How can I clean my computer of unnecessary files myself?

Let's talk about how to clean your computer of unnecessary files. You can believe me that sooner or later everyone will be puzzled. People who have experience with computers know that after a period of time the machine is functioning, chaos arises on it. In this case, you need to clean the computer of unnecessary data.

Many files are on the PC in several copies. This "garbage" not only takes up an expensive place of your disk space, but also can affect the performance of your computer or laptop. This is especially noticeable when the antivirus performs a system scan for the presence of viruses, as well as defragmentation. As you can see, cleaning the computer from unnecessary files is simply necessary.

Among users, the method of liquidating virtual junk using various third-party software is popular. But here you need to understand something for yourself. No matter how good this or that utility, it is not able to determine how important a file is to you. Therefore, valuable information can be deleted from the hard disk. If you do not want to then look for a way to recover deleted files, it's best to fully understand and study the contents of the hard drive yourself.

So, how do you clean up your computer of unnecessary files and still keep important information? First of all, do something like the plan. Sort all files into folders. For example, create a directory and name it "Entertainment". Go into it and there already create the following, let it be "Films" and "Sound Records". Now gather all your video files and audio tracks on your computer and move them to the right directories, so that more data of this type is not found anywhere. The same should be done with photos, games, working documentation and so on.

Done? Excellent. If still not sorted, do it, do not ignore my recommendation, it's very important. Now I'm talking directly about how to clean the computer of unnecessary files. We determine for ourselves the required amount of work. After you have sorted all the data from one folder into the corresponding directories, delete the directory. When in this process you discover a new important file type, create the appropriate folders for them. In the event that you will have only a couple of files of a certain type, it will suffice to restrict to the directory, for example, "Junk". Keep them there and just remember it.

This method is the most optimal and proven for years. As soon as you finish, I advise you not to stop. Start the disk defragmentation process . This will greatly speed up the computer. It will be great if in each section you will have no more than five folders.

In order not to deal with such global sorting in the future, if you save new files to disk, send them to the appropriate directories. Now you know how to clean your computer of unnecessary files. I wish good luck to you in this difficult procedure.

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