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Actress Valeria Shkirando: biography, photo. Ruchishie movies and series

Valeria Shkirando is a talented actress who, by the time she was 28, had played about thirty roles in films and TV shows. "Battalion", "Handsome man and monster", "All this jam", "Foundling", "Secret City" - famous films and TV projects with her participation. For the sake of an interesting role, a charming blonde is ready for much, once she even decided to part with her hair. What more can you tell about her?

Valeria Shkirando: the beginning of the road

The star of Russian cinema was born in St. Petersburg, there was a joyful event in November 1988. Valeria Shkirando is offended when her rare surname is pronounced incorrectly. Therefore, its fans should remember that the stress falls on the first syllable.

Valeria grew up as a smart girl, she soon learned to defend her own interests. School lessons she found boring, but teachers treated the artistic child loyal, sometimes even overestimated the assessment. As a child, Shkirando fell in love with the world of dramatic art, which led her to a theater group. Another passion for Valeria was music, for a while she even was in a rock band.

First successes

By the time the school was over Valeria Shkirando had already firmly decided to link her life with cinema and theater. A talented girl was accepted with pleasure in GITIS, however she never graduated from this university. The yearning for the native city forced the future star to transfer to the St. Petersburg Theatrical Academy.

Having received the diploma, the beginning actress entered the creative team of the Theater "On the Neva", then for some time collaborated with "Buff" and "Rock opera". As a result, she decided to focus on film career, and this choice justified itself.

Valeria Shkirando made her debut in the series "Street of Broken Lights". She appeared in one of the series of the eighth season in the role of episodic heroine of Diana. Then the actress starred in the series "Protection of Witnesses", "Live First", "Road Patrol". For the first time to express herself to her, the TV project "Pregnancy Test" helped her. In this melodrama, Valeria embodied the image of an extraordinary girl Alina.

Movies and TV shows

In 2014, finally became a star Valery Shkirando. The filmography of the actress acquired a military drama "Battalion". The tape of Dmitry Meskhiev tells about the famous "Battalion of Death", formed on the orders of the Provisional Government in 1917. The heroine of Valeria Vera is one of the participants of the women's detachment, who should teach everyone an example of courage and loyalty to the Motherland. The role required the actress to make a serious sacrifice, she had to shear her hair.

Another starry role did not keep you waiting. Shkirando embodied the image of Ella in the melodrama "Handsome man and monster". The tape tells the story of a market merchant who is avoided because of a repulsive appearance and terrible character. Then the actress starred in the movie "All this jam", which tells of the romantic love of a Russian girl and a foreigner. Then came the series "Family album", "Crime", "The secret city", "Foundling", "Shaman".

Shkirando continues to act actively in films and serials. This year, a fantastic action film "Defenders" with her participation, as well as the series "Missing. Second wind". Now the fans of the actress are waiting for the television projects "Father's Beach" and "The Secret City 3", in which the star also starred.

Personal life

Shkirando Valeria is an actress who can not be accused of excessive candor. She flatly refuses to dedicate journalists to her personal life. At the moment, the star is passionate about career, so he does not think about marriage. However, the creation of the family is part of her future plans. Valeria does not hide that she plans to have five children. Her demands for the future chosen are also not a secret: generosity, kindness, sense of humor.

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