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Who wrote the Nutcracker? The author of the fairy tale The Nutcracker and the Mouse King and the story of its creation

Hoffmann is a famous storyteller, whose name is familiar to both children and adults. Everyone remembers who wrote the Nutcracker. Many understand that Hoffmann was not just a writer, but a real wizard. Well, can an ordinary person create such wonderful stories from emptiness?

Birth of a writer

It is commonly believed that wizards come into the world where they themselves so desire. Ernst Theodore Wilhelm (as his name sounded at the beginning of his life) was born in a beautiful city called Koenigsberg. On that day the church celebrated St. John Chrysostom. The father of the future writer was a lawyer.

Hobbies of young Hoffmann

From a small age Ernst fell in love with music, it was his outlet. Later, he even changed his name, and from Wilhelm turned into Amadeus (that's the name Mozart). The boy played organ, violin, piano, wrote poetry, was fond of painting and vocal. When he grew up, his parents left him no choice, and the boy had to continue the family tradition - to become an official.

Study and work

Ernst obeyed his father, graduated from the university and worked for a long time in various judicial departments. He could not settle down anywhere: he traveled endlessly through Polish and Prussian cities, sneezed in dusty document stores, dozed at court hearings, and portrayed cartoons on his colleagues in the margins of important papers. At that time, he could not even dream of becoming famous one day, and everyone would know who wrote the Nutcracker.

Berlin and Bamberg

Repeatedly hapless lawyer tried to quit his job, but to no avail. Once he went to the capital of Germany to study painting and music there, but he did not earn a penny there. Then he went to a small town called Bamberg, where he worked as a conductor, composer, decorator, theatrical director, wrote essays and reviews for the newspaper about music, engaged in tutoring and even sold pianos and notes. However, the author of the Nutcracker fairy tale never received any big money or fame.

Dresden and Leipzig, the creation of the "Golden Pot"

One day Hoffmann realized that he could no longer stay in Bamberg, and went to Dresden, where he soon followed in Leipzig, almost died from a bomb explosion during one of the final Napoleonic battles, and then ...

Perhaps it could be called favors of fate or the help of John Chrysostom, but one day Ernst took a pen, put it in ink and ... Suddenly, there was a ring of crystal bells, the emerald snakes stirred on the tree and the work "The Golden Pot" was created. It was in 1814.

"Fantasies in the Kallo manner"

Hofmann finally realized that his destiny lies in literature, before him opened the gates of an amazing and magical country. However, it is worth noting that he used to write, for example, in 1809 the "Cavalier Gluck" was created. Soon the whole notebooks were covered with magic fairy tales, and then they were included in the book "Fantasies in the Kallo manner". Many liked the works, and Hoffmann immediately gained fame. And now, if you ask a modern child who wrote the Nutcracker, he will probably answer correctly.

The Great Mystery

Hoffmann said that he, like a child born on Sunday, notices what ordinary people do not see. The stories and tales of the author could be funny and frightening, kind and terrible, but the mystical in them appeared unexpectedly, from the simplest things, sometimes as if from the air. This was the great secret that the writer comprehended first. Gradually Hoffmann became more and more famous, but he did not add money to it. Therefore, the storyteller again had to become an adviser to justice, this time in the capital of Germany.

Creation of famous works

This city the author of The Nutcracker called the human wilderness, he was very uncomfortable here. However, it was in Berlin that almost all of his most famous works were created. These are The Nutcracker and the Mouse King, Night Stories (from them breathtaking), Little Tsaches, The Life Views of the Cat of Murra, Princess Brambilla and others. Over time, Hoffman had friends with the same rich inner world and developed imagination, as he did himself. They often had serious and funny conversations about psychology, about art and about many other things. And it was on the basis of these talks that four volumes of the "Serapion Brothers" were created. Opening any of these books, you can find out who wrote the "Nutcracker" included in one of them. The author's name is indicated on the first page.

Tragic event, the creation of the "Lord of the fleas"

Hoffman had many new ideas and ideas, the service did not take much time, and everything would turn out well, if not for one tragic incident. The writer once witnessed how an innocent man was wanted to be imprisoned, and he interceded for this man. But the police director named von Kampts this act was enraged. Moreover, the brave author of The Nutcracker portrayed this unjust man in the work The Lord of the Fleas, which was written in 1822. He gave him the name of Knarrpanti and described how he first detained people, and then hung on them the appropriate offenses. Von Kampts was just furious and asked the king to destroy the manuscript of this story. So the court case was initiated, and only the help of friends and a serious ailment helped the writer avoid unpleasant consequences.

End of the road

Hoffman lost the ability to move, but he fully believed in recovery. At the end of life, the story "The Angle Window" was created - the last gift to the admirers of the writer. But the overwhelming majority of people remember him thanks to the famous Christmas fairy tale that won many hearts. By the way, about who the author of "The Nutcracker", many children learn at school.

The most famous work

Separately, it should be said about the work "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King", included in the book "Serapion Brothers". This tale is best read at Christmas, because the action takes place at this time. The creation of this masterpiece of Hoffmann was inspired by the children of his friend Julius Hitzig, whom he met in the Polish capital. Their names and some personal qualities, the German writer awarded the characters of his work. When the fairy tale was ready, the children were read by the author himself. "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King" is a great work, as they thought.

Marie Hitzig, who in the fairy tale bears the surname Stahlbaum, unfortunately, died early. And her brother named Fritz, who gave commands to the tin soldiers in the Nutcracker, was trained as an architect and became director of the Academy of Arts, located in the German capital.

We are only puppets ...

Have you ever wondered why the main hero of the work was a toy? Just a writer, some time into the theater, were close puppets and dolls. His friend told me that Hoffmann had a whole cupboard stuffed with toys. The writer believed that people are just puppets, and Fate itself is pulling at the strings, which is not always favorable to us. He often repeated that everything would be as it pleased the gods.

So you remembered who wrote the Nutcracker tale, which you probably read to your parents.

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