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For a long time, the proud and self-sufficient Paris is considered to be the capital and fashion legislator. And after all call it so not without reason. It is in this unique and romantic place that the most popular fashion houses, designer boutiques and workshops are assembled. Running through the cozy and picturesque streets of the city, you can find a lot of interesting and even exclusive things. That's only to buy them most profitable in the period of discounts and holiday promotions. If you did not manage to find a week of sales, do not despair. Welcome to the hospitable outlet in Paris. What it is? How to get to them? And is it profitable to buy in them?

What are the Parisian outlet?

No shopping in Paris can not do without visiting the branded French outlets. Every fan of fashionable shopping and designer things knows that this is a kind of village or a small trading city with a huge number of branded boutiques. As a rule, these places are located a little farther from the city limits. There are practically no residential buildings, but there is parking and many places where you can sit well and have a snack at your leisure.

Brief historical information on the origin

One of the first such small towns, designed exclusively for knowledgeable visitors in the fashion of tourists, first opened in the not so distant 1995. At that time, this Parisian outlet had just a couple of small boutiques with beautiful and bright signs. Today, the number of such places and the number of firm stores in them has long exceeded a dozen.

What is the difference from ordinary stores?

Unlike regular stores, outlets in Paris are a real paradise for fans of fashion and brand clothes, shoes, accessories. All year round there are discounts ranging from 30 to 80%. At the same time during the holiday, they also decrease by at least 5-10 points. That's why tourists come here, regardless of the season and days of sales.

But do not confuse outlets with second-hand and stock stores, which often bring all the non-format. On the contrary, in these stores absolutely new branded things are collected. And if you have patience, then among all this abundance you can find interesting models.

How does it work and is there a weekend?

Going to shopping in Paris , you should know some of the nuances of visiting outlets. To begin with, we need to know the schedule of their work. According to stories of shopping fans abroad, most of these complexes work daily and rest only three times a year.

So, stores with designer things, shoes, cosmetics and accessories are closed to visitors only on May 1, during the celebration of Christmas and New Year. The rest of the days, including Saturday and Sunday, outlets (in Paris, these are the most visited stores) are open from 6am to 9pm.

However, if you want to get here on a day off, you should come as soon as possible. This is due to the fact that on Saturdays and Sundays local visitors join the fans of shopping. In addition, the foreseeable owners of stores make the delivery of goods on Friday.

According to visitors, on Saturday there is a huge crowd of people. On Sunday, customers are slightly smaller, but it is also better to come to the opening. Here they are unusual and interesting - outlets. There are a lot of such villages in Paris. In this case, each of them has its own direction. For example, in some tourist towns you can buy only branded cosmetics, and in others - clothes, etc.

Which village is considered the most popular in Paris?

One of the most popular and visited places is La Vallee Village. As eyewitnesses say, in the territory of this tourist town you can find about 90 different shops. All of them are representatives of the most sensational French brands.

Despite the fact that this place is located about 50 km from the city center, it is regularly visited not only by tourists, but also by the Parisians themselves. A huge role in the popularity of the village, as it turned out, is its location. The fact is that this outlet is located near Disneyland. In Paris, as you know, this is One of the biggest amusement parks. As in American Disneyland, there are a lot of children's attractions and huge gigantic dolls dressed in costumes of favorite cartoon characters.

Some features of the village

In this village you should go when you want to buy something, but do not know what to buy. In Paris, this place can be found at the following address: Cours de Garonne / 3, Serris. What is there really to buy?

According to some users who were fortunate enough to visit La Vallee , here are collected quality designer things. True, they are all from the collections of last year. Most often come here the owners of magnificent forms, as it is in these stock shops, they say, users bring the most non-moving sizes. By local standards, this is all clothing, ranging from 48 to 60 sizes. Now you know what to buy in Paris, especially if you wear the aforementioned clothing sizes.

How to get to the village?

The village has its official website - It gives a brief description of the place, there are colorful photos and work schedule. By the way, the doors of La Vallee are open from 10am to 7pm. You can come here by public transport, private car or taxi. Users say that right from the city center to the village there is a bus number 8 and number 19. This should be known when booking tours to Paris from Moscow.

According to buyers, to get to the village really and on a high-speed train. To do this, go to the station Serris-Montevrain. As a guide - Disneyland.

What feedback can you hear about this place?

Reviews about this village can be heard very different, but more positive. So, many Russians give La Vallee an amazing atmosphere. According to them, it is some kind of light, disposable and even spiritual.

Some describe the service shops. From their stories it becomes clear that sellers and shopkeepers in the village are famous for their individual approach. They appreciate every client and try to do everything so that none of the visitors left them without buying. That is why tourists from Russia, choosing thematic shopping tours to Paris, come from Moscow to this village. Here they like the attitude of the staff, a large selection of quality branded things and, of course, discounts.

Nearest outlet

Some tourists do not like to travel far and prefer to make purchases near the city. Therefore, they like another village - called Usines Center Nord, located near the city airport. If you believe the enthusiastic responses of buyers, then it is in this place collected a huge number of branded shops with a large selection of clothes, shoes and accessories. According to preliminary estimates, there are over 500 different French brands and there is where to go for a walk.

During shopping, tourists and buyers can always use the services of a children's room, dine at a restaurant or a cozy cafe. There is also parking, and even a beauty salon. The village operates daily from 10 am to 9 pm. The exception is the weekend. These days the stores open from the very morning and close one hour later.

How to get to and the address of the village

According to buyers, finding this village is not difficult. It is located at: de la Plaine de France 134. By general estimation, the road from the city to this place is only 15-20 minutes. And this is if you go here by car. Usines Center can not be missed and it's very difficult to drive. First, along the way, you will see a large billboard with pointers. And secondly, the village itself has a big and bright sign.

Really get to the place and by high-speed train. In this case, you should go to the station Parc de Exposition Villepinte and change to bus number 640. And only then you will only have to get to the Center commercial stop and take a short stroll.

What can you hear about this place?

Many visitors go straight to this village. Here they like a large selection of shops, as well as the opportunity to leave children under the supervision of adults. In the children's room they are engaged in creativity, can watch cartoons and play. And all this when parents make purchases. Some people like that it is easy to get to this village, and the fact that it is not far away. Service in Usines Center, as in the previous village, is at the highest level.

Outlet on Marok street

Marques Avenue Troyes is another popular destination for tourists from all over the world. It is located in the Paris suburb of Saint-Julien-les-Villas 114. It is said that it is in this village that about 200 different shops are assembled, where over 400 different brands are represented. Unlike the previous places, you can find not only branded clothes and shoes, but also elite perfumed water, cosmetics, as well as interior items, including exclusive furniture.

Moreover, in addition to the shops, where it is possible, by today's standards, to buy a good deal, there is a wine house on the territory of the town. There are free tastings. If you go to this, then really try branded French wine or champagne. Nearby there are restaurants and cafes offering coffee, drinks, takeaway food and sensational Parisian pastries with a fragrant crust.

How to get there and opening hours

Marques Avenue Troyes is open daily from 10am to 7pm. The exception is Sunday. It is on this day that shop owners prefer to rest from communication with customers. Getting to the village is also easy. It is enough to call a taxi or have a private car. Or you can reach the station Gare d'Est (located in a small town called Troyes). And already from there directly to the village goes a bus, which says: "Marques Avenue".

How profitable to visit outlet in Paris: customer reviews

According to most users, visiting outlets is not only interesting, but also very profitable. Among the advantages of these places, many buyers distinguish the following features:

  • Each village has its own website, where you can monitor discounts and promotions.
  • Each of them is easy to get (here goes public transport and a taxi).
  • A large number of diverse stores, so leaving with empty hands is simply unrealistic.
  • All things are new and branded. You can find products even from exclusive or limited collections.
  • Many discounts and reasonable prices.
  • Loyal attitude towards customers.

How to get to shopping in Paris?

You can go shopping in Paris within the framework of a traditional family vacation or by choosing an appropriate thematic tour. Many travel companies, by the way, are offered not to be limited to France, but to visit all nine of the largest outlets in the world. One of them is in London, the other in Barcelona, the third in Munich, and so on.

In a word, when coming to Paris, it's worth to look at at least one of these villages. And as for the route, it can be chosen in travel companies or independently.

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