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Design of the house inside: photo. Design of a country house inside

Before beginning the finishing and finalizing the country house it is important to understand its uniqueness and some features. The interior design of the house inside can have any style. Its main feature is that it should never be like the official situation. These can be styles:

  • romanticism;
  • Country or rustic;
  • Ultramodern hi-tech;
  • Ascetic minimalism;
  • Pathos kitsch;
  • Modern;
  • classicism;
  • Art Deco.

Very interesting look options, in which styles are combined and intertwined.


A country house, unlike an apartment, should have something inside that is impractical or impossible to perform in an urban setting. You can, for example, erect a two-story structure outside the city, placing a screw- type staircase with rails inside, or one that passes through the entire inner perimeter. The presence of a ladder will create a sense of spaciousness and height. The fireplace, which gives a feeling of suburban life, will also be appropriate. This stove creates even simply its presence of warmth and comfort.

Perform a modern design of the house inside should start from the ceiling, then gradually, going down, go to the finish of walls, door and window openings.

From the imagination of the builder will depend on the decoration of arches, the form of the ceiling, the future lighting of the structure and the color of the walls. Modern materials allow you to create the most bizarre designs and shapes.


When making a ceiling, it is customary to use plasterboard, plywood or other materials. Since this structure does not experience any loads during operation, special requirements are not imposed on it.

The design of the house inside, the photo of which is presented here, provides stretch ceilings. They perfectly fit into the interior, hiding the flaws of the surface. Now manufacturers produce similar products of various color solutions, you can even order photoprints. Therefore, the owner of the suburban building will be able to pick up the texture and pattern, ideally suited to the specific situation.

You can always make a classic ceiling or build fantastic bent designs. It is possible to combine smooth curved lines with strict geometric parts. Modular systems of cornices, multi-level ceilings, stucco molding.

Arched openings

After giving a certain form of ceiling boldly, you can begin to create openings. These include arches - semicircular, strictly geometric or asymmetric. If the owner of the building wants to create an original design of the house from the timber inside, then do not be afraid of pretentiousness of such structures.

Archways are quite capable of replacing doorways - you should not abandon the open space inside a country house.


Interior woodwork will make the design of the house inside ideal for followers of natural materials. In addition to the ecological component, such a finishing material provides a unique and stunning appearance. High-quality execution of finishing works will allow filling the atmosphere of the premises with special comfort and warmth.

A beam is a specific material that has imperfections on the surface, requiring that they be visually hidden. In addition to the wooden cladding, the design of a country house inside, the photo of which is presented above, can have a different lining. The most active now apply for this:

  • Coloring;
  • Drywall;
  • Natural lining.

Interior finish

The choice of the optimal variant of wall finishing depends entirely on the state of the tree, and on how the owner sees the design of the house from the timber inside. It is not possible to carry out laborious finishing operations only with the ideal condition of the walls used for erecting the walls of the beam. When a country house is made of valuable material, then to preserve a truly unique wood pattern, only a transparent varnish is used, which is painted by the surfaces inside the room.

In addition, you can decorate the walls with natural lining. They are sometimes decorated with geometric carvings, performing full-fledged relief compositions. For the interior, minor defects and small cracks can be left - they become an additional decoration.

Window and doorways

An important condition for the design of a private home inside Was original, there will be a design of windows and doors. There is no need for delicacies - the doors are made of wood or have an exterior decor for a tree.

The windows are simpler, because modern technologies have made it possible to mount high-quality PVC windows even in buildings made of wood. The problem was previously that due to temperature changes, the wood changed its geometric dimensions, loading the window openings. Therefore, it was necessary to mount only windows from a tree earlier. But now apply movable boxes for plastic windows, so they can be installed in buildings from the timber.

There is nothing shameful in the arrangement of modern windows of a country house. Design is important, but it's also worth remembering about the amenities. At the same time, window frames can be decorated with openwork carving. Wooden doors also decorate with carved patterns in this situation.


The last reaches the turn to the floor. Most of all, it looks like a massive floor, made of durable and strong varieties of wood. There are a lot of options that provide space for the owner's fantasies.

The design of a country house inside is often different in color, manifested in detail - numerous murals, national ornaments, tiles. Carving is a wonderful feature of this style. It is impossible to imagine a Slavic house that does not have wooden elements carved. It is applied to doors, stairs, chairs, table legs, cabinet doors.

As decoration, wooden panels, embroidery, small paintings with Slavic themes are also used. In the presence of this style of design, the design of the house inside especially creates an apparent appearance of partial, deliberately rough processing of materials. Sometimes, on purpose, ceiling ceilings, log walls, wooden furniture, in which the natural structure is emphasized, are not finished.

To decorate some surfaces large enough objects, such as a staircase, floor or fireplace, use natural materials - texture dolomite, cork, stone.


Finally consider the furniture. The design of the country house inside, the photo of which you had time to consider above, suggests that the furniture harmoniously combined in color. Absolutely irrelevant will be plastic or metal chairs, stone or glass tables. An important point to be considered is the time of year when the owner more often in his country house. When the raids are done in autumn and winter, then it will be better to fill the interior with massive and heavy furniture made in the old style.

In the summer, such heavy pieces of furniture will create a certain oppressive environment, so the ideal option will be skillfully combining the light and heavy furniture present in the countryside. At maximum, you should saturate the interior of the room with all sorts of wooden objects.

Perfectly fit in the design of wooden sculptures, wicker baskets, carvings and caskets. It is desirable to cover floors with carpets, and hang window curtains with window curtains.

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