"Bogdan 2111 Cross" - confidence and reliability on the roads

Have you thought about buying a brand new car, but because of the huge range of models you can not decide on the choice? Then do not rush to close this page, because here you can find out about such a car as "Bogdan 2111", customer testimonials about which speak about its numerous advantages.

Of course, buying a car is a serious decision. That is why all proposals should be treated with special care. Although the choice of cars in the primary and secondary markets is huge, "Bogdan 2111 Cross" is considered the most profitable purchase. Why? Because his stunning design combined with reliable technical characteristics will undoubtedly attract the attention of even the most demanding motorist.

Appearance of the model "Bogdan 2111 Cross"

"Bogdan 2111" is based on the well-known 11th model. But despite this, it is much better than the "VAZ". This car is designed for active recreation in a fun company, and for quiet trips around the city with the family. Improved suspension and increased to 195 mm clearance (ground clearance) give "Cross" a great uniqueness.

As for the bumper car "Bogdan 2111", then in its design fog-shaped round headlights are mounted. Thanks to this feature, they are located much higher, so that they practically do not become soiled.

The grille has also undergone some changes. Now over the wheel arches plastic expanders are shining, which adds to the model even greater elegance. This car, of course, will become a favorite of many motorists.


"Bogdan 2111" is equipped with an automatic transmission. Despite its relatively low cost, it has a 1.6-liter engine with a capacity of 89 liters. With. That pleasantly pleases. In the car there are heated front seats, automatic windows. Also at the request of the buyer it can be installed: power steering, air conditioning and other additional equipment.

"Bogdan Cross" with a 16-valve engine is characterized by good dynamics. When driving, the noise of the motor is almost not audible, than many "VAZs" can not boast.

Five-seater front-wheel drive Bogdan wagon has impressive advantages. Judge for yourself: a long body that is perfectly suited for transportation of oversized and long cargo; Capacious trunk and much more. It is also worth noting that the car can reach speeds of up to 180 km / h.

The best of the best: "Bogdan 2111 Cross"

This family car is perfect for both long journeys and quiet trips around the city. If any part fails after long operation, then with the purchase of auto parts for this brand there are no problems!

As you have noticed, "Bogdan 2111" has a lot of advantages not only in the exterior, but, most importantly, in the technical characteristics. It is widely functional, powerful, reliable. And that is not all. The most important advantage is its affordable price in front of numerous competitors. Buy the same "Bogdan Cross" can be in the showroom or on the secondary market. Pleasant ride and safety on the road.

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