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The best catastrophe. What films to watch?

Cinema-catastrophes are an ideal choice for spectators who want to relax after watching a bright, spectacular, dynamic film. Disasters that fall on the heroes of such paintings, are different. People are struggling with floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, trying to survive the wreck of ships and trains, looking for a vaccine against viruses. What films belong to this group deserve to be watched?

Cinema-catastrophe: classic

"Titanic" - a picture over which in 1997, shed tears to millions of moviegoers. Like many movie accidents, this film illuminates a really happened story. The plot is dedicated to the tragedy that happened in 1912 with passengers of a large liner crossing the waters of the Atlantic for the first time.

A huge ship contains representatives of various classes. For the rich passengers are designed luxurious cabins, for the poor - tight closets. Among the elite is a charming young lady, Rose, who expects a cloudless future. Another hero of the movie about the disaster - a simple artist Jack, with whom the girl encounters, strolling along the deck. Of course, a different position in society does not prevent young people from seriously getting carried away with each other.

Viewers who do not know that they are watching a movie about a disaster, it may seem that this is an ordinary romantic story. However, the situation changes when the "Titanic" encounters a large iceberg. The ship begins to sink.

Act of terrorism

There are movie catastrophes, which have an even more tragic prehistory than the Titanic's underwater. As an example, we can recall the sad picture of the "Twin Towers", published in 2006 after the terrorist act of 2001, which claimed about 3000 lives. For comparison - during the shipwreck of 1912, the death toll was about 1500 people.

The events in the picture also occur on September 11th. Two policemen trapped in the trap become the protagonists of the movie. The film-catastrophe is devoted first of all to experiences of people. In the center of attention of spectators there are feelings of close relatives, rescuers. The reaction of residents who are nearby at the time of the terrorist attack is also covered.

The threat from space

Those viewers who are looking for an entertaining film, should abandon the stories taken from life, in favor of completely invented plots. A wonderful time will help film catastrophes, based on the plot of the cosmic threat. Bruce Willis is an actor who likes to act as the savior of the world, which he did in the film "Armageddon." The main threat is a huge asteroid, inexorably striving for our planet. If not to prevent a collision, humanity is waiting for an instant death.

The best scientists are trying to find a way out of the situation. The team comes to the conclusion that there is no question of changing the course of the cosmic body. The only available solution is to destroy the asteroid by placing a bomb inside it. It remains only to find a hero who agrees to take over the drilling of the well. Of course, he becomes an oilman Harry in the performance of Willis.

"Collision with the abyss" - a picture with a similar plot, also appeared in 1998. A bulky comet tends to the planet, a collision with it will mean the destruction of the Earth. To get rid of the danger, humanity decides with the help of an explosion, for its commission it is planned to land a spacecraft on an object flying to the planet. However, unexpectedly for the heroes there is a split of the comet. Time for the invention of a new effective rescue plan is getting smaller, death seems more and more real.

Scary predictions

The picture "2012" was created under the influence of the promise of the Mayan calendar about the speedy end of the world, in which even some impressionable people believed. The geologist receives information that proves the truth of the terrible prediction. The outbreak on the Sun provided a series of cataclysms, the totality of which is capable of causing the destruction of humanity.

In the process of disputes, the heads of state come to a decision that will ensure the preservation of civilization. We are talking about the construction of ships-arks, designed for a maximum of 400 thousand people. The work is paid for by millionaires who buy their seats, but what does ordinary people expect?

The aliens are attacking

Many catastrophes are associated with the inhabitants of other planets. The best that the range of films has to offer the public on this topic is Independence Day. The plot is based on the capture of our planet by aliens who need earth resources. Aliens destroy entire cities, their ultimate goal - the complete elimination of representatives of mankind. Of course, there are heroes who can destroy the plans of uninvited visitors.

Interesting catastrophe films "from the past" - not a reason to give up the pleasure of learning new items. For example, you can pay attention to the "Rift of San Andreas", released in 2015. The plot can not be called original, but high-quality special effects guarantee the spectacle of the tape.

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