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"Inkheart": actors, about the film, differences from the book

The exciting film "Inkheart" on the book of the same name by the German writer Cornelia Funke after the viewing remains in the heart forever. This beautiful touching story with a very deep meaning is mandatory for viewing to everyone. What is this movie about?

About the film

The film "Inkheart", the actors of which are entirely stars of foreign cinema, was released in late 2008. Russian-speaking viewers could see this movie in high-quality voice acting only in 2009.

The protagonist has a very unusual profession for our days: he is the book doctor Mortimer. His talent is aimed at qualitatively gluing wounded books. Mortimer has a little daughter, Maggie, she is 12 years old, but she has loved books since birth as much as her father. They have one feature when they read aloud - the characters from the pages go out into the real world, that is, come to life. And like nothing terrible there is that heroes of fairy tales and epic can travel in the real world. But there is one "but" - in place of this hero must get a real man. Here is such an exchange.

One day, Mortimer enlivens a group of robbers from the book The Ink of the Heart, and their wife Reza is in their place. And disappears in the book without a trace.

A lot of terrible and dangerous adventures await the heroes to save Reza in the movie "Inkheart". The film, whose actors were afraid to read the script, is definitely imbued with mysticism and magic. Hence it is called the best family adventure film.

Brendan James Fraser

Brendan Fraser did not accidentally get into the film "Inkheart". Actors who tried to take his place, left with nothing, because this is exactly "his role". His mysterious face, mysterious appearance and acting talent fit perfectly into this film.

Let's talk a little about the actor who played the main role - Mortimer. Acting in films Brendan began in 1991. In the beginning he did not get on very well in his career. He was given small roles in comedy films. The first fame was brought to him by the film "George of the Jungle", which became the best parody of Tarzan. After that, he was invited to the role of Richard in the movie "The Mummy". Then he proved that he knows how to play dramatic roles, playing in the movie "Gods and Monsters." In total, there are 52 films in his career.

Eliza Hope Bennett

Little Eliza dreamed of getting into the film "Inkheart". Actors, filmed with her, say that it is better than she, it is unlikely that someone would be able to play the role of Maggie. And all because it was the girl's favorite book.

Bennett began to play in plays from an early age. First in the local school, and then already in the theater. Her first role was in the movie "The Prince and I." In this masterpiece she played Princess Arabella. After it you can see in the TV series "Supernova". And in 2005 she became famous for her role in the film "My awful nanny."

Now the actress has already starred in 23 films and attends the Academy of Theater Arts. In 2007, the actress was nominated together with other colleagues for the "Best Youth Ensemble in the Feature Film" award.

Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren played the role of Elinor Loredan (aunts) in the film "Inkheart". The actors were matched unmatched, and Helen is proof of this. This talented actress, who played a lot of diverse roles, in this movie, though it received an episodic, but very memorable role.

Helen was recognized as a "sex symbol for the intellectual," because her first film roles were in classic films, where she appeared nude. Mir became acquainted with Mirren by roles in the films "Caligula", "Cook, Thief, His Wife and Her Lover", "Space Odyssey 2010" and others. Helen played the role of Queen Elizabeth I, and soon Queen Elizabeth II. For the last received "Oscar" and the prize of the Venetian Film Festival. In her life there were still a lot of awards for 118 roles in films and serials and for a huge number of roles in the theater.

In addition, Helen works with Peter Brook, they travel to third world countries and speak to the natives and fruit pickers.

As you can see, in the film "Inkheart", the actors and roles they played fit together perfectly. And many fans of the book series Funke did not even imagine that you can play so accurately this character.

Differences between film and book

The film is always a bit different from the book, and if you want to compare it with the movie, before you look, then read these little facts. Be careful, there are spoilers here:

  • In the book, Sazherek came to Mo's house, and in the film their meeting was in the city where Mo was looking for a book.
  • In the film Mortimer searches in all bookstores "The Ink of the Heart", and in the print edition the book was already in Mo.
  • In the film, Maggie and her father hear book voices, this book does not.
  • Sazeruk arranges a performance for a little Maggie, but he was not shown in the film.
  • Sazeruk in the film creates fire independently, but in the book he only controls it.
  • The monsters, which Darius unexpectedly "reads" in the film, do not exist in the book.
  • In the film, the whole family is rescued from the hurricane from the "Wizard of Oz", but this was not in the book.
  • Maggie in the movie learned about abilities much earlier.

A unique and interesting picture that will not leave anyone indifferent, and this is all - the movie "Ink of the Heart". The film, actors and roles, the sequel in the book version - all this is so wonderful and professional that I do not want to part with it.

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