Cosmetics Korres: reviews and product description

Cosmetics "Korres" is a Greek brand, which uses only natural ingredients in production. A distinctive feature of all products of this brand is that it contains a high concentration of various plant components and extracts.

Today, "Korres" (cosmetics) has more than two hundred products for the care of the body, skin of the face, hair, which give a high effect. In addition, this company produces medicinal herbal preparations and sunscreen cosmetics.

Cosmetics "Korres": reviews and production technology

The concept of the brand is based on four fundamental principles:

- use only high-performance, natural components;

- the effectiveness of cosmetic products , proved by clinical experiments;

- pleasure in applying any means;

- Optimal price.

In the production of cosmetics, environmentally friendly technologies are used. No drug has synthetic derivatives, mineral oils based on petroleum, propylene glycol allergy-provoking , non-degradable silicones, often used for coloring ammonia.

At the same time, cosmetics "Korres" receives only positive feedback from consumers. And all this is due to the natural emulsions contained in it, herbal extracts, vegetable oils, vitamins without surfactants and waxes.

Moisturizing cream «Korres»: reviews

Women who use this drug, note the rich soft texture of the moisturizer. Cream with a wild rose 24 hours has a subtle unforgettable aroma of flowers. It provides the skin with intensive hydration during the day, and this fact confirms clinical trials. In addition, the cream increases resistance to ultraviolet light, and thus prevents the occurrence of pigmented spots. It is recommended to apply the product to the previously cleansed skin of the neck and face in the morning and in the evening.

Honey Moisturizing Mask «Korres»: reviews

According to manufacturers and people who used this mask, this product is perfectly suitable for both normal skin and dry. The drug has a structure that does not freeze and does not tighten the skin, while giving pleasure to a comfortable application.

The moisturizing mask included the extract of quince, honey, macamadia oil (walnut), spirulina (blue algae) and avocado seeds.

Thanks to honey, a protective film appears on the skin , which keeps the necessary level of moisture, makes the skin more elastic and deeply nourishes it.

Apply the product on clean and dry skin for ten minutes after application, then it should be washed off with water.

Eye cream «Korres»: reviews

Weak half, applying the remedy, notes that after applying the cream, wrinkles around the eyes become less noticeable. In addition, the structure of the skin is significantly strengthened. The drug has a quick active moisturizing effect. The composition contains extracts of alpine herbs, green tea, plantain, elder, jojoba oil and squalene.

The components of the cream slow the aging of the skin and are the strongest oxidants, they saturate the cells with oxygen, improving the complexion, making the skin softer, retaining moisture, preventing dehydration of the cover.

The drug is used in the morning and evening, applying it to the skin near the eyes, bypassing the eyelid.

Good reviews of this cosmetics are left by people who use multivitamin cream with sugar crystals of the brand "Korres". This remedy with a sweet pleasant aroma and unique texture literally melts after application. The preparation consists of vitamins F, A, C, E, B5, which tonify, moisturize the skin, give it a healthy and radiant appearance. Thanks to the protective properties of vitamin A, you can use the product at any time of the day.

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