Phuket: fish market, clothing. Night market in Phuket

Phuket is the southern province of Thailand, which is adjacent to Krabi, but is a separate island and has no land borders. It is located near the West coast of Thailand and, in fact, is the largest of its islands. With the mainland connected by three huge bridges, so that guests can easily visit it. For a long time, mining of tin and rubber was conducted here, which allowed to trade with all the surrounding islands. Today, the province receives most of the income from the tourist popularity of the island. But there is something that really amazes the imagination of a tourist who first came to Phuket. The market here does not end, no matter how much it goes. Fish ranks go to vegetable, those - to souvenir shops and so on ad infinitum.

Not a modern trading house, but an interesting place

Indeed, a city dweller is so used to shining supermarkets that he may seem a bit strange to Phuket. The market here is rather chaotic, so you will have to learn to navigate in its depths. People are many, around the variegated trays, there are no fixed prices either, you will have to bargain to get a discount. However, it's worth visiting if you are in Phuket. The market is ambiguous, trays with ready sushi exposed in the heat of 30 degrees, better bypass. But souvenirs can be collected for the whole family. I must say that there are stationary markets, where there is a certain order, and travel, which open several times a week. Each of them is distinguished by its assortment of goods.

Night market in Phuket

This is one of the most popular places for traders and buyers. Actually it works not only at night. He works on the weekends, from 16:00 to 23:00. It is easily accessible from the beaches of Kata, Karon and Patong. The easiest way to get there is on local pickup trucks. And you can buy absolutely everything here, which is why the night market is so popular among the guests of the island of Phuket. The weekend market is not the cheapest, however there is everything that is generally possible to buy on the island, and besides, no one bargained to bargain. The most important thing is to be polite, smile and not buy before the seller pushes the price twice. And if you talk about things, you can safely divide the original price by three.

The night market in Phuket is very large, so stock up to get around it. The quality of clothes is very mediocre, but if you need to buy summer clothes in order to comfortably wear it on vacation, then it is possible to find a suitable option. And what the market is really famous for is a ready meal. Huge rows, where you immediately roast and bake vegetables and fish, meat in a fancy sauce. You can eat right here. Judging by the reviews, the food here is fresh and tasty.

Seafood market

He is called Rawai. Phuket is located in the sea, which means that there are plenty of fish and various marine life in abundance. And this is true, but here the fishermen share with their customers their prey. This is the most exotic of all stationary markets, but if you want to enjoy the taste of fresh seafood, then be sure to visit Rawai (Phuket). It is located on the beach of the same name, but works every day, from 14:00 to 19:00. To pass on it, you will first have to overcome the ranks with seashells, pearls and souvenirs. It's hard to resist and not buy yourself a couple of little things.

For lovers of seafood

But the most important thing is waiting for you further. Rawai (Phuket) conquers its guests with an abundance of fresh fish, lobster, crab, shrimp and other seafood. In megacities they cost a lot of money, but here you can buy quite cheaply. For example, a kilogram of crabs will cost you 200 rubles, shrimp - about 180 rubles. The market is small, only 10 trays. All marine inhabitants come here still alive and are supplied with price tags, on which you can navigate. By the way, the bat to the ruble used to vary 1: 1, now for 1 baht you will give 0.59 rubles. Immediately across the road from the trays is a small cafe, where the cooks will prepare the catch you bought, given your wishes. For cooking 1 kg will take only 100 baht, which is a fairly democratic price. The fish market in Phuket is the most visited, which is not surprising, because not all tourists at home can see a live lobster, not to mention cooking it for themselves for dinner.

On Kata Beach

Here, not a single beach is left without attention of local residents. If tourists rest here, then they have money, and this is a way of earning for local residents. Markets in Kata are stationary large bazaars, where a wide selection of different goods is presented. There are two of them here, although they are located at some distance from each other. The clothing market is relatively small, only two dozen shops with souvenirs and things for beach holidays.

A little further is the food market. You will have to walk along the second coastline to Karon beach, at the intersection turn into the interior of the island, after which you will almost immediately find yourself on the market with food. Here there is a large selection of vegetables and fruits, fish and marine life, spicy herbs. However, do not forget how the baht is related to the ruble, so as not to pay too high a price, because local traders quickly calculate those who do not bargain and pay as much as he was told.

On Karon beach

If you forget summer things at home, then you can inexpensively update your wardrobe here. For this, the clothing market in Caron works. Phuket is the homeland of the sun and golden beaches, which means that you can buy a swimsuit, shorts and a couple of t-shirts, which will be enough for the rest of the holiday. Near the hotel Nilton is located this clothing market, which includes about 30 shops. He works every day.

In addition, twice a week the "Talat Nad" market comes here. You can visit it on Tuesday and Saturday from 14:00 to 21:00. Fresh fruit is sold here, and various cocktails and cervices are made from them.

On Patong Beach

Here you can take a walk and look for a suitable product on any day of the week. The fact is that Patong markets are considered the best on the whole island. Here there are only three of them, as a result of which the entire strip adjacent to the beach is a motley and bright trading platform where you can buy everything.

So, the first in our list is the central market of Bazaan Market. There is an indoor market, on the second floor of which is a self-service café serving Thai cuisine. Near the covered pavilion there are open trays where fruit and greens are sold, as well as various drinks. The main market operates from 7 am to 17 pm, and trays can function at night.

The second market is called Malin Plaza. He appeared relatively recently and offers his guests things and souvenirs, cosmetics and accessories. In addition, there is a lot of ready-made food and fruit at the best prices. He works from lunch and until ten in the evening. OTOP market is the largest clothing market in the whole island. There is a huge selection of summer clothes, shoes and accessories. It opens at 10:00 and closes after midnight.

Indy Market

It is less popular among tourists, it is visited least often. However, it is worth a visit here to make a complete picture of the culture of this amazing country. He works twice a week and is designed mainly for Thai creative youth. Here are sold shoes, toys and souvenirs, backpacks and bags, which are made by apprentices, students and students. It should be noted that the prices here are very low. But the presented products are original and very high-quality.

Moving markets

They can be found throughout Phuket. Traders come to their places in the allotted place and time and please the tourists with goods. Basically it's freshly prepared meals. It is often possible to find on the counter kebabs from a variety of meat, shrimp and squid, as well as octopus under a variety of sauces. Very attractive from the point of view of tourists are warm salads with catfish meat, tomatoes and green beans, sprouted beans and unique sauce. Deep-fried dishes are also very tasty and satisfying. Tourists are offered a freshly baked flat cake, into which are wrapped fried prawns and greens, various vegetables and rice. The result is an amazing dish.

Separately it is necessary to note Thai sweets. These are candied fruits, jelly desserts made from natural juice, original cookies and chocolate. If you have a snack here, then you will not deny yourself the pleasure of bringing a delicate dessert to your hotel.

Instead of concluding

If you decide to visit sunny Phuket, then you will not be able to go past all the markets. There are too many of them, they are bright and interesting, full of exotic goods and food. However, I want to give tourists advice: we must always ask the price and compare it with the one that the owners of neighboring trays ask. Usually it can easily be brought down at least twice. In addition, pay attention to the quality of cooked food. If vegetables and meat are fried directly with you, then you can take without fear. But pre-cooked exotic dishes with unknown ingredients are best avoided.

In any case, you have only a short vacation to get acquainted with this amazing country, so do not try to spend time at the hotel. You will find a lot of impressions, observations and positive emotions.

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