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Alexander Sviyash: bibliography, rating of books

For people who are looking for information on how to change their lives for the better, and are ready to act for the sake of this, our article. Alexander Sviyash is the author who helps to go through the path of self-improvement. He has every right to recommend these or other techniques, as he tried them on himself, got the result and knows how it works.

Biography of Alexander Sviyash

Learning from the practitioner, not the theoretician, means to go through the paved path with all the pointers, recommendations and explanations. This is the same as going to unfamiliar places with a guide and a detailed map of the area in hand.

Alexander Grigoryevich Sviyash, whose biography is a clear example of how one can qualitatively change his life, created books-"guides" in various spheres of human life.

Alexander Grigoryevich (12.02.1953) was born in a military family, which meant frequent travel, changing of cities, schools, the appearance of new friends and parting with the old. Interest in radio engineering in childhood led to the fact that Alexander Sviyash entered the Automation and Computer Science Department at the Moscow Institute of Transport Engineers.

Working on the Moscow railway, he was able not only to complete his post-graduate course in absentia, but also to obtain the title of candidate of technical sciences, defending a thesis in 1983.

On this interest in technology went into recession and began to search for what actually wants to engage in life Alexander Sviyash. The biography of the writer sharply makes a turn from the technical and teaching career in high school to work as a senior researcher at the Laboratory of Technology. Creativity, which is part of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences.

From 1989 to 1998, the writer works with young people in the framework of his creative co-operative "Center for Children's Invention". In the same period Alexander Grigoryevich Sviyash intensively studies everything that relates to personal growth. He is interested in the change of consciousness, as well as the parapsychological abilities of man. The author comes to the conclusion that it is impossible to change oneself from the outside.

Once again Alexander Sviyash changes his direction in life. The biography of the writer is now connected with writing books and conducting trainings about what actions with consciousness and subconsciousness a person can independently change the quality of his life.

The first book, published in small print at the expense of the author, was a tremendous success, which inspired him to write the following works.

"How to shape the events of your life"

For most people, it remains a mystery why in their lives there are events that they happily avoided. Also beyond their understanding, why does not happen as they would like, and if luck comes into their life, it happens spontaneously.

It was this question that Alexander Sviyash began to study. The list of novice writers' books is headed by a work published in 1998 entitled "How to shape the events of your life with the help of the power of thought".

This book in an accessible form and with a sense of humor inherent in the author gives an explanation of why life "weighs in the face" and how to avoid it.

Perhaps, for the first time in a language accessible to a simple person, the concept of a subtle world, flowing through and around its energies, was revealed and guidance was given on how to contact and interact with them.

What is remarkable, the author does not stand on ceremony with readers, does not promise them gold mountains, but immediately warns that all their problems and failures are their own business. For lazy people and those who think that someone will come and do everything in their lives for the better, this book does not fit. Already in the first chapter, Alexander Sviyash forces readers to take responsibility for themselves, as creators of their own lives and all of its (both pleasant and not so) events.

A step-by-step instruction based on an analysis of actions and thoughts in the past leads readers to consciously monitor what they think and what they really want in life.

The answer to the question "how to be"

With the question "what to do" the reader is relatively familiar, thanks to the Russian classic Chernyshevsky, but Alexander Sviyash, whose bibliography includes 15 works, voiced the question "how to be." Moreover, he gave him an exhaustive answer in his book "How to be, when everything is not as you want," which has helped hundreds of people to change their consciousness and destiny.

Many are accustomed to building their lives with a constant sense of lack of certain values, both spiritual and material. Alexander Sviyash (photos on the covers of books confirm this) is a very positive person, therefore at the very beginning of his book he shares his readers' information with humor and generosity that the world is not only big but also abundant.

The path to a free and harmonious life begins with an understanding of the simple laws of nature that everyone must learn to apply in their lives as naturally as breathing. The most difficult for those who embarked on the path of self-improvement is the first point - the acceptance of the world as it is.

Step-by-step methods of harmonization of living space, proposed by the author in this book, really change the lives of those who apply them in practice.

"Reasonable world"

It's time to show a reasonable person how unreasonable he behaves in a harmonious world around him. Alexander Sviyash managed to do it like no one else.

Most people have a negative perception of reality, therefore, when assessing the world, they most often call life complex, bustling, uninteresting, hard, and many other similar epithets. Naturally, each time "rewarding" your life with such assessments, you can be sure that this is how it becomes.

Alexander Sviyash, the list of all books and trainings of which is devoted to each of the aspects of human activity, in his work "A Reasonable World, or How to Live Without Experiences" concerns life in an informed choice.

This complex topic is uncovered with such simplicity that even a person far from psychology or skeptical can get results.

The main goal of the author was to show the readers all the senselessness of experiences and fears about a future that does not yet exist. The book teaches how to enjoy the present and build the desired future, which is expected with a joyful anticipation of adventure.

"Smile before it's too late"

The book "Smile, before it's too late" is the result of the joint work of two creative, talented people - Alexander and Julia Sviyash.

An interesting proposal - to solve all life's difficulties with a smile and a sense of humor, may seem to people who consider their problems the most global in the world, not serious.

This book is not for them. It is for those who want to live easily, fun and interesting and ready, using the techniques and techniques put forward by the authors, to do it, laughing and playing.

The book is based on the real results of people who have been trained live at the training sessions with Alexander and Yulia. Learning about other people's problems and their solutions, readers understand that their own temporary turmoil is by no means a universal scale, as they previously thought.

The main thing, to which the authors call, - work on yourself, and you will succeed.

Lessons of Destiny

A new book by Alexander Grigorievich "Lessons of fate in questions and answers" became a kind of guidebook for readers who did not understand something from the material of previous books they read or did not receive the results they expected.

At the heart of this author's work are real questions that readers ask in the heading "Club Dispute" of the newspaper "Reasonable World". On them, Alexander gives detailed answers with recommendations on how to achieve a positive result.

Also, the book includes stories about people who have reached qualitative changes in their lives thanks to the author's techniques. Alexander Sviyash (his photo - above) has many followers and disciples. Their life situations are discussed in the book to motivate others to do similar work.

The publication is suitable for those who have already read the work of the author or held his training, and is now in the process of self-improvement.

Correction of health

Another area that Alexander Sviyash could not miss in his books is the reasons for the occurrence of diseases and their correction.

With the inherent sense of humor, the author once again "pokes the reader" into reality, which he himself created. All diseases, both physically and emotionally, and the mental plane, people create with their own hands.

The book does not suit hypochondriacs. The author shares his experience and recipes of harmonious life, which he first tested on himself.

To say that the book is a panacea for problems and diseases, it is impossible, if it is only read. This is a clear guide, telling about how and what to do in order to regain a harmonious life with all the ensuing consequences.

Who is ready to answer unpleasant questions, take responsibility and carry out all the recommendations of the author, he will receive an excellent result, which he can share with other people.

Solving the problem of solitude

The book of Alexander Sviyash "Tips to the married, already rejected and passionately wishing to be rejected" was published in 2011 and added to the list of publications devoted to various spheres of human activity.

7 billion people live on our planet, but loneliness, disappointment in people in general and in love in particular are a real psychological problem for many.

The author considers the reasons for the occurrence of unsuccessful marriages, the wrong choice of the second half and the same mistakes made when you meet or find a partner.

The techniques given in the book help people look at their actions from outside and change mental habits that can do more harm than addiction to smoking or drinking alcohol.

The financial sphere of human life

Another sphere, without which human life will not be harmonious, is success in finance. About what the book "What's stopping you from being rich" tells you. It is this theme, according to Alexander Sviyash himself, that the rating of books on the harmonization of space written by him personally is headed.

As though the adherents of spiritual values did not extol them at the expense of material goods, even they want to eat, drink and live in good conditions.

The author with a delicate humor conducts a tour of wrong beliefs, thoughtless actions, unconscious elections and other things that prevent a person from coming to financial freedom.

The book is built on the principle of self-diagnosis. The author gives examples of settings that interfere with living safely, and the reader must conscientiously and mercilessly get rid of them with the help of the proposed techniques.

A book for those who are ready to work on themselves and act.

Cleaning Karma

Often there are people who quite seriously blame their failures on a little-known lady named Karma. In the book "How to clean your" vessel of karma "" Alexander Grigorevich in an accessible form reveals the relationship between the mental body of a person and the events in his life.

This topic is quite delicate, since for many people the concept of any bodies other than physical is considered delirium and heresy only if they are not Hindus. Here and with one body it is difficult to cope, and still it is necessary to clean some invisible karmic vessel.

Cleaning the mental body is vital, because it accumulates all the emotional "bindings", judgments and representations of a person about the world around him.

The author gives understandable and quite feasible techniques that help to throw off their "burden" to everyone who uses them.

Connecting to the information channel

It is naive to believe that we humans are the only and unique crowns of creation, and apart from us, there is no one in the universe.

In the information age, there is enough evidence to support the existence of subtle worlds and matter. In these worlds there are essences with which any person after a certain practice can come into contact.

The book of Alexander Sviyash "How to receive information from the subtle world" is a guide and guide for travel to subtle worlds. The reader not only gets acquainted with the inhabitants of this world, but also gradually begins to feel their presence in their lives. This is another type of awareness, when a person does not act under the influence of mental or habitual stereotypes, but realizing the consequences of his choice.

Spheres of human life

Alexander Sviyash's books help readers not only to change the quality of their lives, but also to rise to a new spiritual level of consciousness. Starting with the most pressing problems, following all the recommendations of the author, people change not only themselves, but also harmonize the space around.

It is enough to choose which sphere of life is most important at the moment of real time, in order to start its changes, reading the author's books. This is a recipe for those who are ready to act and translated their desires into the category of intentions.

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