Hotel "Crimean Breeze" (Crimean Peninsula, Parkovaya, Yalta): description, residence and reviews

Today, after many years of historical reunification of the peninsula of Crimea and Russia, rest in this direction began to gain popularity. Among the places that are the most preferred among tourists, there is the Crimean Breeze - the Crimean hotel of the highest class. If you decide to spend a vacation on the peninsula, it is worth to learn more about the structure of the hotel, which is a whole complex, the services offered and the impressions that she left with the holidaymakers.

general description

Hotel "Crimean Breeze" is located on the peninsula of Crimea, in the urban district of Yalta, the village of Parkovoye. This village is also known as Zhukovka. In order to get here, you need to get to Simferopol or Sevastopol on the preferred form of transport. Further on a fixed-route or private taxi it is possible to reach the settlement of Parkovoye. The hotel "Crimean Breeze" provides for its guests a transfer, with payment of which the road to the hotel complex will be much more convenient.

The secret of the popularity of this place lies in the combination of such factors as sophistication, top service, a wide range of services and a unique natural climate. The park in which the hotel building is located is a real tourist attraction of the village. Exotic plants and unusual statues that are located throughout the territory, give this resort area a unique charm. The combination of pine needles and eucalyptus makes the air in the territory of the hotel complex really unique in its curative properties. However, the real gem of this place is the embankment, which has no equal throughout the southern coast of the Crimea. A fascinating view of the mountains and the sea surface does not leave indifferent any witness of this beauty. The combination of the noise of waves and sounds of the forest is a truly unique natural phenomenon, which is worth hearing at least once in life.

Hotel "Crimean Breeze" - Crimean hotel complex, which meets the highest standards. On its territory there are 8 separate villas, sports grounds and a recreational complex with rooms for accommodation. The restaurant, located directly on the waterfront, will please its guests with the real delicacies of different countries. Dinner at the restaurant overlooking the evening sea, unhurried noise of waves and rustle of trees in the forest will make an indelible impression on every tourist.


Hotel "Crimean Breeze" is located in close proximity to the southern border of Crimea. Its natural relief reliably protects the territory of the residence from the winds from the west and the east. As for the northern direction, the hotel complex is protected by rocks that have been here for centuries. They often do not allow rain clouds to enter the territory of the hotel even in the most cloudy days. Thanks to this successful location, the residence "Crimean Breeze" (Parkovaya) is a place with a record number of sunny days per year. At the same time there is also no heavy heat, which is softened by the pond. Such natural features make this hotel complex an ideal place for a beach holiday. Going here, you can be sure of the minimum risk of deterioration of weather conditions and the full enjoyment of the medicinal properties of sea water.

Residence "Crimean Breeze": accommodation and services provided

This holiday destination is characterized by an unusual way of accommodating guests. On the territory of the hotel there are 8 villas, which stand separately from each other. Each of them has its own name: "Seagull", "Swallow", "Masha", "Corals", "Janochka", "Nadia", "Verochka", "Anyuta". In addition, you can stay in the recreation center "Derevnya", where you can find 3 central apartments with open terraces.

The interior of the rooms in each villa is made in a unique style that meets international standards. In the finish, natural materials were used.

Each room of the villa has its own plasma TV, telephone, air conditioning, mini-bar and even a safe. The bathrooms have a hairdryer, a mini set of luxury cosmetics, as well as slippers and a bathrobe for each person. Holidaymakers in the hotel "Crimean Breeze" (Yalta) can enjoy free internet throughout the residence.

For tourists who prefer privacy, as well as vacationers with a family or a large company, the perfect choice will be the villas "Masha" and "Seagull". They are located in the distance from other buildings, thus guaranteeing the privacy of your stay at the hotel "Crimean Breeze" (Yalta, Crimea). Despite privacy, staying in these villas, you can use all the services provided for guests in the residence: swimming pools with sea water, dining rooms, fireplace rooms, open terraces.

The categories of rooms for guests are diverse, ranging from luxury suites to the standard standard room. At the same time the price range of stay depends on the method of accommodation, which allows any category of tourists to relax in this luxurious hotel.

Describing the sanatorium "Crimean Breeze" (Yalta), special attention should be paid to the recreational center located in the center of the residence. Luxury apartments, consisting of three rooms, will satisfy the needs of the most demanding tourist. There are two swimming pools for guests: open-air with seawater and indoor heated. Here the wishes of each holidaymaker are taken into account. You can undergo cosmetic procedures at the highest class in the center of beauty and health or go in for sports in the fitness center, on tennis courts or sports grounds. In addition, the residence "Crimean Breeze" provides for its guests the opportunity to relax and relieve fatigue in the local sauna or hammam. The combination of such procedures with bathing in the purest seawater and curative air of the Crimea guarantees a significant improvement in overall well-being.

Restaurant and cafe on the territory of the recreational center will please its visitors with delicious food and a variety of dishes. It is noteworthy that a separate children's menu has been developed for young tourists. For younger guests, the hotel administration provided other entertainment. Especially for this category of holidaymakers on the territory of the recreational center there is a children's pool and "Lego Club". They can also play in the entertainment club "Children's House", where there is a specially adapted for children playground. Also for the kids, the animators work daily, the "Multiklub" game room is open, where the teachers will do everything to ensure that the children are not bored.

Thus, the residence "Crimean Breeze" (Yalta) is a great place for any kind of recreation: romantic, active, family. This is a rare place where parents with young children can come, without fear that the child will be bored or will not like it here.

Hotel Features

As noted by tourists, in this hotel they are paying attention to all categories of tourists. So, the hotel "Crimean Breeze" (Yalta) provides for its guests hypoallergenic rooms, a ban on smoking in the residence, with the exception of specially designated places, amenities for disabled guests, delivery of the press, provision of nanny services for the period of absence of parents and Other not less significant conveniences. The hotel staff speaks five main languages, Russian, Ukrainian, English, French and Italian. Thanks to this, tourists from other countries do not feel the language barrier during the rest in the residence. Thus, we can say that the Crimean Breeze is a Crimean hotel, corresponding to the category 5 *.

Hotel beach

Guests of the residence can perfectly relax on the first line of the beach, the distance to which is only 50 m. It is the property of the hotel "Crimean Breeze" (Crimea), which guarantees the absence of a large crowd of people. On the territory rest only hotel tourists, unauthorized entry to the border of the beach is prohibited. The beach consists of small pebbles, which does not cause inconvenience in the absence of shoes. The entrance to the sea is gentle, which allows you to bathe safely even for children. Tourists on the beach are provided with free sun beds and awnings. To their services also hire of hydrocycles and catamarans for fulfillment of fascinating sea excursion. In addition, there is a bar on the beach where you can enjoy refreshing drinks and a variety of cocktails. Also there are separate cabins for secluded rest.

Medical services on vacation

In addition to the wonderful beach holiday, this hotel provides an effective treatment for its guests with a sanatorium type. Such therapy in combination with sea air and bathing significantly improves health. So, the sanatorium "Crimean Breeze" offers for its guests the following types of procedures:

- balneotherapy;

- thalassotherapy;

- Mud treatment;

- climatotherapy;

- aromatherapy;

- Herbal medicine.

This combination of rest with the curative effect makes the hotel complex "Crimean Breeze" an excellent choice for both young people and the elderly.

Business meetings at the Crimean Breeze Hotel

Many people who come to rest at the residence, are engaged in business. It is not always possible to disconnect from work for the entire period of rest. For the solution of urgent business issues the hotel "Crimean Breeze", which takes into account such a need of its guests, is perfectly suitable. The perfect place to hold business meetings will be the villa "Anyuta". This is a universal complex, specially designed to serve groups of business and corporate tourism. It includes five levels, with the first building - a public building, where a restaurant is located, designed for 120 people, a conference room for 120 people, as well as a business center. In the conference hall is the most modern equipment for comfortable business events, there are also booths for simultaneous interpretation. A mobile partition with soundproofing is divided into a conference room and a restaurant. It can, if necessary, remove and merge the two rooms into one, accommodating 250 people. Such services provided by the hotel make the best choice of a place of rest "Crimean Breeze" (hotel). Crimea can be justly proud of this institution.

In addition to business meetings, it is also possible to celebrate family events with a personalized program for the celebration and a menu, which will be developed taking into account all your wishes.

Residence "Crimean Breeze": prices

The cost of staying at the hotel depends on the time of the year and the chosen method of accommodation. The resort distinguishes between low, medium and high seasons.

During the low season (from the end of the first decade of January to the end of April and from the beginning of October to the end of December), the cost of the rooms is from 12 thousand rubles per day. The minimum number of places in the room is 2. The highest price is in the villa "Chaika": 150 thousand rubles for apartments, designed for 8 people.

The average season includes the following periods:

- from 3 to 10 January;

- from the end of April to June 20;

- from the end of August to the beginning of October;

- New Year's holidays: from December 30 to January 8.

At this time, the minimum cost of rooms is 17 thousand rubles per day, the maximum - 250 thousand rubles.

A high season is the period from June 20 to the end of August. During this period, the cost of rooms starts from 25 thousand per day. The maximum cost of apartments in the villa "Chaika" is 300 thousand rubles per day.

Regardless of the season, the price of additional space is 7 thousand rubles per person. Children under 6 years old are accommodated in the hotel free of charge, from 6 to 12 years old, the payment is for an additional place.

This price includes breakfast in the restaurant, unlimited internet access and a parking space in the residence parking lot. Staying in the pools, the aqua zone of the beauty and health center, on the tennis court, sports grounds and the embankment is not limited. Guests also have free access to the fitness center and fitness instructor services.

What impressions did the Crimean Breeze residence leave? The reviews claim that the rest fully corresponds to the spent financial means.

Travel across the territory of the hotel complex

Given the size of the territory of the hotel "Crimean Breeze", it is difficult to get around on foot. The entry of cars into the hotel's territory is prohibited, the parking space is outside its borders. However, the administration of the hotel complex has solved the problem of movement on the territory of the hotel without the use of harmful exhaust gases from cars. To services of visitors electric cars which transport having a rest to destination are given. Thus, the silence of this quiet place is not disturbed by the noise of the engines, and clean air is not contaminated by harmful impurities. "Crimean Breeze" (Crimean peninsula) will provide the highest class of rest, calm, cozy and healthy. If you want to really have a good rest, without leaving Russia, this place will be an ideal choice.

Reviews of tourists

As for the impressions of people who have rested in the residence of the Crimean Breeze, the feedback about the stay is only positive. Tourists note the high level of service and attention of staff to all the little things. Advantages that are especially emphasized by those who vacationed in the Crimean Breeze are the following:

- excellent condition of rooms;

- the well-being of the territory and its cleanliness;

- a good location away from the noise of cities;

- organization and order of work of personnel;

- an excellent morning buffet with a wide variety of products;

- a unique combination of climate, air and nature.

The main disadvantage noted by holidaymakers is the high prices in the restaurant with a more modest menu, while breakfast included in the price does not cause any complaints. Also guests note a small choice of channels on television and a long time waiting for an electric car because of the large number of orders for it. In addition, some consider the lack of remoteness of the hotel complex from the cities, because of which it is impossible to go somewhere without your own transport or taxi. However, many, on the contrary, relate this factor to the merits of the hotel.

The general impression of tourists who rested in the Crimea, in this hotel complex, is a wonderful holiday that justifies its value. Everyone who once visited the Crimean Breeze wants to return there again.

Thus, if you are planning a beach holiday, it is not necessary to travel outside the country. Now that the Crimea has again become part of Russia, when foreign passports and customs control are not needed, this direction is an excellent choice for holidays. The Crimean Breeze Residence offers its guests an excellent holiday on the unique Black Sea coast with a wide range of services and a sanatorium treatment included in the price.

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