If the file is not deleted ...

The computer system is a capricious lady. Very often there are various errors and failures, because of which the file or program is not deleted. However, system Failures are not the only cause of this problem, and uninstalled files can be found not only on the hard disk or in the recycle bin, but also on the flash drive. Let us consider all these cases in more detail.

The most often undelete files are involved in any processes. If a certain program "works" with the object, you can not "remove" it. Such a program can be, for example, a torrent client. If the downloaded torrent is underdeveloped, then the corresponding video will not be deleted. You can not delete an object running in the media player. Similarly, the file opened in Word is not deleted. You can remove such objects by closing the programs running with them.

But here all possible applications are closed, and the file is still not deleted. This means that the processes associated with this object have stored the system's system memory. Although the application is closed, RAM considers it running. There are two ways out of this problem. First, you can use such a useful application as Task Manager. It exists in Windows of any version and is called by simultaneous pressing of the keys "Ctrl", "Alt" and "Delete". All running processes are reflected on the corresponding tab, and the button at the bottom of the window will help complete them. If the Task Manager is a bit too complicated for you, try simply rebooting the system.

Sometimes the file is not deleted because of an incorrect name. This happens rarely enough. Typically, the system "warns" when the user enters incorrect characters. The wrong name appears when the system fails or when the archive is unpacked. Here the only way out is to try to rename the file. If it succeeds, the object will be deleted without problems.

What can I do if all the methods are tried, and the object disappeared and has not disappeared? In the case where the file is not deleted, and no method helps, you should go into safe mode. To do this, restart the computer, and during the restart, press F8. The button should be pressed until the Microsoft logo appears on the monitor. As a result, a menu appears in which you need to select a safe mode, and then press "Enter". When the download is finished, you can get rid of an unnecessary object. All of the above The methods are suitable if the files from the recycle bin are not deleted. Just restore the object - and start.

There are especially difficult cases, when all the tricks are used, and the file continues to callose eyes. Special utilities will help you here. There are programs, such as Unlocker, which "specialize" on undelete files. Especially convenient is Unlocker - after installation it is available from the context menu. Sometimes the removal is hampered by viruses, so before taking extreme measures, scan the system with a special tool.

Viruses are to blame and in the case when files from the USB flash drive are not deleted. If an unknown object appeared on the USB (most often - a folder), it means that the drive is infected. Getting rid of the virus is very difficult. Here again Unlocker is useful, but if it does not help, the flash drive will have to be formatted. Tools for this are built into Windows and are available in the Properties window.

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