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The legacy of ancestors: the wisest proverbs about the mind

Another great classic AS Pushkin wrote: "God forbid us to go insane, it's better to stick and soup." That is, it does not matter what the status of a person is. The peasant is, the feudal lord, the king - it does not matter, the main thing that a person has is intelligence. And, probably, the point is to save it, live in the mind, otherwise how can you imagine life without it? This was understood by people at all times, so they created proverbs about the mind.


  • "There are many bad things in the world, and there is no worse than a thin mind."

This proverb is very important. And, in principle, it is very similar to what Alexander Sergeevich said (many proverbs of peoples on the mind used Russian writers in their works). After all, here it means that no troubles can be compared with when a person can not formulate his thoughts, explain something, and does not use the potential that was given to him by nature.

  • "If I had that mind that comes after."

This proverb is more often used in another form, but, as is known, the amount does not change from the change in the places of the terms, nor does it change its meaning. You always have to rely on the mind and only occasionally trust the heart. Proverbs about the mind also teach that one should not take hasty decisions and talk without thinking. After all, the next second you can understand: what was said was erroneous.

  • "There is a lot of mind-mind, but there is nothing to attach to it."

The meaning of this proverb is that you should not think that you know everything, because you can not know everything. And before asserting this, you need to test your knowledge in practice. But they can be incommensurable with expectations.

  • "Birds are given wings, and a man is intelligent."

Very many proverbs about the mind carry precisely this meaning. It consists in the fact that nothing is more important than the mind for a person, otherwise why be born to them, if you do not expand the boundaries and develop your potential? After all, birds fly ...


Proverbs reflect the life, thoughts of people who lived before the emergence of modern society. But what concepts can be noticed? Truth in proverbs is absolute and unchanging, because everything that concerns a person is a permanence that must be accepted. As ancestors did, creating proverbs about the mind.

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