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In the market of banking services, there are universal institutions that provide their clients with a full range of different solutions, as well as highly specialized banks that operate in a particular niche. This does not mean that they do not provide other services - just in certain spheres, these structures are more active due to a broad client base, experience, practical work experience.

We will talk about one of these institutions in this article.

We are talking about "Plus Bank" (Moscow). This office, which deals with the provision of various banking services, specializing in doing so on a car loan. This is clearly confirmed by the statistical data expressed in the ratings and estimates of the bank's activities. All this, as well as the quality of service, tariffs and options offered to its client by "Plus Bank"; Addresses and phone numbers of the main offices - all this you will find in our article.

In the process of preparing the material, we used customer feedback, as well as general information about what this structure represents.


We will start traditionally with a historical reference on what this bank is and what its origin is. This is important, if only for the reason that in this segment of business historical retrospect, the bank's past and its reputation play an important role, on which all future relations are built. After all, no one will trust their funds to an institution with a dubious history. Therefore, we find out how "Plus Bank" was formed. We will verify its reliability a little further, with the help of asset data and feedback about it.

The history of the bank begins in the distant 1990 when, on the basis of the Soviet Zhilsotsbank (and, more precisely, only in its central branch), a commercial bank was launched under the name Omsk. The name of the institution was changed twice more. As practice shows, this is a normal phenomenon in the banking market. In 2004, he was named Omsk Bank. At the same time, changes were made in the structure of the owners of the organization (these processes are still going on). Already in 2010, the government decided to disown the name of the city in the name of the bank and called it "Plus."

It is not difficult to guess that initially for "Plus Bank" St. Petersburg or the capital was not a "native" city: the first branch was founded in Omsk. After the structure became more significant and expanded territorially, it was decided to make a central office in the capital (so now such an address at the "Plus Bank": Moscow, Limestone Lane, house 7). The office, located here, is considered the main one since 2014.


Today, the institution is a participant in various ratings, which is proudly stated on the pages of its website. There is even a special section, which lists all the titles and awards that "Plus Bank" was awarded. The rating, as you understand, can also be different: we start with the popular online evaluation service from "Banks". Here it is stated that the bank has collected only about a quarter of positive votes, because of what in the "people's" rating it can be found only in the first league.

If we talk about such indicators as the total number of assets, then by this criterion the institution is on 158th place across Russia (and 104th in Omsk) with an indicator of 26 billion. As for the net profit collected for 2015, the Plus Bank (whose branches are located in 7 regions of the Russian Federation) was able to earn about 111 million rubles. For some other parameters, the institution took more advantageous places in the ratings.

For example, take at least the contributions made by individuals to Plus Bank. According to official information, they are about 19 billion rubles. This is the 92nd place in Russia and the 62nd in Omsk, which increases the reputation of the bank in the market of services. The loan portfolio is also weighty - about 116th place in Russia with a figure of 20 billion.

Thus, we can conclude that the institution is close to the first "hundred" banks of the Russian Federation, which is an excellent characteristic for the regional center, from which it all began.

The services

In the portfolio of banking services of the institution, if you believe the description from the official page, the option "Autocredit" prevails. Without a fee and with the initial payment, the maximum amount of up to 4.5 million rubles, for a period of up to 7 years (these are general indicators, they vary depending on the tariff at which the client is serviced). In addition, Plus Bank (St. Petersburg) is engaged in providing other services. In particular, this includes classic for banks lending to housing and consumer loans, deposits, services for business. More about them we will talk further.

We will clarify that the bank servicing is carried out on the basis of the division according to the legal status of the client. Thus, there are services for individuals and legal entities.

Private customers

So, let's start with a more massive (albeit less profitable for the bank) option sector available for ordinary individuals. This traditionally includes lending and receiving deposits. Most often, of course, we met the "Plus Bank" describing auto loan reviews. This is due to the fact that, as we have already noted, this is one of the most developed services in the bank's portfolio.

In addition to these, the site also has information about other services, for example, about storing valuables using bank safes, servicing and accepting payments, performing currency transactions and remittances. It is also possible to include here also the issue of bank cards intended for settlements in stores, bonuses and the like.

Now we will describe the categories described above in more detail.

Auto Loan

The main rate the institution makes on loans for the purchase of cars. This is shown on the "Plus Bank" page on auto loan reviews. It is not for nothing that the parameters that the client must match here are described. If to speak briefly, then there are two programs for crediting: "AutoPolyus CASCO" and "Dealer +". They differ among themselves in that the second option is designed to purchase a vehicle in the dealer center. Differences also exist in the conditions of granting a loan. In particular, the term for the first program is from 1 to 7 years, and for the second - up to 5. In addition, the allowable amount varies (up to 3.5 million in the first case and up to 4.5 in the second). On the bank's website it is noted that there is no need to make an initial payment for a loan. In addition, CASCO can be issued at will, and a decision on whether a loan will be issued is made an hour after the application was submitted to the Plus Bank branch. We will provide you with feedback on car loans from customers later.


The second type of lending, which deals with "Bank Plus", is loans for the purchase of housing. Here, according to the information on the website, a long period of money repayment (up to 30 years) is envisaged, and a large amount (from 300 thousand rubles) is supposed. You can calculate the specific cost of such money using the calculator displayed on the site - here you need to take into account a lot of details regarding the amount, term, interest rate and so on. Based on this, the system issues the most optimal tariff for each particular situation.

To apply and find out if you can get a mortgage, you can use the online form on the bank's website.


Like others, "Plus Bank" accepts deposits for payment of interest and accumulation of funds by individuals and legal entities. The maximum rate for working with private clients is 11.5%. A total of 6 plans are provided in the tariff schedule, which make it possible to make investments in different currencies (ruble or dollars / euro).

For companies, deposits in this bank provide for the possibility to receive up to 14% per annum, depending on the amount invested. You can learn more about this only through communication with consultants, since all the data is individual.


If the main products for "private traders" are loans and deposits, then legal entities also use other options. For example, this is the implementation of cash management services of enterprises, trade financing, collection of funds. All this is often used in business processes, therefore, corporate clients of Plus Bank are mainly small and medium-sized businesses. Here, in the section "Companies" you can see information on cooperation with other banking institutions.


As already noted, the "Plus Bank" offices operate in 7 regional centers (Moscow, Omsk, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Tyumen and Ryazan). The general information telephone number, which is available for all regions: 8 (800) 200-23-72. Here you can call at any time of the day, calls are free. In addition, you can contact the bank branch. In Moscow, the main branch is located on Limestone Lane 7, phone 8 (495) 989-42-99. The working hours for individuals - from 9 to 21 daily, for legal persons - from Monday to Friday from 9 to 18.

To clarify information on the office in your area, please visit the official website in the section "Branches".

"Plus Bank": reviews on auto loan

In order to know how the customer service that ordered this service is processed, we recommend that you read the comments of the bank's clients. We collected information to submit in our article. Therefore, for simplicity, you will only need to read this section.

So, let's start with the fact that there are really different comments that bear both a positive and a negative nature. Everything depends on how the visitor was received, whether they provided him with full information support on the issue of interest to him, whether he received the same conditions that were originally envisaged.

In the case of car loans, most customers are really happy. They were given a loan to purchase a car, which completely satisfied their requests and, therefore, led to the writing of a positive comment on the institution. However, all the reviews can not be laudatory.

There are a number of negative characteristics of the service provided by customers wishing to issue a car loan. In particular, people note that they were called an incorrect interest rate (which in fact was higher than that of the manager); Or that the loan amount was automatically increased on the initiative of a bank employee. Of course, these things sound very strange and are obvious violations of the rules of corporate etiquette and generally testify to the excess of official powers of a bank employee. However, if these facts were true, the guilty would surely have been punished. After all, the bank has all the records, including video and audio recording of employee conversations with customers. It is not difficult to prove such violations.

Therefore, obviously, these charges simply were not confirmed or were pure slander. In general, for most of the comments and complaints of clients, the main office immediately gives its comments and answers.

Reviews about the bank

As for the reputation of the institution "Plus Bank" as a whole, it is diverse, depending on the product promoted in the market. For example, the popularity of the product, its attractiveness in the eyes of the customer, is observed in auto loans. Reviews about the terms of the loan are also good. Another point is, for example, deposits. Here everything is not so rosy, because "Bank Plus" often holds short-term shares. By attracting people by one percent, they quickly change the rate, which causes resentment of customers. On work with legal entities, the reputation of the bank is also at its height.


So, it would be desirable to note at last, that in this establishment professionals work, which successfully promote it in the market of services for more than 25 years. This is the best "recall" about the work of the entire structure. Therefore, find out the terms of cooperation in the matter that interests you, and safely go to "Plus Bank."

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