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Cowberry mors - recipe

How to cook lingonberry mors to preserve its beneficial properties, it is advisable to know everything. Then this drink will bring not only pleasant taste sensations, but also will have a beneficial effect on the body. There are three most correct cooking options, in which all valuable ingredients will remain unchanged.

Cowberry preparation

Fresh berries from the leaves and antennae, remove the spoiled berries (this is dry, differing in color - white or black). Put in a colander under the tap and rinse with a jet of cold water. Frozen berries should also be rinsed and rinsed. She needs to thaw a little.

The first way

We offer cowberry mors, the recipe of which consists in cooking. Prepared berries crush meat grinder or juicer. In the first case, squeeze the juice yourself.

Squeeze the juice in the refrigerator. Pour the oil cake at the rate of: 1 glass of cake for 1.5-2 liters of water. Add 200-250 g of sugar and put on a stove. Boil, after 5-7 minutes remove from the plate and put cool.

Cool the stew with a fine sieve or 4-6 layers of gauze. Add the cooled juice, mix, after which you can drink.

The second way

In some cases, cranberry mors is recommended to be consumed hot. For example, in the treatment of colds, angina. In this case, pay attention to that cowberry mors, the recipe of which does not presuppose a prolonged boiling.

Take berries, knead and separate the juice from the cake. Pre-boil the water and allow it to cool to 90-95 degrees. Mix the cake with sugar, if desired, sweeten with honey, then pour the prepared water. Stir thoroughly until the sugar completely dissolves, and strain.

Add the concentrated juice to the resulting juice. Drink should be hot and freshly prepared, as re-heating the fruit juice worsens its taste and, most importantly, negatively affects the vitamin-mineral composition.

For a variety of taste in such a drink, you can put a sheet of fresh mint or a slice of lemon.

The third way

Most useful is cowberry mors, the recipe for cooking completely excludes heating. It is obtained by soaking lingonberries. This method is also economical, since it is possible to prepare such a mors many times from the same cowberry.

Place in a three-liter jar 2-3 cups of dried and washed cowberries. Add one glass of sugar, if desired - 2-3 tablespoons. Honey. Pour over to the top with boiled cold water and cover with a lid. Remove into the cellar or any other cool dark place. After 2 weeks, get it, drain the infusion. It is already ready for use, you need to store it in the refrigerator.

Add sugar, honey and water to the can of cranberries. After 1.5-2 weeks you will receive another portion of cranberry mors. Thus, you can change the water from 5 to 10 times, depending on how much of the cowberries you take.

The quality of the resulting Morse is judged on the basis of color. Each time it will be more light and transparent. While the water is colored, the mors contains nutrients.

After the cowberry has completely given up its color and taste, it is thrown away or twisted with sugar to make the filling into baked goods.

Good to know

As a rule, fruits and berries of red color can give an allergic reaction, however, despite the red color, cowberry is not an allergen. It can be eaten even by small children, including infants, as well as breastfeeding and pregnant women, but without additional additives such as honey or mint.

Cowberry mors, the recipe of which you choose, will definitely have to your liking and will be useful for health. When making a choice, rely on the goals for which the Morse will be prepared.

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