher application can open incorrectly and produce an error. First, do not panic, but just try to reboot the device.

Clear from unnecessary data

At the bottom of the inscription "There was an error in the launcher application", there is always a "Ok" button. You can click on it. After that, go to the menu and clear the loader cache. How to do it?

To do this, go to the gadget settings, where to go directly to the launcher application. It has the "Erase data" and "Stop" buttons. Then press the exit button or "Home". This will restart the launcher. So the program will start again and, probably, stop giving out an error.

Try another launcher

When an error occurred in com android launcher, you can try to get to the "Market", where to install another program. The options are actually mass:

  • Nova Launcher;
  • ZenUI Launcher;
  • Evie Launcher;
  • CM Launcher;
  • Hola Launcher.

This is not the entire list, which can be found for devices on the platform "Android." Each of them is easy to customize to your needs and requests. They have different variations of labels, visualizations and so on.

Software Conflict

If the problem appeared after installing an application, even if it was taken from the "Market", it might make sense to try to remove it. Why could such a situation happen? There are several reasons, but the main one is the stoppage of the development of one of the applications. This happens when developers stop the project, and their applications remain in the public domain.

Factory settings

If the previous methods can not be used because the text "There was an error in the launcher application" on the tablet or smartphone does not do anything, or for any other reason, you can try to reset all the settings to factory settings. You can do this in two ways - through settings or recovery.

Even the child can master the first method. To implement it, you need to enter the menu and the "Restore" section. There is a button for resetting all the settings to factory settings. All the installation and configuration will have to be done again. Be aware that everything that was stored in the device's memory will also be deleted, including photos, SMS messages and numbers.


This method is suitable for more advanced users. In each device, the input to the recovery occurs in different ways. But in most cases it's clamping several keys at the same time, for example, the power button and the volume rocker. In order to find out exactly how your gadget goes into this mode, just enter the name of your gadget model into the Internet and add the word "recovery". Then the search engine will give out the most suitable options.

Once in the desired mode, you need to use the volume buttons to select wipe data \ factory setting and confirm with your power key. All settings of the gadget will be demolished to factory settings.


If the previous method did not help you or only gave you a brief release from the intrusive inscription: "An error occurred in the launcher application", android can be reflashed. In order for everything to be successful, you need to calm down and concentrate as much as possible. Information on how to properly flash your gadget, can be found in numerous large forums. Try to find the most discussed firmware with a high rating and follow the instructions clearly. If you have little experience, it is recommended not to experiment much. When an error occurred in the launcher, Root rights might be required, and this is not an easy task.

When self-repair is necessary to understand that there is a risk of completely losing the device by making the wrong move. For those who do not like to risk, there are always a lot of qualified specialists who have received special training and can solve the problem as competently as possible.

Preventing this situation

The text "An error has occurred in the launcher application" can be a great scare for the gadget user. To avoid such an incident, watch the number of icons on the desktop. Try not to load the desktop all at once. Monitor all new settings. Watch the order even on this desktop.

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