"Mysfor" (Lazurnoe, Ukraine) - description of the boarding house, services and reviews of tourists

The boarding house "Mysfor" (Azure) is located in the Kherson region of Ukraine. It is located directly on the beach, directly near the beach. This base of recreation fell in love with families with children. There is parking for cars, internet, other services needed by modern holidaymakers. You can order food, including a children's menu. Tourists leave good reviews about this boarding house. Here people come to rest not only from Ukraine, but also from the near abroad countries - Moldova, Belarus, Russia.

Azure, holidays

Misfora is located in the village, which deservedly received its name for the amazing color of sea water. There are many offers for sea holidays. There are boarding houses and recreation centers, which have been functioning since Soviet times. But a huge part was built in recent years. Quite competitive are their mini-hotels and the private sector. The number of resort housing is increasing, because more and more tourists are coming here.

The village is located one hundred kilometers from Kherson at the base of the protected spit Jarylgach. The air here is healing, especially for children, heals asthma and other respiratory diseases. The eastern beaches of the village are interesting because you can swim here both on the high seas and in the Dzharylgachsky Bay. It happens that the jellyfish come here, and after the storms many algae float in the water. But it pays off a wonderful climate, warm sea amazing landscapes. The Dzharylgachsky spit is separated from Azure by a small strait, which at a low water level can even be waded.

Territory and services

The boarding house "Mysfor" (Azure) is a few two-three-story buildings and cottages. The area is very stylish, green, with lots of lawns and flower beds. Everything is very well-groomed, harmoniously fits into the aesthetic concept of the base, including a pool of the original form with a fountain in the middle. At the boarding house there is a guarded parking lot. You can play billiards and tennis. There is a trampoline for children, a playground, an artificial lake. There is a SPA center with a sauna and a massage room. A policeman is constantly on duty on the territory. In the evening, live music is played.

Azure (Misfora boarding house) is a good starting point for various short and long walks. Therefore, vacationers often book excursions here. Among the most popular are a trip to a healing spring and a geyser, a walk to the island of Dzharylgach and a trip to the famous reserve Askania Nova.


The recreation center "Mysfor" (Azure) settles in the rest rooms in rooms with amenities. They are designed for two or three guests, as well as for companies or families of four. All rooms have cozy balconies, toilet and shower, TVs with satellite channels, refrigerators, electric kettles, safes. The rooms are partially upholstered in wood, good, good furniture, comfortable beds. The rooms are air-conditioned.

Premises for four people - two-room. This is either the "Lux" or the cottages with a separate exit to the garden. The rooms are very clean, have everything you need. Excellent cleaning, nowhere there is dust. Clean and pleasantly smelling bedding. The rooms have good sound insulation, very quiet, no noise from the street. The sea can be seen directly from the windows of most rooms. Tourists write that they very much loved to drink on the balconies in the mornings of coffee, and in the evenings late to sit with a glass of wine, breathing a breeze.

Can I book accommodation with food?

Holidaymakers in the village of Lazurnoe (boarding house "Misfora") can order meals at their discretion, including only breakfast, half board or three meals a day. By the way, the morning meal is included in the price of rooms of any category. Cafe-bar "Neptune" and barbecue work directly on the beach. Meat on the grill is fried in the evenings. Everywhere he catches wi-fi. The kitchen is delicious, prepared at home. The cafe has an open veranda on the terrace and gazebos in the shade.

Prices are very democratic, especially if you consider that "Neptune" is right on the beach. Cheaper you can eat in the market, in the center of "Lazurny", in the cafe "Steklyashka". For fans of exclusive food recommend the institution "Shambhala." They prepare sushi and meat well in Milan.

Sea and beach

The coast near the boarding house "Mysfor" (Azure) - just great. This is a wide beach a hundred meters long with white fine sand. There are many places in the shade - umbrellas, canopies. The beach is equipped. You can rent beds, sun loungers and mattresses. Many water entertainments - "bananas", "buns", scooters, catamarans, electric boats. Nearby - stop boats that carry on sea walks. There is a water slide for children. The beach is cleaned, so that lovers of early bathing note that since the morning there is already full order. Very beautiful sunsets, to contemplate which tourists remain specially. To the shore, dolphins often come.

And on the territory of the recreation center there is a beautiful clean pool where you can also sunbathe on comfortable beds. The water there is artesian, there is a silver filter for cleaning it. Part of the artificial pond is shallow, and half is deep. The pool can be considered as an excellent alternative to the sea if waves rise or jellyfish come.

"Mysfor" (Azure): reviews of tourists

Tourists very much praise this boarding house. Those who come here not for the first time, they say that every year it is getting better. Beautiful and well-groomed territory, lined with paths with colored tiles. Good and inexpensive food, especially borsch and solyanka. Friendly staff, smiling maids-girls. Meet very friendly, escorted to the place and show the number. All the details are thought out, the staff are polite, sincere and friendly. Parents with children who come to rest in Azure, the base of "Mysfor" extremely like. They believe that there is everything necessary to calmly and without fuss spend a vacation.

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