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"Bacardi Mojito" - how to cook, drink, enjoy

The culture of drinking alcoholic drinks has more than one millennium. With the development of culinary art, each nation has its own traditions of consuming alcohol. Some liquids with degrees content are taken in a "pure form" - beer, wine. Others, on the contrary, are mixed with additional ingredients, often getting a completely original product. We will talk about such mixtures in our article.

What is a cocktail in general?

In exotic lovers, the name "Bacardi Mojito" evokes a dreamy expression on the face and a knowing smile: "Yes, yes, we drank, of course. It's great! "And we explain to the uninitiated: it's a cocktail, and one of the oldest in the world. The original recipe was invented around the end of the 19th century, in the 60s. Since then, "Bacardi Mojito" has confidently walked through the countries and continents and is obligatory in the assortment of any self-respecting bar, cafe, restaurant, club. By the way, two words about what a cocktail is. It is a mixture of several liquids (from 2 to 5, not more), in which salt, sugar, spices, pieces of fruit or berries, biters are added in small quantities. The composition of the drink can be very different. The obligatory component is ice. Naturally, and bacardi mojito without this ingredient is not complete. Experienced barmen argue that the quality of ice can hopelessly spoil any, even the most noble drink. Therefore, it is best if the coveted cubes are prepared from water that has undergone a weak mineralization. Of course, the usual, but well-cleansed, is also suitable - after all, ice should be free of any flavoring admixtures, smell and absolutely transparent. But back to our "Bacardi Mojito".

Drink celebrities

This is the name of the drink, whose birthplace is the Island of Freedom, Cuba. In the 1920s, when the dry law prevailed in America, the contraband "Bacardi Mojito" made many traders millionaires. He was adored by the great Hemingway, considering it more invigorating and inspiring than coffee. Marlene Dietrich drank a cocktail with inimitable chic, and the fashion was adopted by many ladies of the time. This is not surprising, because the misted glass gives a very special feeling. As poets blossomed, "Bacardi Mojito" classic is a combination of ice and flame, hot passion, the inspiration of love and the flood of taste. When you feel it on the tongue, the imagination draws a green island, a pink-blue sunset sky, the sound of the surf and the golden sun bathed in the ocean. The composition of the cocktail includes, as a rule, white rum Bacardi (40 g), freshly squeezed lime juice (30 g), several leaves of ordinary mint (fresh or dried), a little sugar (1.5-2 teaspoons). Diluted all the soda water. And the ice, of course! This is the traditional "Bacardi Mojito". The composition of the drink, however, may be somewhat different. For example, instead of pure sugar, sugar syrup is poured - about 15-20 g. Cocktail lovers know that since 2010 a line of ready-made, factory production, a product under the same name appeared on sale.

Culinary creativity

If you get a bottle of Bacardi Mojito, how do you drink it to enjoy the fullness and brightness of the taste? Add only 2 components. In a porcelain cup, pour into the gruel sliced half of lime and 5-6 sprigs of mint. Transfer to the shaker, pour 70 g of the drink from the bottle. If you want, you can sweeten a little. Then fill the rest of the container with ice, shake it well, so that all the ingredients mix to homogeneity. Then pour out a glass, in each putting a little ice. Decorate with lime wedges and mint leaves. Citrus-herbal "mashed potatoes" will be needed only for those who want to achieve a more intense and expressive drink. Lovers of soft taste are satisfied with ready-made ones and can limit themselves to mint and lime for decoration.

Cocktail fancies

Well, finally, if you decide to start from scratch and do everything yourself, buy a bottle of light rum "Bacardi" (a variety of "Superior" or "Map of Blanca"). In the shaker pour 2 tablespoons. Separately carefully squeeze a half of lime and also send it to the shaker. Then a teaspoon of grenadine, a little mint, mineral soda and ice. Stir, strain, pour out on cocktail glasses. Put them in ice pieces. Decorate and serve. Have a good mood with mojito!

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