Petrov Val, Volgograd region - acquaintance with the city

Petrov Val is a small town of Kamyshinsky district, the capital of a municipal formation - an urban settlement. The city is located on the left bank of the river. Ilovli in the Volgograd region, at a distance of 185 km to the north-east of the regional center. This settlement is a small town with a population of about 13 thousand people. Area - only 29 square meters. Km. The climate is temperate-continental with dry summers and frosty winters.


The history of the city begins during the Great Patriotic War. Initially, the village was built specifically to provide provisions for troops participating in the Battle of Stalingrad. The town was named after the water bridge Petrov Val. He was nearby. The shipping channel, which was to connect the Volga and the Don, was ordered to build another Peter I. However, after the Russian Empire started a war with Turkey and the Crimea, this idea had to be postponed. And after the start of the Northern War with Sweden, it was abandoned at all, in view of the termination of funding. Now the city of Petrov Val has only pits and ravines, reminiscent of the construction that has begun. Already in these days the canal was given the status of a historical monument. And in the city they installed a stele. Until the fifties, all residential buildings of the town were located in sheltered dugouts. And only in the middle of the twentieth century the first brick structures and houses appeared.


During the war the railway station Petrov Val was built, and in 1947 - the locomotive depot. The city is a junction. It connects such settlements as Kamyshin and Balashov.

The city received the status of the city only in 1988. In 2005, according to the referendum, it was decided to create a municipal formation, which includes, in addition to the city, the village of Avilovsky. The entire economy is currently firmly held at the work of the railway station and servicing the locomotive depot.

What is in the city?

Here are a few large streets: Pioneers Avenue, st. Krupskaya and Leninskaya. Most of the houses are private, but there are several high-rise buildings. Not far from the city is located the military town of Lebyazhye, on the territory of which the eponymous aerodrome is built.


In the tourist plan Petrov Val will not surprise with sights. Of the natural - only the remnants of the canal, the neighborhood near the river Ilovli. And from the architectural - the building of the House of Culture and the railway station.

In 6 km to the east of the city there is an interesting landscape site - Kamyshinsky ears. It is a flattened boulder about 50 m high, located a short distance from each other. In the middle of the stones there is a hill, which people call the "forehead". This is a nature protection area of regional importance since 2011. At this point, rock formations come to the surface, creating a unique terrain. The rocks are tertiary deposits of the Volga Upland.

On the territory of the landscape nature monument in the city of Petrov Val, Volgograd region, there are representatives of the flora, some species of ferns and gymnosperms, which are listed in the Red Book. One of the species - Kamyshin magnolia - endemic. Previously, it grew only in this area, but scientists managed to find only fossils. The flower itself has long ceased to exist.

Although the attractions here are quite small, several thousand travelers come here every year. And there are both people from Russia, and residents of neighboring countries. Petrov Val Volgograd region is really a very beautiful and interesting city, do not forget about it! If possible, it is best to go and see for yourself personally.

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