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"Super Mike" - actors and features of the film

Today we will talk about the movie "Super Mike". Actors and roles will be given below. It's about Stephen Soderbergh's film. Partially the picture is based on real events. The world premiere of the tape took place in 2012.


First we will discuss the plot of the movie "Super Mike". Actors are named below. The main character is Super Mike. He is an experienced stripper who works at a club called Xquisite. The institution belongs to Dallas. The latter was once a famous stripper. The main character, in addition to work, gives life lessons to a guy named Adam.

Key players

Kid and Brooke are among the main characters in the movie "Super Mike". Actors Alex Pettyfer and Cody Horn performed these roles. Let's talk about them in more detail.

Alexander Richard Pettyfer is an English actor, and also a model. Known for his role in the film "Thunderbolt". For this work he was nominated for the "Empire" and "Young Actor" awards. His roles in the films "I am the fourth" and "Scary beautiful" are also known. Born in Stevenage, in 1990, on April 10th. Son model Lee Irland and Richard Pettyfer.

Cody Horn is a model and an actress. Was born in Los Angeles. Comes from the Cindy Harrell family - the model - and Alan F. Horn, chairman of The Walt Disney Studios. Worked as a model for Ralph Lauren. She studied at New York University and began her career as an actress. Appeared in the series "Office" and "Save me". Became the lead female lead in the movie "Super Mike".

Channing Teitum played Super Mike. It's about an American actor, producer and model. He was born in the small town of Callman, Alabama. Comes from the family of Glenn Teituma - a construction worker - and Kay - an airline employee. It has Indian, French, and also Irish roots. When the future actor was 6 years old, the family went to Mississippi. He grew up in the countryside on the shore of the bay. He was engaged in various sports, including baseball, athletics and American football. He was also fond of martial arts, mainly kung fu. Most of the youthful period spent in Tampa, Florida. Visited Gaither High School. He studied at a private school called Tampa Catholic. There he became a member of the football team.

After graduation, he became the owner of a full sports scholarship to study in West Virginia, in Glenville State College, but refused this opportunity. After returning home, he changed several classes. I managed to work as an assistant in the hospital, a seller in several clothing stores, a mortgage broker, a builder. According to the Us Weekly, he was also a "dancer" in the club under the pseudonym Chen Crawford. I went to Miami. There he noticed an agent of the model company. After listening to the first time starred in a video for the song Ricky Martin called She Bangs. There he appeared in the image of a dancer. Experience in the world of fashion was obtained during the cooperation with such customers as Giorgio Armani. The first fashion show with his participation was held in Miami for a male edition.

Matthew McConaughey embodied the image of Dallas.

Other heroes

Joanna and Ken also appear in the plot of the movie "Super Mike". Actors Olivia Mann and Matt Bomer performed these roles. Joe Manganello embodied the image of Richie. Actors of the movie "Super Mike" Kevin Nash and Adam Rodriguez played Tarzan and Tito. Riley Kio appeared in the story as Nora. M. Monroe played Ken's wife. Betsy Brandt appears in the story as Benker.

Interesting Facts

Further we will result some interesting information about the film "Super Mike". Actors were named above. In 2010, Teitum noted in an interview that he would like to create a film about his own experience in striptease. As a director, he considered the author of the picture "Bronson" - Nicholas Refna. However, Steven Soderbergh took up this work. The project was announced in 2011. Soderberg on the main roles approved Pettyfera and Teituma, so had to adjust the script. The film was shot in two months on the personal money of Soderbergh and Teitum in the city of Tampa.

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